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Posted On August 23, 2011By StaffIn News

Detailed Live Report From Last Night’s WWE Raw

Reader Dusty sent in the following live report: Hey there. I went to Monday Night RAW in Edmonton, and here a report form the night. Smackdown was here last year, but I think that there were more people at RAW. There was a TON of signs, most I’ve seen at the events I’ve gone too. The crowd was hot all night long. I went with my Dad who hates watching wrestling on TV, but LOVES going to it live. My cousins also went, but sat in a different section. ItRead More
Matt and Nick Jackson of The Young Bucks have ripped TNA Wrestling’s renewed interest in the X-Division, as they believe it is not genuine. “Personally we think it would help the product if they did push the X division because they are the best wrestlers in the company,” said Matt in an interview with SLAM! Wrestling. “Unfortunately, we don’t think they will be genuine in their push, simply, because they have too much talent that they have to book. The brother duo also believe there are a lot of organizationalRead More

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Chris Masters Speaks: Why He Attended SummerSlam, WWE Release

Chris Masters finds himself gone from the WWE after being released several weeks ago. But, he is ready to move forward in his career. Brian Fritz of spoke with Chris about his release and how surprised he was, his improvement in the ring, getting past his addiction issues, what is next for him and more. Subscribe to Between The Ropes on iTunes: Here are several quotes from the interview: On why he decided not to go to Summerslam: “I had gone to WWE Axxess on Saturday and thatRead More
– Chris Masters, who was released last week by WWE, caused a commotion today in Los Angeles, California as he appeared outside the Nokia Plaza where SummerSlam Axxess is being held. The former WWE Superstar drew a large crowd as he signed autographs and took pictures with fans. He also had an associate in tow filming his appearance. — Former WWE Diva Melina will be signing autographs at the Frank & Son Collectible Show in City of Industry, California on Saturday, September 17 from 11:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. VisitRead More

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JR Blog: HHH As Referee, Travel Schedule, Cole As A Manager, More

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has a new blog entry up over on Here are some highlights: – Throw HHH into the mix as the special referee and one has the ingredients of an unpredictable Summer Slam main event that likely will have many twists and turns. I fully expect a wide variety of emotions to come out of this show. – I hope to say hello to Steve Austin while we’re in LA but if I don’t I’ll see him next week in Connecticut when we narrateRead More

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Samoa Joe To WWE?, Hardy Boys Update, Brooke Hogan Poses Nude

- Those close to the situation note that Samoa Joe has been talking seriously about looking at joining WWE when his contract expires in several months. – TNA has reportedly not brought back Matt Hardy or Jeff Hardy to TV yet because the company wants them both to check into rehab but they have refused. – Hulk Hogan and his daughter Brooke will unveil her new nude photo for a PETA campaign on his birthday in Miami this Saturday. A Hogan representative said: “The photos at the exhibit are veryRead More

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Backstage Ric Flair News, TNA Releases & Finance Update

- Most people were shocked to see Ric Flair arrive at last night’s TNA Impact Wrestling tapings in Orlando. It was believed that Flair had been written off TV and that creative had nothing for him, especially after the recent troubles between Flair and company officials. – Regarding TNA’s financial status, it’s said that they are “in the black”, which means they have a positive net income, and are in no danger of shutting down. At the same time, there are concern about financial issues in the company. The newRead More

Posted On August 3, 2011By Daniel PenaIn News

WWE Teases Undertaker Return, Former WWE Divas On TMZ

– Former WWE Divas Candice Michelle and Lilian Garcia were briefly shown during today’s episode of the syndicated news program TMZ on TV as the duo attended a red carpet event last night in Beverly Hills, California. The episode replays in most areas tonight. — Eve Torres stated on Twitter that her new entrance theme, which debuted this past Monday on Raw, is the remixed version of her prior song. It is called “She Looks Good” and it was created by WWE music producer Jim Johnston. — The October 2011Read More
Ultimate Warrior revealed his thoughts regarding WWE Superstars John Cena and CM Punk on his Facebook page. Warrior said of Cena: “I don’t know John. Or any of the other guys. It’s been a long time since I was in the business and none of them were there when I was, except for a few, like Undertaker. I don’t watch TV or PPV’s and I don’t visit wrestling newssites. However, I was told by the top decision maker in the business, “nobody wants to go for the brass ring anymore,Read More
Eve Torres took part in an interview with the Peoria Journal Star promoting tomorrow night’s Raw live event at the Peoria Civic Center in Peoria, Illinois, which she will guest host. She was asked whether she finds working with WWE head Vince McMahon intimidating. “Vince has always been so hands-on, and that’s why WWE does so well. You hear it straight from the horse’s mouth,” she said. “He teaches us what it means to be a sports entertainer and how to captivate (an audience). He has given me personal feedback.Read More

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JR Blog: His Return To RAW, Punk vs. Austin, Samoa Joe In WWE

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross is back with another blog update, which you can read in its entirety over at Here are some highlights of what JR wrote about: His Return To RAW This Week: “It was very exciting Monday night getting a shot to work back on Monday Night Raw which was my broadcast home for so many years. I felt a little rusty at times but getting a strong main event with time in which to invest, Mysterio vs. Cena, was helpful and was also reallyRead More

Posted On July 27, 2011By Jared GebhardtIn Columns

The Wrestling Genius: Trust the Process

As many of you who have read my column know I’m a father, and for those of you new to my writing let me tell you, I’m a father. Being a father is a challenging thing, everyday you have to watch what you say, what you do, how you do it, because your kids idolize you. As a father I watch my kids grow, I can shape how they grow, but I also have to understand that there will be growing pains. There will be moments where you let themRead More

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Boxer Training With WWE?, Backstage Jinder Mahal News, More

- reports that 40 year old boxer Barrett is considering getting into pro wrestling. His friend John Cena has offered to have Barrett train at WWE’s FCW developmental facility in Florida. – SmackDown Superstar Jinder Mahal has not impressed some WWE officials at live events with the feeling that going from doing squash matches on TV to longer live event matches shows that he is much greener than they originally thought. Some are saying that Mahal may have been called up too soon. He has been booked with DanielRead More

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Backstage News On John Laurinaitis, Nash’s WWE Legends Deal

- WWE is looking to hire someone with a sports background to groom for working in talent relations. There is lots of talk within WWE about John Laurinaitis and his long-term future with the company. It’s no secret that Triple H isn’t a fan of Laurinaitis and Laurinaitis has always been compared in a negative way to Jim Ross when it comes to talent relations. It was discussed after Money in the Bank that Laurinaitis may be established as a new TV character, similar to how Patterson and Brisco wereRead More

Posted On July 21, 2011By StaffIn News

Report: More On WWE’s Plans For CM Punk Storyline

- As noted before, some of the CM Punk and WWE storyline is expected to play out in other outlets beside WWE TV. Word is that the idea for now is to try a unique balancing act with Punk to be kept in the news with the WWE Title while WWE acts like he doesn’t exist. WWE has been calling in favors to try and get Punk booked on things like late night talk shows where they can continue the storyline. WWE talents have been told not to mention Punk’sRead More

Posted On July 19, 2011By StaffIn News

Mr. Anderson Doesn’t Want To Be Wrestling 5 Years From Now

The following is from a recent interview Ken Anderson did with the Dover Post: Q Guys like Ric Flair have had careers for decades now. How long would you like to keep at it? A If I’m still doing this five years from now, please, just shoot me. I love the wrestling business, I love entertaining people, but it doesn’t define me. And for people who are defined by this, that’s fine. I don’t judge them or look down on them, but it’s not for me. After 13 years ofRead More

Posted On July 13, 2011By Owen PattersonIn News

JR Blog: Lesnar To WWE?, CM Punk/PG Rating, Rock/Cena

Jim Ross has posted a new blog over at Below are some highlights: “Will UFC’s Brock Lesnar be returning to WWE? Certainly not in the ring or on TV any time soon. Lesnar has a gig and it’s called UFC. That’s his professional address and will remain such for the foreseeable future. For those that keep asking me this same question, I simply attribute it to ‘wishful thinking.’ Sorry, folks, Lesnar returning to wrestle even a ‘one night only ‘ gig isn’t that likely….ever.” “Will Rock vs Cena beRead More

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Video: Jerry Lawler Wins TCW Tag Team Championship

Traditional Championship Wrestling aired their first TV show last night and Jerry Lawler was part of the show. He won the TCW Tag Team Championship with partner Matt Riviera. Jerry Lawler was the Mystery partner for Matt. Former WCW Announcer Chris Cruise hosted the show. The videos are embedded below:Read More
From farm girl to knockout, there’s little that former TNA star Traci Brooks hasn’t done…except come to World Wrestling Insanity. But now she has as Traci joins James Guttman for a 31 minute shoot interview about her entire career! Whether she was instilling “Knockout Law” on the female TNA stars or battling her evil boss Robert Roode, Traci Brooks has always given fans something to remember. You’ve gawked at her looks, now listen to what she has to say as Miss Brooks opens up about a ton of topicsRead More