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Posted On August 1, 2011By Daniel PenaIn News

Warrior & Hogan Offered Six Figures To Meet Face-to-Face

Shortly after resurfacing online in May to pay tribute to the late Randy Savage, Ultimate Warrior launched a hate-filled attack via YouTube against his longtime nemesis Hulk Hogan—claiming the wrestling icon is a cocaine-abusing “dope head” who once tried to get him to have sex with his wife. The WWE Hall of Famer responded by saying he plans on filing a lawsuit against the Warrior for “spewing sewage.” A video company has now stepped in and offered the wrestling legends a chance to settle their differences face-to-face. The Wrestling ObserverRead More

Posted On August 1, 2011By Daniel PenaIn News

CM Punk Reinstated On WWE Roster, Warrior Launches O.W.N.

– CM Punk has been officially reinstated on the WWE roster as his profile has been added back to WWE.com’s Raw Superstars page. WWE Chief Operating Officer Triple H addressed the WWE Championship situation on last week’s episode of SmackDown and acknowledged that Punk was re-signed late Monday night. He vowed to make a decision on how to handle this troubling dilemma on tonight’s episode of Raw. — Sheamus appears today from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at the Cricket Communications Mobile Store 2331 Versailles Road Lexington, Kentucky. Call 859-277-0057Read More
– Shawn Michaels and WWE.com writer Craig Tello are collaborating on an e-book titled Diary of the Heartbreak Kid. It is scheduled for release this December. Further details on the book have not been disclosed. — CM Punk appears at JD Byrider 5050 W. 38th St. Indianapolis, Indiana today from 11:45 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Call 317-295-1028 for more information. — WWE referee Mike Chioda celebrates his 47th birthday today. — 7-Eleven has released eight collectible Slurpee and Super Big Gulp cups featuring WWE Legends and Superstars. The Miz, JohnRead More
iN DEMAND has released the promotional poster for Night of Champions and Randy Orton is featured. The annual pay-per-view event takes place Sunday, September 18 at the HSBC Arena in Buffalo, New York. The synopsis reads: “Every Superstar has something to prove. Every WWE Champion has something important to lose. It’s the one night of the year when every championship is on the line! Don’t miss John Cena, Randy Orton, The Miz, Rey Mysterio, and all your favorite WWE Superstars at Night of Champions, Sunday, September 18 at 8pm ET/5pmRead More
TMZ reports that WWE is taking serious security measures to keep performer Maryse Ouellet safe after she received a series of ‘disturbing e-mails’ from an obsessed fan. Company officials have added additional security personnel at recent events and plan to keep the extra protection in place as long as they feel there is a legitimate threat. WWE has also taken additional security measures, but are being tight-lipped in order to make sure they are effective. TMZ reported last week that the WWE Diva filed a request for a permanent restrainingRead More
Ultimate Warrior revealed his thoughts regarding WWE Superstars John Cena and CM Punk on his Facebook page. Warrior said of Cena: “I don’t know John. Or any of the other guys. It’s been a long time since I was in the business and none of them were there when I was, except for a few, like Undertaker. I don’t watch TV or PPV’s and I don’t visit wrestling newssites. However, I was told by the top decision maker in the business, “nobody wants to go for the brass ring anymore,Read More

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Warrior Responds To Accused Usage Of Steroids

The following is an exchange between Ultimate Warrior and a fan on Twitter: “@UltimateWarrior can I eat junkfood and take copious amounts steroids like you did?” Here is Warrior’s response: “Got the wrong guy, dickhead. U mean the many half-assers I worked with that r now dead. Hard work…an idea over your f’ing head?”Read More

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X-Pac Talks Hogan-Warrior, Nash In Musical, Trish/Yoga

- In an interview with TorontoSun.com, former WWE diva Trish Stratus says practicing yoga helped her avoid surgery. “My body said, ‘I’m really worn out and I need you to start taking care of me so I can last you a little bit longer than this.” When she was sidelined with injuries and surgery was discussed, she decided to explore other options before going under the knife. “I thought, ‘Well lemme see if I can take a different route,'” she said. Once she began yoga, her body responded almost immediatelyRead More
Jim Ross has posted a new blog entry on his official website, www.jrsbarbq.com. Highlights are as follows: Latest Legends of Wrestling filming: “Great week of TV production this week in Stamford at WWE HQ. The nWo 15th Anniversary Legends Roundtable airs on WWE On Demand in July. Kevin Nash, Gene Okerlund and JJ Dillon were able to provide some great insight to the WCW/nWo days. @RealKevinNash is still in great shape and still has some fuel in the tank the the desire to use it. Kevin added a great dealRead More

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Ultimate Warrior Explains Why He’s Going After Hulk Hogan

Former WWE star Ultimate Warrior posted the following on his Twitter account today: “This thing going on between Terry and I is about something bigger than each of us. It is about YOU and the worth of your life. People can do better things with their life potential than others but NO ONE has more potential than any other to start with. All of us are born with the potential to do great things and live great lives. When one does, the right thing to do is influence, inspire andRead More
– Shares of WWE stock closed at $9.70 per share on Wednesday after hitting a 52-week low of $9.69 per share. WWE’s stock price closed at $10.01 per share Tuesday before dropping 3.1 percent. At the time of this post, the stock is at $9.69 per share after hitting another 52-week low of $9.44 this morning. WWE’s stock price has continuously plummeted since the organization announced in April that their dividend price would be slashed. One year ago, WWE stock was valued at approximately $16 per share. — Ultimate Warrior’sRead More
TMZ.com reports that Hulk Hogan is threatening to file a lawsuit against former WWE talent Warrior (a/k/a Ultimate Warrior) for alleged defamation. The Founding Father of Life Intensity posted a seven-minute video Tuesday, saying, among other things, that Hogan is a cocaine user who had an open marriage and encouraged ex-wife Linda to indulge in sexual intercourse with other wrestlers. Hogan says the allegation of drug use is “a blatant lie.” Regarding his claim on Linda, he said, “None of that ever happened. This guy is out of his mind.”Read More

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The Wrestling Genius: Is This the Best the WWE Has?

I’m once again left with a bad feeling about what is going on in the world of Sport Entertainment. Monday’s Raw only further proved to me that R-Truth is a mid-carder masquerading as a number one contender. His interaction with Vince McMahon and Stone Cold left much to be desired. His character is neither funny, scary, nor entertaining at all, at least not to me. I know we need some new blood at the top and another Miz vs. Cena match would just be the same recycled match that we’veRead More
Former WWE Champions Ultimate Warrior and Hulk Hogan have continued to attack each other on Twitter. After vowing to keep negative energy at bay, Hogan has begun retweeting messages depicting Warrior in a negative light, such as: “Warrior was a jabroni. Hulkamania still runs wild… Brother.” “Warrior is just jealous and angry about the sad way it all ended for him… without a whimper.” “Warrior let alot of fans down over & over. Not something that’ll ever be easily forgiven. Or forgotten.” Warrior shot back at Hogan by comparing himRead More
Former WWE Champion Ultimate Warrior posted a video this evening calling out Hulk Hogan for censoring his fans, the Warriors, on Twitter. Some of his followers informed him that they were blocked by Hogan on the micro-blogging site for voicing their opinion. Warrior said, “Hey Terry! Rumor has it that the Warriors trying to get into your social networking party over there are being shut out. What’s up with that, BROTHA?! And to think you used to be such the party animal. I mean what’s wrong, you don’t have theRead More
– New IMPACT Wrestling live events have been announced for July 21 in Salem, Virginia; July 22 in Winston Salem, North Carolina; July 23 in Harrington, Delaware. Click here for information on all three events. — TNAWrestling.com now redirects to ImpactWrestling.com. However, the TNA logo remains on the website. — Hulk Hogan responded to Ultimate Warrior calling him out in a YouTube video post over the weekend. “Negativity and Hulkamania – 2 things that don’t go together. Finish your weekend strong Monday, ignore all the rest,” he wrote on Twitter.Read More
Authors of the New York Post‘s story on the passing of Randy Savage erroneously listed former WWE Champion Ultimate Warrior among other prominent wrestlers from the 1980s to have died. They wrote: “Savage’s passing follows the deaths of several other prominent wrestlers from the 1980s, including Yokozuna, Ultimate Warrior, Bam Bam Bigelow and Savage’s one-time female partner and wife, Miss Elizabeth.” The article, which is available here, has since removed the Ultimate Warrior mention. The death of Ultimate Warrior has been a common misconception dating back to 1992 when heRead More
Right After Wrestling with Sid Vicious (a/k/a Sid Eudy) Hosts: Arda Ocal and Jimmy Korderas Available at TheScore.com and TheScore.com. His feelings on being at WrestleMania 8, how he told Vince McMahon he didn’t want to work for the company afterward, and what the original plan was for him leading up to Mania: “My original plan was to only do TV’s and pay-per-views until WrestleMania and then I would become the champion at WrestleMania, and than I was gonna do house-shows after WrestleMania. But the situation with (Ultimate) Warrior beingRead More
Former WWE Champion Ultimate Warrior revealed on his official website last week that he is working on a book documenting his career. “Been pulling out and putting together all the files and materials of work that I’ve done on and off for years,” he wrote. “I’ve got some notebooks of writing that go back to the early ’90’s and, of course, as I’ve said before, I’ve always kept journals. It’s time. Many things had to still play out before it was time for me tell my story. Now, they have.Read More