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Posted On June 30, 2011By StaffIn News

Lesnar, Heyman & Cabana To Work With WWE Again? Details

According to a reliable source in WWE, there was some significance CM Punk mentioning Brock Lesnar, Paul Heyman and Colt Cabana during his shoot promo on RAW – as each of them could be working with WWE again in the coming months. Heyman and Lesnar have reportedly either made a deal or are at least in very serious negotiations to have a business relationship with WWE. Regarding Lesnar, word is that he won’t be wrestling and won’t be a TV character, should he establish a business relationship with WWE again.Read More

Posted On June 29, 2011By StaffIn News

JR Makes An Excellent Point Regarding CM Punk’s Promo & WWE PG

Jim Ross has a new blog on his official website where he further discusses CM Punk’s show-ending promo on this week’s WWE Raw. JR makes an excellent point about the promo being PG yet interesting. Below is an excerpt: M Punk’s show closing promo on MNR is still seemingly the talk of the wrestling biz. It was the best promo that I’ve heard on TV in years. Can’t say it was the definitive ‘best ever’ but it ranks among the best that I can recall. Steve Austin, who cut someRead More

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Ex-Diva Getting Married, Piper/McIntyre, Y2J On Christian & More

- Former WWE Diva Lena Yada will be getting married soon as she had her bridal shower this weekend. Candice Michelle was among those in attendance. – For what it’s worth, WWE Hall of Famer Roddy Piper wrote online last night that he would take Drew McIntyre under his wing. Piper asked fans their opinions about the idea and said he was going to put some thought into it. – Chris Jericho spoke with the UK’s Daily Star this weekend to promote Fozzy and had the following to say regardingRead More

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Austin Says CM Punk Cut One Of The Best Promos; Taz Comments

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin and Taz posted the following on Twitter regarding CM Punk’s on last night’s WWE Raw: Steve Austin: @CMPunk just melted my 52 inch TV with a scorching hot promo…delivery, content, and attitude…one of the best promos I’ve ever seen. Taz: Punk did a great job & I always liked him when we were in wwe together and his work! But I must say… There r many of us who were NEVER pushed to the level Punk was & were NEVER allowed to shoot like that, he’sRead More

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JR Blog: Double Raw Tapings, CM Punk, More On Hart/HBK DVD

Jim Ross has posted a new blog over at Below are some highlights: “It’s hell week for WWE TV personnel as they have their ‘doubleheader’ tonight and then two more, consecutive days of Smackdown tapings Tuesday and Wednesday. I’ve been a part of many of these marathon weeks and I can assure you that one really has to pay attention, take great notes and sleep when one can or announcing and continuity mistakes can easily occur. I hear that UFC TV production personnel are experiencing ‘burn out’ to someRead More

Posted On June 17, 2011By Owen PattersonIn News

Desmond Wolfe Released From Impact Wrestling

Desmond Wolfe has been quietly released from Impact Wrestling. This is just one of many cuts to come as his profile has already been removed from the company’s official website. Wolfe’s release comes as no surprise as he is not medically cleared to compete and was reduced to a talking role on the company’s internationally syndicated Xplosion broadcast. Given what went down at this week’s TV tapings (described in detail at the links below), this cut was expected.Read More

Posted On June 16, 2011By Owen PattersonIn News

Former WWE Tag Team Champion Says He’s Returning

- Former WWE star Trevor Murdoch, who had recent tryout matches with the company, says he’s returning soon. Here are some highlights from an interview with How do you feel about returning to WWE? I’ve been doing this since I was 18 years old. So I’m at an age where when I went to WWE the first time I was 25 years old and I’m really excited that I’m still at a young enough age that I’m going to be able to go back and do some good thingsRead More

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Hogan Speaks On Austin Dream Match, Memories Of Randy Savage

Wrestling icon Hulk Hogan was recently interviewed by’s Jon Robinson to promote his upcoming video game “Hulk Hogan’s Main Event” for the motion-sensing Xbox 360 Kinect system. Hogan talks about a number of topics, including his relationship with Vince McMahon, his favorite matches and more. He also refers to his current employer as “Impact Wrestling, formerly TNA.” Head over to for the full article. Here are some highlights of what Hogan said about: Wanting To Wrestle Steve Austin: “Well, if there is that one last huge match thatRead More

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Lots More Details On The New “WWE 12″ Video Game

As reported earlier, the “major announcement” that Jim Ross teased on Monday regarding the future of WWE video games has been revealed. WWE and THQ have announced that the “SmackDown vs. RAW” series is being retired in favor of annual “WWE” releases. The first installment, WWE 12, will be released this fall. The game’s tagline, which is straight from the “New WWE” marketing playbook, is “Biggger, Badder, Better.” The new WWE ’12 video game will be released in North America on November 22nd of this year and in the UKRead More

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Confirmed For Tonight’s Edition Of WWE Raw

WWE will tape the Raw portion of this week’s WWE Superstars and tonight’s WWE Raw tonight from the Qwest Center in Omaha, Nebraska. The only advertised item for the Memorial Day edition of Raw is Kharma’s first promo where she will address her “nervous breakdown” on last week’s Raw. It is expected to be part of her TV write-off.Read More
Brock Lesnar’s long-awaited autobiography DeathClutch, co-written by his longtime confidant and former ECW Owner and WWE Smackdown head writer Paul Heyman hits the book stores today. In a release tonight to promote the book, the only man to ever hold the NCAA Division I Heavyweight Championship, the Undisputed WWE Heavyweight Championship, and the UFC Heavyweight Championship of the World offered readers an insight as to why you should buy his book: There has been a lot written about me over the years, and I have managed to ignore most ofRead More

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Ring Of Honor Purchased By Sinclair Broadcast Group

Sinclair Broadcasting issued the following press release: Sinclair Acquires “Ring of Honor” Wrestling Franchise BALTIMORE: Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc. (Nasdaq: SBGI), the “Company” or “Sinclair,” announced today that it has acquired the “Ring of Honor” wrestling (ROH) franchise. Ring of Honor is the third largest wrestling promotion in the country. “We are very excited about this acquisition,” commented Steve Marks, COO of Sinclair’s Television Group. “Television and professional wrestling have a long history of successful partnerships and driving viewership. Unfortunately, the broadcast networks have not protected that relationship, allowing professionalRead More

Posted On May 23, 2011By StaffIn News

Confirmed For Tonight’s WWE Raw; PPV Fallout & More

WWE will tape the Raw portion of this week’s WWE Superstars and tonight’s WWE Raw tonight from the Rose Garden in Portland, Oregon. WWE will have the fall-out from the Over the Limit PPV on Raw. WWE has four weeks of TV to hype their next PPV, Capitol Punishment, on June 19, which will likely keep the focus on Over the Limit. John Cena vs. The Miz for the WWE Title is being advertised locally as the dark match main event for the live audience. WWE also plans to rememberRead More
Brock Lesnar reveals in his autobiography Death Clutch that he was envious of Kane during his time in WWE because he wrestled with a mask on, which allowing him to maintain his privacy outside the ring. An excerpt from the book is as follows: “I like to stay home, spend time with my family, and be left alone. My life is my life. It’s nobody’s business what goes on in my house, or with my wife or my children. I won’t intrude on your private life. Don’t intrude on mine.Read More
- The limited theatrical release for WWE Studios’ That’s What I Am brought in $6,400 in 10 theaters over three days. The DVD will be released on May 17th. – On this day back in 2001, Vince McMahon announced the closing of the XFL. – WWE Hall of Famer Tito Santana turns 58 years old today while William Regal turns 43. – In a new podcast with, former WWE star MVP talked about WWE moving away from using “wrestling” or “wrestlers” on TV. He talked about filming one ofRead More
The Miz and Maryse, his girlfriend, were featured on Thursday’s episode of TMZ on TV. The former WWE Champion played up his heel character as he responded to a segment on a show last week where a reporter took a swipe at him. The couple was spotted in Los Angeles, where Miz responded to TMZ’s reporter, Charles, saying one WWE star — The Miz — had to die in a scripted movie hunting down Osama bin Laden—this was days before bin Laden was actually killed. “Really? Am I the SpencerRead More

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WWE Over The Limit Update, WWE Changes PPV Plans, More

- Big Show is on the set of USA Network’s Burn Notice this morning filming the episode that we reported on yesterday. – Jim Ross wrote the following regarding Edge: “Saw Edge Sunday in Tampa & he honestly looked 10 yrs younger and was at such peace w/ everything. Told him he’ll always be one of my boys.” – The tagline for WWE’s Over the Limit pay-per-view is “the most stimulating event on TV.” – For one reason or another, WWE once again decided not to give Alberto Del RioRead More

Posted On April 26, 2011By StaffIn News

Ticket Sales Slow For WWE Extreme Rules PPV

Reader Brian sent in the following: A quick search on Ticketmaster still has many seats available for Sunday’s WWE Extreme Rules pay-per-view in Tampa, Florida on the “on TV” side. The last few WWE events in Tampa have only been about 60% full and this is the first WWE PPV in over 10 years. Even with FCW in Tampa and many WWE Superstars living in the Tampa area, they cannot seem to sell out an event here. Expect many “comped” tickets and crowd shots opposite the camera side. This willRead More

Posted On April 11, 2011By StaffIn News

Jim Ross Says Wrestling Territories Are Dead, More

Jim Ross has updated the blog section of his official BBQ website by stating the following about wrestling territories: “No…wrestling territories are dead and will likely stay that way. The key to a territories success is getting local, strong TV clearances with a slick produced TV show that airs weekly. That isn’t going to happen. It’s not affordable nor does the majority of fans want to see largely unknown wrestlers. Most investors, who haven’t lost their sanity, would never invest in obtaining TV clearances and upgrading TV production values notwithstandingRead More