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- There are already rumors going around that WWE is interested in Angelina Love, who was released by TNA this week. – WWE officials are high on AJ Lee and feel that she is something like the next big thing. – There was a lot of speculation on Sin Cara after he was squashed by Alberto Del Rio on last night’s RAW Supershow. The feeling is they just brought him back to TV with a new look and gave him a few wins, only to have Del Rio take himRead More
“The Gunn Show” enters the world of “shoot” this week in the first of a multi-part, in-depth interview with former WWE and TNA superstar, Billy Gunn. See the softer side of Billy Gunn as he opens up about his family, music, TV and more in a fun segment called “Hashtag Hijinks” (word association). Then, watch him get serious as he starts discussing the wrestling business, including the WWE tag team division, bringing back NAO, breaking into the business, and more. Hosted by Vegas Fuel Marketing Director and wrestling host, JMC,Read More

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David Scott Column – Approaching 1000th WWE RAW

Hey guys it’s Dave Scott here for some Monday night debauchery! The last few weeks have been quite slow in the WWE Universe, there is nothing too major to report about recently. We are just on the backlash of a pretty average No Way Out PPV and last weeks Raw wasn’t the most exciting thing in the world. Apart from Heath Slater obviously. On the other hand TNA seem to be upping their game recently and people seem to be turning their heads over to the alternative option of ImpactRead More
- Rey Mysterio’s 60 day suspension ends today and he is eligible to return to action. Word this weekend was that Rey won’t be returning until next week’s TV tapings but he will indeed be pushed upon returning. – FCW Diva Raquel Diaz (Shaul Marie Guerrero) has officially become the longest-reigning FCW Divas Champion in history. This weekend she passed the record of 189 days, held by current WWE Diva Naomi, who now dances with Brodus Clay. Diaz defeated Audrey Maria for the FCW Divas Title back in December ofRead More

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Tournament Of Death XI, CZW Returns July 14, More CZW Events

Catch the carnage of ‘Tournament of Death XI’ on iPPV when it’s released SUNDAY NIGHT, JUNE 24 at 8 pm on http://HybridEnt.TV! ‘Tournament of Death XI’ results will be announced later this week. – – – – – – – – – – CZW Returns July 14 with ‘New Heights’ to Voorhees, NJ – The action of ‘New Heights’ airs LIVE on iPPV, Saturday, July 14 from The Flyer’s Skate Zone, 601 Laurel Oak Road in Voorhees, NJ! Just added to July 14: * CZW World Heavyweight champion MASADA’sRead More

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WWE’s YouTube Ranking & SmackDown’s Social Media Score

- features a report on the popularity of channels and mentioned where WWE’s own page ranked among the top channels. WWE’s “Fan Nation” YouTube page was third among new original content providers that partnered with YouTube for the week of June 14-20. WWE reached 3,685,908 total views, putting them behind Sourcefed (6.02 million) and The Warner Sound (5.56 million). It was up from fifth the previous week. – Trendrr reports Friday’s edition of WWE SmackDown earned a 61,126 social media score. This is the highest since March forRead More

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Adzop: On the Positive Side…

WWE has been a big part of my life for 20 years. I have always watched it and I probably always will. There are things that I love about WWE, and there are things that truly frustrate me about it. This has become increasingly apparent in recent times. I’ve been writing columns on the web for a few years now, and I have come to realise that many of my most recent columns have been largely filled with complaints, rather than excitement and happiness. I understand that nobody really wantsRead More

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Thursday’s Impact Wrestling Rating; Demographics & More

Thursday night’s episode of iMPACT! Wrestling scored a 0.97 (1.0) cable rating, with 1.24 million viewers. Those numbers are down slightly from last week’s 1.02 (1.0) and 1.34 million viewers; it’s the lowest viewership during the summer series to date and in fact the lowest since June 24, 2010. The show ranked #37 among cable TV shows for the night and #15 in both the male 18 – 34 and male 18 – 49 demographic. TNA had strong competition with the NBA game on Thursday night. WWE had been facingRead More

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Bobby Roode Talks About TNA, Social Networking Hatred & More

TNA World Champion Bobby Roode spoke with The Baltimore Sun about his reign as champion, his hatred of social networking and more. Here are highlights of the interview. On the responsibility of being champion: “There’s a lot of other responsibilities you know, other than going out and performing every night on television or pay-per-view. It’s the travel. I mean, literally, I’ve been doing media appearances off and on for the last seven months, travelling overseas, promoting our upcoming tour in January. I got an opportunity to go to L.A. andRead More

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Roddy Piper Talks 1000th Raw, Cyndi Lauper, Rock & Wrestling

In a Exclusive, “Rowdy” Roddy Piper discussed his return to Raw along side pop singer Cyndi Lauper. “Cyndi, oh, we have a long history. We weren’t always on the same side, but to be honest with you, it was a true pleasure,” said Piper. Piper also addressed the comments he made on Raw in regards to the Rock & Wrestling being the saving grace of WWE. “If it wasn’t for the Rock & Wrestling connection at that time being so big on TV — you know, they were allRead More
- Rey Mysterio comes off suspension next week and is still not advertised for any live events or TV tapings. – When it comes to recruiting talent, the frustration is back that Vince McMahon wants the athletes recruited and signed to all be bigger, more muscular guys. – John Laurinaitis is no longer the person putting together WWE live event lineups. Michael Hayes is now in charge of that. – Vader was praising Heath Slater for his work in their match on RAW two weeks ago. Vader would like oneRead More

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Former WWE Superstar Shoots On WWE’s Use Of Heath Slater

Former WWE star Carlito Colon posted some interesting Tweets regarding the company’s use of Heath Slater on this week’s Raw Supershow: “Heath is probably getting patted on the shoulder and told “Vince loved it” “keep up the good work, we got are eye on you” total bullsh%* lol” “Im not saying heath slater sucks, hes just in a sh&%*y spot…hold up is that Primo and Epico on my TV? WTF?!” “I was just joking about heath slater…but damn…that nigga better save as much $ as he can.”Read More

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Ex-WWE Writer Talks Vince’s Disregard Of Storyline Consistency

PWTorch Livecast with Chris DeJoseph (a/k/a Big Dick Johnson) Host: Wade Keller Audio available at DeJoseph on what it’s like behind the scenes when Vince McMahon decides to appear on TV after an absence: “I think there were numerous times where that could be brought up in totally different ways,” DeJoseph, also known on air as Big Dick Johnson, says. “Sometimes it could be a request from the writing team. For the most part Vince didn’t like to be on TV if he didn’t have to be. I’m justRead More correspondent Nate Stein sent in the following: Combat Zone Wrestling was informed TruTV’s hit show ‘Clipaholics’ will feature CZW TONIGHT (Thursday, June 14) at 10 pm. After the clip air, contact TruTV at This will take you to the programming feedback page for “Clipaholics”. Let them know you saw the clip and that you want to see more of CZW on TruTV! Check with your cable & satellite TV providers to see if you receive TruTV. Visit for all the latest news, tickets, and more information. “CZWRead More

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Kelly Kelly Latest, Update On Changes To WWE Developmental

- As previously reported, Kelly Kelly is taking some time away from WWE but some people do not expect her to return. The ATA Agency that is representing Kelly are pitching her for scripted TV shows as well as a potential reality TV show. Kelly also had offers come her way from placing high on the Maxim Hot 100 list this year. WWE didn’t give her a full contract release and they aren’t thrilled that she has someone else pitching her for outside gigs. – People in FCW have beenRead More
Part 2 of Arda Ocal’s interview with Bret “Hitman” Hart has been posted and involved a very interesting discussion about Ric Flair: Ric Flair and his matches with Ric in 1992 when Bret first became WWE champion: “Flair was a tricky guy to work with, when I worked with Ric. When he was champion we had much better matches and the moment the title got switched we seemed to screw up my match every night… I always felt it was sabotage. I actually went to Vince, cause (Flair) wasRead More
- Word going around WWE is that a lot of the RAW stars will be booked for SmackDown tapings going forward as the company needs all hands on deck due to the depth issues with the roster. The fear among the talents is all the pushing to get them to work more often is going to lead to fatigue and injuries. Another topic of conversation is how hard John Cena and CM Punk are working as they also do media appearances on top of everything else WWE asks of them.Read More

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Ex-WWE Diva In New Reality Show, Swagger Ends Losing Streak

- Jack Swagger snapped his 12-match TV and pay-per-view losing streak this past Thursday as he defeated Zack Ryder on WWE Superstars. Before then, Swagger had not won a televised match since being a part of Team Laurinaitis at WrestleMania 28. – Former WWE Diva Angela “Savannah” Fong is one of 30 women participating in a new FOX reality TV show called Take Me Out, which is hosted by comedian George Lopez. The show airs Thursday nights at 8pm EST on FOX. Here’s the show synopsis: “Every week, the womenRead More

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FATP Special:- TNA Slammiversary X Preview

It’s that time of month where I preview TNA’s latest PPV offering, which just happens to be their 10th Slammiversary event. Their last PPV was an excellent show, so they’ve got a lot to live up to tomorrow night. Judging by the quality of their latest TV shows, that shouldn’t be a problem. Impact has been consistently better than Raw or Smackdown for the last several weeks. In case you haven’t heard, current WWE Intercontinental Champion, and former TNA superstar, Christian will be appearing live at the PPV tomorrow nightRead More