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- Multiple news outlets reported last week that two men were charged with stealing TNA Wrestling’s World Heavyweight Championship belt and a replica prior to a live event in Ottumwa, Iowa on Aug. 18 while a stagehand was unloading props from his truck. Sources affiliated with the wrestling organization told that the World Heavyweight Championship stolen was valued at $6,000.00 and ultimately returned. According to a person close to the chief of the Ottumwa Police Department, multiple claims made to both the department and were not true. TNARead More
- Matt Striker wrote the following on Twitter Monday night after General Manager AJ Lee acted like she didn’t know who he was on RAW: “I can understand pressure getting to AJ- She has things on her mind other than me. Id rather be forgotten on earth and remembered in heaven.” Striker also responded to The Miz being chosen for commentary alongside Michael Cole: “I support Miz. We r a family here at WWE. Cream rises to the top n Im a patient man. Ill do my best to getRead More
- As previously mentioned, Randy Orton is scheduled to be taking time off soon to film WWE’s new “12 Rounds” film in Canada, which is why he wasn’t booked at SummerSlam this year. Many have speculated that Orton was still being punished for his second Wellness Policy suspension, however that’s not the case. PWInsider is reporting that the company didn’t want to put him into an upper-tier position only to pull him back out of it again to shoot the film. – The season finale of “Stone Cold” Steve Austin’sRead More
- Former WWE Diva Jillian Hall says she’s annoyed by WWE Superstar Heath Slater’s singing. She feels he’s ripping her off. Here’s what she wrote on Twitter Monday night: “Does it make me a bad person to be annoyed by Heath slater’s rip off?? Lol.. And I say that in the nicest possible way :)” – Zack Ryder will be filming this week’s episode of “Z! True Long Island Story” from the San Diego Comic Con where he will be appearing with other WWE Superstars and Mattel designers. – WWERead More

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Questions Raised Over Brock Lesnar’s Shape, WWE Stock Drops

– Pro Wrestling Torch editor Wade Keller says he has talked to wrestlers who are already judging Brock Lesnar’s physical condition (based on his appearance on last week’s Raw SuperShow). He appeared doughy in his return and many feel his wrestling performances will be affected if he does not get into better shape. Questions are being raised over his desire to get in excellent shape at this point in his life and perform at a high level. — WWE’s stock price struck a new 52-week low Monday morning at $8.12Read More