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Posted On July 24, 2012By StaffIn News

1000th WWE RAW Scores High In Social Media Activity

Monday’s Raw social media ranked number one on cable TV for the first time since April with a score of 907,443. That number is up 276.7 percent from last week’s two-hour Raw, which registered a high-end 240,889 score. Raw topped the previous social media high of 343,333 the night after WrestleMania, which was a two-hour show.Read More
Dolph Ziggler recently told the Trentonian that he would still like to face off against Zack Ryder at WrestleMania 29 next year in New York despite their TV roles going in different directions. “If I’m World Champion, I’d rather be in the ring with Zack because he worked hard to be there.” Ziggler also talk about his new program with Jericho, who Ziggler said he looked up to as a teenager, Ziggler promoted his heel persona doing all the talking while Jericho remained silent during their first in-ring segment lastRead More

Posted On July 22, 2012By StaffIn News

Vince McMahon Takes Shot At UFC, Talks WrestleMania Buys & More

The Hollywood Reporter is featuring an interview with Vince McMahon. Here are some highlights. Concerning leaving The USA Network for TNN (now Spike TV) years ago: “We became the No. 1 show on USA. And they wouldn’t be No. 1 right now in primetime if not for Raw. We switched one time to what became the Spike network and became the No. 1 show there. We have proved that we can pretty much make TV networks.” About using Social Media: “Back in the early days, our performers elicited a responseRead More

Posted On July 21, 2012By Owen PattersonIn News

A Special Thank You Message From Vince McMahon For RAW 1000

- As we prepare for the 1,000th episode of RAW, WWE sent out a special thank-you message from Vince McMahon this morning. Here’s what The Chairman had to say: “I would like to personally thank you and the entire WWE Universe for your never-ending support as WWE achieves TV history with its record-breaking 1,000th edition of Monday Night RAW. In celebration of this historic night, we invite you to join us this Monday for a monumental three-hour event. Once again, we thank you for making RAW the success it hasRead More

Posted On July 21, 2012By StaffIn News

Thursday’s Impact Wrestling Viewers Up From Last Week

Thursday’s edition of Impact Wrestling on Spike TV not rank in the Top 50 on cable TV for the second consecutive week. This is largely due to DirecTV viewers blacked out due to a dispute between DirecTV and Viacom. The estimated rating for Impact is in the 0.8 range, the official number for the show should be available early next week. Impact Wrestling garnered 1.316 million viewers, according to TV By The Numbers. This is up almost 19% from last week’s show, which reached a two-year-low.Read More

Posted On July 19, 2012By Liam HindmarshIn Columns

Tea Time with Liam: Where is the Ryder Revolution?

Hello everybody, Liam here once again with another riveting, stimulating edition of Tea Time with Liam. Once again my chronic laziness has me beat, meaning that once again, this is still somewhat of a bi weekly gig. As always I come to you from the little floating island known as the United Kingdom. Summer is in full flow right now which means……nothing but wind and rain. But enough about me boring you with stuff about me. It’s now time for me to bore you with my latest thoughts and ramblingsRead More
- Jim Ross was asked on Twitter his thoughts on CM Punk wanting him to announce the Punk vs. John Cena WWE Title match on next week’s RAW. Ross replied that Punk was a “very bright dude.” Ross says he will be at RAW 1000 but does not know if he will be working the show on TV. He wrote last night: “I’m excited on being in St. L for #RAW1000 & seeing many old friends, WWE HOFers & Legends. Expect lots of surprises. RAW’s special 2 me.” – FCWRead More
The pro wrestling documentary, “The Shooting Range” is now available for viewing in its entirety online. The popular documentary was released in 2002 and was a huge hit. Director Michael Moody has now made the complete documentary available at Sikk.TV. You can watch the documentary below. Your browser does not support iframes. For more exclusive wrestling videos and footage, check out Sikk.TV.Read More
Director of Hollymood Entertainment Michael Moody released some rare footage of an Austin Aries interview shot over five years ago at Sikk.TV. You can watch the interview below. Your browser does not support iframes. For more exclusive wrestling videos and footage, check out Sikk.TV.Read More

Posted On July 15, 2012By Daniel PenaIn News

Cena Wins 100th Match Of The Year, Sunny Weighs In On AJ

- John Cena’s victory over Big Show in a Steel Cage Match at Saturday’s WWE SuperShow in Tucson, Arizona marks as his 100th of the year. He only needed 108 matches to achieve the milestone (he has lost four matches and four more matches resulted in a draw or no contest). Other WWE Superstars with outstanding records are Brodus Clay and Ryback. The Funkasaurus has won 78 times and lost only once (to Big Show on the June 25 Raw). Ryback has garnered 52 victories and suffered one loss (toRead More
- Cliff “Domino” Compton recently appeared on Sports Town Chicago’s Top Rope. Here are some of the highlights from the interview: On a TV return: “…I’m working with them to try to get something done. It’s just the matter of timing and the idea and all that. There’s going to be some changes on TNA coming up; you’ll see some new faces and stuff, but I think they’re putting on a great show right now and I’m not just saying that because I talk to them but I really do.Read More
Wrestling fans with DirecTV might be out of luck this Thursday night if they’re expecting to watch Imact Wrestling on Spike TV. DirecTV and Viacom (parent company of Spike TV, Nickelodeon, MTV, Comedy Central, BET, VH1, CMT and others) have been unable to reach an agreement regarding carriage fees, so the channels have been pulled from the cable service. The previous contract expired over the weekend. DirecTV EVP Derek Chang made the following statement on the matter: “We have absolutely no problem compensating Viacom fairly, but they have now knowinglyRead More
- Big Show recently spoke with to promote Sunday’s WWE Money in the Bank pay-per-view. Here are some highlights: Q: What about you? Is your persona in the ring close to the real you? A: I think my persona when I’m a bad guy is me in a bad mood on a bad day amplified. I don’t run around like I do on TV; if I did, I’d be in a lot of trouble ( laughing). Sometimes my family and my wife will see me on TV and say,Read More

Posted On July 9, 2012By Dave ScottIn Columns

Dave Scott – Week in Review

Hey there muckers! Dave Scott here for the usual Monday night blabbering. This week I was going to write about Raw again to go with the whole thousandth episode theme, but the columns I’ve got planned are going to take a lot more work than I usually take for them. So this week I’m going to go through the last week of wrestling that I have watched. That being Raw, Smackdown and the back end of Destination X. So let’s start with Raw. Last week on Raw we furthered theRead More

Posted On July 9, 2012By StaffIn News

New Jack Footage Removed From YouTube, New Stunt DVD

Thanks to Michael Moody for sending this in: Hollymood Entertainment has removed footage of the infamous New Jack vs. Gypsy Joe match and the ultra violent video of New Jack stabbing another pro wrestler with a knife from YouTube to a new video website, Sikk.TV. You can now only see these two shocking pro wrestling matches exclusively at the website. In addition to these two shocking pro wrestling matches, the website is also hosting an assortment of New Jack interviews and other rare pro wrestling video content. You are ableRead More
Jim Ross is back with another blog, here are some highlights. If he would like to be RAW or SmackDown GM: “No, thanks. Anoint someone who needs the TV time in hopes of building for the future. The role needs to be tweaked in my view and now is a good time to do so.” If Undertaker has retired: “Has Undertaker retired? O.K., let’s think about this one. IF Taker had retired, wouldn’t one think that WWE would memorialize that occasion in a HUGE way? Come on folks, WWE isRead More

Posted On July 5, 2012By StaffIn News, Results

Impact Wrestling Results – July 5, 2012

The sixth live Impact of TNA’s summer series opened with a video package recapping last week’s events, specifically the Bully Ray vs. Joseph Park feud and Daniels accusing A.J. Styles of fathering Claire’s child. Impact Zone: Mike Tenay and Taz introduced the show and promoted James Storm vs. Jeff Hardy in a BFG Series match tonight. Bully Ray then stomped out to the ring and announced he is on Twitter. He then called out Joseph Park, who slowly made his way to the ring. Ray said he accepts Park’s challengeRead More
- Here are some recent WWE Supershow attendance figures: * June 29th in Monroe, Louisiana drew 5,700 fans for $180,000 * June 30th in Lafayette, LA drew 4,600 fans for $165,000 * July 1st in Hidalgo, Texas drew a sellout 7,000 fans for $260,000 – Dolph Ziggler’s younger brother Briley Pierce is getting tried out in WWE developmental as a TV interviewer. – The current plan for the WWE Network is to have every pay-per-view except WrestleMania be included. An alternate plan was all but two pay-per-views (WrestleMania and SummerSlam)Read More
- WWE has created two new major positions – a Social Media producer and a Live Events analyst. The Social Media producer would be responsible for voting, polling, texts and tweets on WWE’s TV show as well as at live events. The producer will work with the TV production team, creative, the web team and the live events team. WWE is looking for the Live Events analyst to creative metrics to measure the success of live events beyond ticket sales. They want the person to create models and formulas toRead More