Paul Heyman posted the following rant on Twitter on Thursday afternoon, setting the record straight on his status with WWE, Brock Lesnar’s contract situation, rumors of him working with WWE Champion CM Punk & more: “It is amazing how many rumors are flying around. I don’t like to address rumors. It lends credibility to them, and the moment you answer ONE rumor,you immediately call attention to the other rumors (no matter how ridiculous they are) by NOT responding! We’re going to clear up some issues. Set the record straight. GetRead More
New Jack and Terri Runnels recently called it quits on their near two-year relationship. The break-up has since turned nasty as the former ECW star alleged to numerous colleagues that Runnels contracted and spread a sexually transmitted disease throughout the wrestling industry. The former WWE Diva is speaking out against his vicious allegations, which she adamantly says are lies. She wrote on her Facebook account: “I said I wouldn’t lower myself to that of others…however one of two things are about to happen! Either a retraction of lies and defamationRead More
- On the West Coast feed of last night’s Raw, WWE edited out the opening segment where they had the major technical difficulties. – WWE’s website and R-Truth turned the technical difficulties into an angle as Truth tweeted the following and WWE re-posted it on their website: “You people see what I mean? I speak the TRUTH and WWE audio goes out! Conspiracy!! WWE has been conspiring and tonight was proof!” – WWE aired two different ads during Raw last night for the June 11th Raw live event in Rochester,Read More