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- There’s apparently something going on with Ric Flair and TNA that both sides are being hush-hush about. Despite being advertised, Flair wasn’t at two live events over the weekend, the Sacrifice pay-per-view or TV tapings this week. Those in TNA say it’s obvious something is going on, especially when he didn’t show up at the May 15th tapings where a Gut Check was scheduled to take place, as Flair is one of the judges. – TNA has added Alex Silva to the roster page. Silva was signed after theRead More
– Despite being “fired”, the WWE Live Events webpage lists The Big Show for WWE’s upcoming Mexican tour in two weeks and for all TV and SmackDown live events starting on June 2. — The main events for the Spain WWE RAW tour include CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan for the WWE Championship and John Cena vs Lord Tensai and John Laurinaitis in a handicap match. — Mark Henry looks to be returning to action around the end of June. He is not advertised for any appearances until the JuneRead More

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Justice For Otunga & Family, Cena To Star In Fred 3 & More News

– David Otunga posted the following to Twitter after William Balfour was found guilty on Friday in the murder of Jennifer Hudson’s family: “Family. Faith. Strength. #JusticeIsServed.” For those unaware, Otunga and Hudson are a real-life couple. This is also why Otunga has been off TV in recent weeks as he’s been attending the trial. — Nickelodeon has announced John Cena as appearing in Fred 3: Camp Fred. He will reprise his role as Fred’s father. As previously reported, Cena filmed scenes for the film last week but had notRead More

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Rumor On The Incident That Led To WWE Releasing Goldust

As noted before, Goldust was recently released by WWE after working as a producer for the SmackDown brand. Word came out that an undisclosed incident at the April 24th SmackDown tapings in Grand Rapids, Michigan led to his contract being terminated. now reports that the belief is that Goldust was responsible for coming up with the spot on SmackDown where Yoshi Tatsu took a double-team powerbomb finisher from Darren Young and Titus O’Neil. Tatsu landed bad and the bump was said to look even worse live than it didRead More
TheScore’s Arda Ocal (@arda_ocal) recently sat down with WWE Hall of Famer Jerry “The King” Lawler. During the interview, Lawler talks about never having a sip of alcohol, never smoking or doing drugs and did he ever feel pressure to do so being in an entertainment business,wrestling vs. announcing and much more. Here are some highlights of what “The King” said about: How his illustrations gave him his break in pro wrestling: “I sent the pictures into the TV station that aired the wrestling shows and lo and behold theyRead More

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Results from CZW Cinco de Mayo, Val Venis Seminar & More

Thanks to Combat Zone Wrestling for sending the following: Results from CZW ‘Cinco de Mayo’! CZW returned the Hoosier state for ‘Cinco de Mayo’ (Coming soon to HybridEnt.TV) this past weekend that saw a brawl through the crowd, a new champion crowned, ultraviolent wrestling action, and much more. See the full results at Four Title Matches Added to THIS SATURDAY! JUST $4.99 LIVE ON iPAY-PER-VIEW – FOUR TITLE MATCHES have been announced for CZW ‘Proving Grounds’ JUST $4.99 LIVE ON iPAY-PER-VIEW THIS SATURDAY, May 12 from theRead More

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Backstage News On Paul Heyman’s WWE Return; His Deal & More

- As seen on last night’s RAW Supershow from Greensboro, Paul Heyman made his return to WWE as Brock Lesnar’s legal representative in the storylines. Heyman announced that Lesnar had quit WWE and that the company owes him millions of dollars. Lesnar is still under contract to WWE, for those wondering. Heyman is also working under a deal with WWE. Plans are in place to have Heyman in the company through August. A Lesnar vs. Triple H grudge match is expected for SummerSlam where Heyman will be featured with Lesnar.Read More

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Lance Storm Speaks On Brock Lesnar’s Recent WWE Booking

Lance Storm recently talked about the booking of Brock Lesnar since his return to WWE on The LAW internet show. Here is what he had to say. “I certainly would have had Brock win [at Extreme Rules], as most people seem to think was the better idea,” said Storm. “I just took exception to the people that thought that one loss killed Brock, and they’ve completely destroyed his heat, and what’s the point? There was a lot of people wanting to think that they had just completely ruined the wholeRead More

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Lilian Garcia & The Miz Speak Out Against Bullying

Lilian Garcia and The Miz, who have both felt the brunt of bullying, spoke out on the subject in an interview with Jim Varsallone of The Miami Herald after appearing at be a STAR anti-bullying rally at John F. Kennedy Middle School. During his climb toward the top of WWE’s upper echelon, The Miz was dumped on by his peers in the locker room. Many of “the boys” did not want him in the company due to his notoriety as a reality television star and tried to bully him outRead More
In this week’s webisode, WWE Superstar Santino Marella attempts to expand his horizons outside sports-entertainment. Could The Milan Miracle become the next reality TV star?Read More

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News For Tonight’s WWE Smackdown Tapings, Christian & More

WWE will tape SmackDown and NXT tonight from Toledo, Ohio. Advertised for this week’s show is World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus and Randy Orton vs. Kane and Daniel Bryan. It will be interesting to see how Bryan fits in on SmackDown now that he’s facing WWE Champion CM Punk at Over the Limit. #1 contender Alberto Del Rio is also scheduled for tonight’s show. Christian is being advertised for tonight’s tapings but he was also advertised for last week’s tapings and did not appear. There was talk that they were holdingRead More

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Sandow Added To SD Roster, Bret Hart & WOF, Keibler TV Show

- WWE will return to Chicago for the Labor Day RAW Supershow on September 3rd. The pre-sale is currently going on with the password SUPERSHOW. – Arda Ocal sent word that his campaign to get Bret Hart on the Canadian Walk of Fame has got so many votes, in the thousands, that Canada’s Walk of Fame CEO Peter Soumalias has confirmed Bret will be among those discussed for inclusion this year. – This past weekend, former WWE Diva Stacy Keibler was filming the pilot for a new TV show thatRead More

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Vince’s Thoughts On Anti-Bullying, Triple H Talks Developmental

- Here are some more highlights from WWE’s shareholders meeting on Friday morning from WWE headquarters in Stamford, CT: * Triple H addressed the WWE developmental rumors and said the future has always been about making the best developmental territory possible. They are making plans to expand developmental but it’s doing what it’s designed to do – create and cultivate new talents. * Vince McMahon said WWE content on TV will remain PG but movies will allow for content with stronger ratings. Vince talked about being proud of the BeRead More

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News & Recap From WWE Shareholders Meeting; Vince McMahon

Thanks to Dave Meltzer from the Wrestling Observer for the following on WWE’s shareholders meeting: Vince McMahon spoke for 7-8 minutes off the cuff. He said that the only two things in life that are guaranteed are death and taxes. He said there are actually three things because he guarantees that one year from now, the company will be in way better shape than it is now. He said there were two reasons, the film department and TV licensing, why revenue and profits were down. He noted that they, byRead More

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JR Blog: Cena vs. Lesnar At Extreme Rules, WWE Developmental

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross is back with a new blog on Here are some highlights: – FCW records three, one hour TV shows tonight at 7. I expect all three shows to feature some outstanding main events. For these kids, every match in every segment is imperative. Love the sense of urgency that these broadcasts produce for young talents looking to earn the opportunity to move up to WWE. These kids are being trained well by some dedicated individuals. I like this group as I feel theirRead More
- As seen a few weeks back, WrestleMania 28 celebrity and rapper Flo Rida posted a video on YouTube to let WWE Superstar Heath Slater know that he was coming for him after the two had a physical altercation backstage in Miami during the big pay-per-view on April 1st. WWE has a new video up where Heath Slater confronts what appears to be Flo Rida backstage, apparently at a recent WWE event. Slater kicks open the door of a room while Flo Rida is talking to someone on the phone.Read More
- TMZ has an update on the car wreck that has hospitalized former WCW star Buff Bagwell. The police report from the accident says that Bagwell called his wife around 1:30pm and told her that he was about to have a seizure. A short time later, Bagwell lost control of his Jeep and spun across the raised median that caused the vehicle to start flipping over. Bagwell’s wife told the 911 operator, “He’s been cutting back on taking certain medications, and he is on a medication right now for aRead More

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Miss USA-WWE Update, Lex Luger Autobiography, Submissions

- After her drunk driving trial last week, Miss USA Rima Fakih indicated that she was now working for WWE once again. It’s likely that she will be part of a WWE Network show when it launches or she may be introduced as a TV character. Fakih pleaded guilty to drunk driving charges. She will be sentenced on May 9th where she is expected to receive probation and serve it in the state of California, where she now lives. – John Hollis of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution is working with wrestlingRead More

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Nicholson Challenges Angle, Steiner Rants On TNA Lockdown

- Scott Steiner wrote the following on Twitter about the TNA Lockdown attendance: “The ppv on sunday had a crowd of 2,500-3,000 that had alot of freebies,considering that TNA is Based out of Nashville that is really bad,along with the horrible rating on thursday, Hogan bitchoff n pritchard are going to sink Tna,both bitchoffs got zero reaction during their entrances” – TNA developmental talent and former reality TV star Jessie Godderz won the OVW Tag Team Titles this past week with partner Rudy Switchblade. Godderz is featured in the newRead More