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Former WWE creative writer Seth Mates, who WWE Champion CM Punk follows on Twitter, weighed in on the perception that Triple H uses political maneuvering to “bury” top-level talent—degrading a wrestler’s standing to fans and peers. He was asked on Twitter, “Why does Triple H always bury the guy whose on fire?” “Positioning,” Mates responded. “And not always, just the vast majority of the time.” He added further, “If ratings dip, guess whhho’s back next week to save the day? Loves to be the “savior”. #positioning.” During an interview earlierRead More

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Jericho Responds To Heyman, No Way Out Theme, & More

- Chris Jericho wrote the following on Twitter in response to the rant from Paul Heyman: “I agree with @HeymanHustle diatribe and I would like to add one more piece of advice. To really make it in this business…. you have to be willing to take a chance. And if that pisses some people off than so be it! Stop being so nice. Nice doesn’t cut it.” – The official theme song for WWE’s No Way Out pay-per-view is “Unstoppable” by Charm City Devils. – Former WWF announcer Sean MooneyRead More
– John Morrison addressed his departure from WWE during an interview with Colt Cabana for The Art of Wrestling. “I left on good terms,” he said of his parting of ways. Morrison added that management always told him that his inability to cut a strong promo held him back from achieving greater success; he admits it’s something he needs to improve on. He is now looking to reposition himself and is hopeful that he’ll be worth more upon his return to the organization. Morrison also discussed his workout routine, parodyingRead More

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WWE ’13: Confirmed Roster – Including Mike Tyson

The following superstars and divas are confirmed for the upcoming WWE ’13 video game, in stores October 30th. Several wrestlers are duplicated in both eras and will appear in the game as separate characters: Modern Era: John Cena, Randy Orton, CM Punk, Undertaker, The Rock, Brock Lesnar, Triple H, Chris Jericho, Dainel Bryan, Cody Rhodes, Sheamus, Wade Barrett, Rey Mysterio, Zack Ryder, Dolph Ziggler, R-Truth, Kofi Kingston, The Miz, Jack Swagger, Santino, David Otunga, Kane, Kevin Nash, Christian, Mark Henry, Sin Cara, Epico, Primo, Hunico, Ted DiBiase, Great Khali, HeathRead More

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Six Matches Revealed For WWE’s “Falls Count Anywhere” Set

A number of matches have been revealed for, WWE Falls Count Anywhere Matches on DVD & Blu-Ray, courtesy of Shock Entertainment: Alley Fight Sgt. Slaughter vs. Pat Patterson Madison Square Garden · May 4, 1981 Chicago Street Fight The Road Warriors vs. Booker T & Sting WCW Uncensored · March 24, 1996 Falls Count Anywhere Match Sting vs. Cactus Jack WCW Beach Blast · June 20, 1992 Street Fight Mr. McMahon vs Ric Flair Royal Rumble · January 20, 2002 Fully Loaded Strap Match The Rock vs. Triple H FullyRead More

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John Cena Added To This Week’s SmackDown, Ratings News & More

- John Cena has been added to Tuesday night’s WWE SmackDown television taping in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The arena’s website is advertising John Cena vs. Big Show in a bonus match which will be the dark match main event. Cena has also been added to other SmackDown tapings in order to increase ticket sales for the show. As previously mentioned, Triple H and Arn Anderson are advertised for next week’s SmackDown television taping in South Carolina. Cena and Triple H are both being advertised for the final SmackDown prior toRead More
Triple H appeared on Saturday’s edition of CA Uncensored with Criss Angel. Triple H spoke in character about Brock Lesnar and says they will meet again. Triple H also said he wouldn’t consider a shot at a MMA career. Triple H was asked who would he pick – Hulk Hogan or The Incredible Hulk, and he picked the green Hulk. He also talks about McMahon family cookouts, his training, WrestleMania 28 and lots more. He also tells a story about Jerry Lawler having an accident in the ring.Read More

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Photos Of The McMahon’s Reunited At Conn. GOP Convention

Shane McMahon publicly resurfaced at the Connecticut Republican Party convention last night in support of his mother Linda, who was endorsed by the GOP for Connecticut’s Senate race. Shane, Vince McMahon, Triple H, Stephanie McMahon and Linda’s mother were also in attendance.Read More
- As a reminder, Triple H will be appearing on Criss Angel’s CA Uncensored show at today. Triple H will discuss Brock Lesnar and more. The interview airs at 12:30pm PST and 3:30pm EST. – WWE is asking fans to send them their photos from RAW TV events. Send them to if you want to participate. – Former WCW star “Dirty” Dick Slater turns 61 years old today while former WCW Cruiserweight Champion Psicosis turns 41. Also, today would have been the 66th birthday of WWE Hall ofRead More
WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross is back with his latest blog. Here are some highlights: Paul Heyman’s return: Paul Heyman’s return is one of the more positive things to occur in WWE in a good while. As I have said over the years, Heyman’s TV persona is an easy one to dislike. We’ve had some classic on air disputes but none compare to some of the one’s that we have had off the air especially when we were teaming in Atlanta while working for WCW. What makes Heyman soRead More

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Shawn Michaels Talks Leaving WWE, If He’d Return, Undertaker

Shawn Michaels recently spoke with the Miami Herald, where he discussed his recent endorsement deal with EyeBlack and wrestling. Here are some highlights: Leaving WWE: “I walked away from an extremely well paying job, which is probably not the smartest thing to do, but I did it solely to come home and to help my wife raise our children, to be a part of their lives. WWE would have allowed me to work any kind of way that I wanted. I could have very easily have said, ‘Hey, I’d likeRead More

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WWE Moving Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar From SummerSlam? Details

We noted earlier this week that WWE officials were “in a panic” over the Brock Lesnar vs. Triple H storyline and were considering having the match take place at June’s No Way Out pay-per-view. In an update, they are considering it for No Way Out or July’s Money in the Bank pay-per-view. The match was originally planned for SummerSlam in August. Moving the match up would extend the time between Lesnar appearances on WWE TV this year since it’s believed they only have him for around 24 dates this yearRead More

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ThunderStruck: Raw Analysis 05/14/12

Raw opens with a backstage segment between Triple H and John Laurinaitis. JL tries to tell Hunter he didn’t know Lesnar would attack him the way he did. Triple H says he will address the world with what he wants to say; he wishes JL luck in his match on Sunday. ^Anybody else wonder why JL wasn’t fired by Trips after his business with Undertaker was dealt with? How about the fact that JL has acted ridiculous and abused power? Are the board of directors in charge of JL insteadRead More
- Triple H’s trainer Joe DeFranco has a new blog up looking at how he came up with a new training program for Triple H. It’s a really interesting read on how DeFranco helped The Game get back into ring-shape. Joe also listed Triple H’s impressive list of injuries: over a dozen high ankle sprains, torn biceps tendon, torn quadriceps muscles/tendons in both legs, 2 elbow surgeries to remove 9 bone spurs that were the size of human teeth, torn adductor muscle, torn Piriformis muscle, knee surgery and a tornRead More

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Confirmed For Tonight’s WWE Raw Supershow; HHH, Cena & More

Tonight’s WWE RAW Supershow will take place from the CONSOL Energy Center in Pittsburgh, PA. Confirmed for tonight’s show is an appearance by John Cena plus an angle between Big Show as John Laurinaitis has demanded he apologize for last week. Laurinaitis will also be featured with his John Cena feud as they prepare for their Over the Limit match. Triple H will also be appearing live tonight to address the Brock Lesnar attack. WWE is teasing an altercation between Triple H and Paul Heyman. WWE is not advertising LesnarRead More

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New Raw Countdown & WWE Spanish Show?, Triple H, NXT, More

We noted before that beginning July 2nd, many of WWE’s RAW Supershow tapings will begin 90 minutes before the live RAW broadcast airs on TV. Currently, tapings begin 30 or 45 minutes before RAW hits the air. Speculation now is that WWE may be filming a countdown show for RAW with that extra time. Officials have been wanting something like a RAW pre-show for a while now. WWE is also looking at doing a Lucha Libre show with high-flying Spanish wrestlers and Spanish announcers. With the Cruiserweights show also setRead More

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More On The Big Show & John Laurinaitis Storyline; Triple H

After Big Show was caught by picking on John Laurinaitis at last week’s RAW Supershow by Eve Torres, the angle with Show and Laurinaitis continued over to SmackDown where Laurinaitis has demanded an apology this coming Monday. In a new storyline article on, they are now speculating that Big Show may be fired on RAW. WWE are also teasing that Triple H may have a role in the Laurinaitis vs. Big Show storyline. You can check out the complete article at this link.Read More

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WWE Wonders If Triple H Can Bounce Back From Lesnar’s Attack

WWE’s website has a new storyline article up wondering if Triple H will truly be able to bounce back from the injury that he suffered at the hands of Brock Lesnar a few weeks back. They point out that The Game won’t be able to get physical on this week’s RAW Supershow where he will appear live to address the former UFC Champion. They wrote: “What Lesnar did was more impactful than the previous injuries because of the way the former UFC Heavyweight Champion maliciously bent The Game to hisRead More

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WWE Keeping Tight On Lesnar vs. HHH Storyline, Creative News

- As seen on Monday’s RAW Supershow, Paul Heyman returned and quit for Brock Lesnar, who he is representing in the storylines. At one point, Lesnar himself quitting was to be on last week’s show but the angle got changed to Heyman doing it a week later. The actual angle with Heyman returning and quitting for Lesnar was changed over and over during the day. In all of the changes, any mention of a Lesnar and Triple H angle weren’t until way into the second hour of the show. TheRead More