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Posted On April 17, 2012By StaffIn News

Bella Twins At Raw, Evan Bourne Update, Nash Comments On Punk

- Kevin Nash gave props to WWE Champion CM Punk after watching last night’s RAW Supershow: “just got done with Raw.Punk needs to keep the belt at least till next May” A fan replied that WWE would never have anyone hold the WWE Title for that long. Nash replied: “what is old is now new. let him have that love affair with the fans make them pat to see him get beat make it epic. Make a heel” – Evan Bourne is still on crutches after breaking his foot severalRead More
For those who haven’t heard, there is a possibility of Kevin Nash returning to WWE. Or should I say, come back. Now, what’s the difference you may ask? Well, dating back to last year Nash signed a legends deal. Knowing Nash and his business sense, it was long term. The deal was probably lucrative money wise, and it had anything wrestling wise in a part time scale. Thing is, I cannot confirm he is under contract. BUT, if we’re talking Nash, he most likely is under a legends deal withRead More

Posted On April 16, 2012By StaffIn News

Knockout Released?, Hart Responds To Bischoff, Kurt Angle, More

- After Eric Bischoff called Bret Hart a “sad, bitter person” on Twitter this weekend, Bret replied: “Just had an awesome Sunday dinner w/my wife & two boys. Nothing “sad” & “bitter” about that. ;) #lifeisgood” “Maybe somebody could mail Bischoff a copy of the “Greatest Rivalries” DVD” – TNA aired the Lockdown pay-per-view in movie theaters across the United States last night and several fans at different locations reported that some feeds were out for significant periods of time. – Kurt Angle wrote on Twitter after the TNA LockdownRead More

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JR Blog: Cena vs. Lesnar, Undertaker’s Future, Rock-Title Run

Jim Ross posted his latest blog this afternoon. As always, the blog is a must-read, you can check out some highlights below. Cena vs. Lesnar: “Getting tons of folks asking for predictions for the upcoming Lesnar vs. Cena bout at Extreme Rules in Chicago on PPV. The only thing that I know for sure is that the live audience in Chicago will be restaurant quality. Is Cena ‘due’ after losing to Rock at WM28 or will Lesnar lose his first WWE bout in years? It makes for some compelling, episodicRead More

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Scott Steiner Rants On Eric Bischoff’s Son Garrett

Here are Scott Steiner’s latest comments from Twitter: Ever since england they have made someone come out with garrett to make sure he wasnt booed. First they made jeff hardy do it then last nite it was AJ Rvd Anderson that bcuz over in England when hogan n garrett were in the ring and he said garrett was the future of wrestling. Hogan n garrett got booed so bad they had to do multiple takes bcuz the booing was so bad!!! But they fixed it in post-production to look likeRead More

Posted On April 12, 2012By StaffIn News

Details On New Zack Ryder DVD, Superstars Collection, More

- As noted before, WWE will be releasing a new series of “Superstars Collection” DVD’s beginning July 10th with one-disc DVD’s on Zack Ryder and John Cena. The DVD’s will be priced at $9.99.  Here is the synopsis for Ryder’s DVD: “Packed with never-before-seen footage and matches featuring rising star Zack Ryder. First ever Superstar release for Superstar Zack Ryder! Ryder is a rising star with over 600k followers on Twitter and is steadily gaining popularity. A fan-favorite, Ryder found fame as WWE’s lead internet sensation. A constant on weeklyRead More

Posted On April 8, 2012By Owen PattersonIn News

Ted DiBiase Delivering Easter Message, Lex Luger Appearance

- Today at the Grace Chruch in Fairview Heights, I11, WWE Hall of Famer “Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase is scheduled to help give an Easter message.  Here is what Dibiase said about the event.  “Very special Easter for me. 20 years ago this weekend I got saved. Sharing it with pastor Hal Santos, my mentor, my friend, who led (me) to Jesus,”  Ted DiBiase said the message will be available at Graceweb.TV.   – Next Saturday on April 14th, Lex Luger is scheduled for a public appearance at anRead More

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WWE WrestleMania 28 Social Media Stats Revealed; Big Success

WWE’s aim to make WrestleMania the biggest social media event of the year was a huge success. The broadcast at one point had seven of the top nine worldwide trending topics on Twitter. It generated 110 worldwide trends over the show and pre-show’s five hour period. WWE shared a number of other Wrestlemania social stats with – A partnership with YouTube to deliver Wrestlemania content gained a total of more than 3.9 million views for the week surrounding the event. – Despite being a pay-per-view broadcast, Wrestlemania was TV’sRead More

Posted On April 4, 2012By StaffIn News

Paul Heyman Returning To WWE With Brock Lesnar?, Full Details

There has been a lot of speculation on Paul Heyman returning to WWE now that Brock Lesnar has returned for at least a year. Word is that there are no plans for Heyman to come in, he was not part of the negotiations and is not a part of the deal.   Heyman simply isn’t available as he has other things going on.   There are people in WWE who want Heyman to come back as a sort of “talking head” or a TV personality. Heyman is based in theRead More
- Rikishi wrote the following on Twitter about Yokozuna’s WWE Hall of Fame induction:   “I think YOKO should have gotten more TV time rather then a few seconds of the HOF.. Jus because he’s YOKOZUNA…let’s be real. #dntmakesense”   - WWE is now selling the Triple H vs. Undertaker End of an Era t-shirt on their website and a new “To The Future” shirt for Cody Rhodes.   - reports that Epico’s rant about being left off WrestleMania yesterday was part of a storyline.Read More

Posted On March 29, 2012By StaffIn News

WWE Network Launch, WWE Planning Divas Reality TV Show

- WWE Chief Marketing Executive Michelle Wilson is denying that the company ever had a target launch date for the new WWE Network, despite promotional material used by WWE in late 2011 and other media reports over the past few months. Wilson says they are close to securing a distribution deal.   Wilson called the WWE Network a game-changer and says they hope to reach 50 million homes. WWE has currently hired 30 people for the Network and hopes to fill 120 jobs.   To go along with the LegendsRead More

Posted On March 29, 2012By StaffIn News

Chris Jerchio vs. CM Punk News, TNA’s Request To WWE, HOF

- One of the things TNA wanted when negotiating with WWE for Ric Flair’s Hall of Fame participation was that they wanted it to be said in some way during the show that Flair worked for TNA or was there due to TNA. No word yet if WWE agreed to that particular stipulation but it was one of the key things that was being discussed over the past few weeks.   - All Hall of Famers are being limited to ten-minute induction speeches. With Edge, Mike Tyson and The FourRead More
4 new chapters from former Barbaric Wrestling Radio host Brett Buchanan’s The Genesis of TNA free e-book have been released on and The new chapters are about Christian Cage’s TNA run, Samoa Joe, Scott D’Amore booking committee (which includes a story about a TNA employee leaking news), and TNA’s scramble to find a TV deal in the summer of 2005. You can read all 18 chapters that have been released thus far simply by entering ‘The Genesis of TNA’ section on New chapters are released every Monday.Read More

Posted On March 22, 2012By StaffIn News

WWE WrestleMania 28 Set Going Up, Melina To Lucha Libre, FCW

- FCW updated the live events section of their website. They will continue to hold events, including some TV tapings, at their school in Tampa every Thursday night through to the end of May. – Melina will be working some dates coming up for Lucha Libre USA. – WWE started setting up construction for Wrestlemania 28 at Sun Life Stadium in Miami, FL earlier this week.Read More

Posted On March 14, 2012By StaffIn News

The Miz On Psych Tonight, USA Touts WWE Raw Rating

- The USA Network sent out a press release touting their 23rd consecutive quarterly victory on cable TV. The release mentioned had the following to say about WWE Raw. “Raw made USA the #1 network in all of television in its Monday 9:00-11:00 p.m. time period among M18-34, beating every network but NBC and FOX in P18-34. The sports entertainment franchise delivered 2.37 million in P25-54, 2.46 in million P18-49, 1.35 million in P18-34, 4.91 million total viewers and 3.42 million households in 1Q12.” – Just a reminder that TheRead More

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Cody Rhodes Injury News; Latest On His WrestleMania Status

- WWE Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes is said to be dealing with a few minor injuries as of late. Cody has been seen backstage limping around and one source says Cody was noticeably in pain at last week’s TV tapings and this week’s SmackDown tapings in Ohio. We noted a week back that the Road to WrestleMania this year was taking its toll on the WWE crews but Cody has been working hurt. Cody also hurt his elbow and leg during a RAW match a few weeks back where WadeRead More

Posted On March 13, 2012By StaffIn News

More WWE Interest In DGUSA Stars, WrestleMania 28 Diva News

- WWE officials have gone back and forth several times on what the Divas will do at WrestleMania 28. Before word came down that TV host Maria Menounos is now scheduled to participate with the Divas in Miami, officials had been discussing a program between just Eve Torres and Kelly Kelly – which would have left some of the other prominent Divas out of a match. As we have noted, officials have discussed several other matches including Beth Phoenix vs. Kharma which doesn’t look like it will be happening. –Read More

Posted On March 13, 2012By StaffIn News

Menounos Set For WrestleMania 28, Nash & Waltman WM Party

- Names confirmed for Kevin Nash and Sean Waltman’s WrestleMania weekend party at Oceans Ten in Miami on the Friday before the pay-per-view include Nash, Waltman, Sunny, Billy Gunn, Robbie E. and David Hart Smith. – As indicated on last night’s RAW Supershow, TV personality Maria Menounos is scheduled to be a part of WrestleMania 28 with the Divas. We noted before that the Divas WrestleMania plans had changed from what was originally scheduled. Menounos is scheduled to begin the new season with Dancing with the Stars next Monday nightRead More
– will release a video this week featuring former WWE Diva Shelly Martinez. “OMG twitterland word on the street is the @funnyordie video Im in will come out this week! Stay tuned!” she wrote on Twitter. Martinez also has a page on the site that can be accessed here. — Brodus Clay was backstage at Monday’s Raw SuperShow at the TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts but wasn’t used for the fifth consecutive week. He defeated Michael McGillicutty in opening contests at Raw house shows over the weekend. — TheRead More