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Posted On May 9, 2012By StaffIn News

Backstage News On Paul Heyman’s Return To WWE On Raw

The WWE writing team knew about Paul Heyman’s return this past Monday but he was flown to Greensboro, North Carolina and hid in a trailer all day to keep it a surprise from everyone else. Vince McMahon let CM Punk know about it with the idea that Punk could tease a surprise on Twitter and help boost viewership. Heyman has been involved with Lesnar’s character for at least a few weeks, if not from the start, just not working through WWE. WWE reportedly didn’t want Heyman involved to the pointRead More

Posted On May 8, 2012By StaffIn News

Warrior Talks About His WWE Release In 1992 & Says Vince Lied

During a recent interview with Mister Saint Laurent of, the Ultimate Warrior talks about Vince McMahon firing him and British Bulldog back in 1992 during the federal steroid investigation. Vince McMahon claimed that Warrior and Davey Boy Smith were released for failing WWE drug tests, but Warrior says that is a complete lie. “Vince was feeling the heat from the federal investigation in what ultimately became an indictment over the steroid thing,” said Warrior. “It’s another one of those instances where he did what he had to do toRead More
AAA matchmaker Konnan has launched his new weekly podcast, MLW’s Konnan Show presented by Masked Republic’s A variety of topics were discussed this week and Konnan even had some surprise callers, including AAA star Teddy Hart. Konnan had previously appeared on MLW Radio and told a story about how Kurt Angle had claimed to him that Vince McMahon mails flowers to Angle every week with a note asking Angle to return to WWE. Kurt Angle recently responded on Twitter and accused Konnan of lying. Konnan had this to sayRead More

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WWE Concern With Cena, WWE Reporting Earnings, New NXT Talent

- WWE are releasing their first-quarter earnings report this morning. Vince McMahon will host a conference call at 11am EST to discuss the report. Stay tuned to this afternoon for full coverage. – Regarding new talents debuting on WWE NXT, William Regal stated on this week’s episode that he scouted potential new NXT Superstars but won’t reveal them just yet. Regal has promised new stars debuting on NXT in the coming weeks. – reports the higher-ups in WWE were concerned with the amount of blood that John CenaRead More

Posted On April 29, 2012By StaffIn News

Backstage News & Details On Rey Mysterio’s WWE Suspension

- As noted before, Rey Mysterio was suspended for 60 days last week for violating the WWE Wellness Policy for a second time. Rey reportedly failed the drug test back on February 13th but wasn’t suspended until this month. Rey reportedly tested positive for amphetamines. Rey showed up to the RAW Supershow on February 13th in San Diego but before he could settled in and say hello to everyone, he was informed that he had to go right in for drug testing. A week later, Vince McMahon was upset withRead More

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Vince’s Thoughts On Anti-Bullying, Triple H Talks Developmental

- Here are some more highlights from WWE’s shareholders meeting on Friday morning from WWE headquarters in Stamford, CT: * Triple H addressed the WWE developmental rumors and said the future has always been about making the best developmental territory possible. They are making plans to expand developmental but it’s doing what it’s designed to do – create and cultivate new talents. * Vince McMahon said WWE content on TV will remain PG but movies will allow for content with stronger ratings. Vince talked about being proud of the BeRead More

Posted On April 27, 2012By StaffIn News

News & Recap From WWE Shareholders Meeting; Vince McMahon

Thanks to Dave Meltzer from the Wrestling Observer for the following on WWE’s shareholders meeting: Vince McMahon spoke for 7-8 minutes off the cuff. He said that the only two things in life that are guaranteed are death and taxes. He said there are actually three things because he guarantees that one year from now, the company will be in way better shape than it is now. He said there were two reasons, the film department and TV licensing, why revenue and profits were down. He noted that they, byRead More

Posted On April 6, 2012By StaffIn News

Twitter Account Parodying Vince McMahon Leaking WWE Info?

The Wrestling Observer reported Thursday that morale is low among members of WWE’s creative team after many of the were not invited to the annual post-WrestleMania party Sunday night in Miami, Florida. The report says the party snubs “hurt a lot of feelings.” There is an account on Twitter parodying company head Vince McMahon’s real-life demeanor (located at CrankyVince) and several messages were posted Tuesday night foreshadowing the behind the scenes report. The individual behind the account wrote:   “EAVESDROPPING ON WRITERS, WHO ARE B******G ABOUT BEING BARRED FROM POSTRead More

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Rumors Of Ric Flair Working With WWE Again In The Future

There is a lot of talk going around the wrestling world that Ric Flair will be back with WWE in 2013, especially if the Network gets off the ground since a lot of his footage will be used and he’s very popular with the public.   Flair’s deal with TNA expires at the end of this year.   Flair did an interview for a Charlotte radio station earlier this week where he claimed his last wrestling match was the retirement match against Shawn Michaels. He also talked highly of VinceRead More

Posted On March 31, 2012By StaffIn News

Chris Jericho Speaks On This Year’s WrestleMania & HOF

Chris Jericho was featured in an interviewed by today. Here are some of the highlights.   On how this WrestleMania feels different than previous WrestleManias: “I figured this out earlier; this is my tenth WrestleMania and there’s only been two (matches) that I’ve been involved with that I felt had the potential to be the show-stealer. One was with Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania XIV and this is the next one. So, you can never say for sure what’s going to happen and there’s a lot of big matches onRead More

Posted On March 31, 2012By StaffIn News

Triple H Says He Would Bring Ultimate Warrior Back To WWE

Promoting Sunday’s WrestleMania XXVIII pay-per-view event in Miami, Triple H took part an interview with Los Angeles Times and was asked if there was chance of him signing Ultimate Warrior to a one-day contract so he could squash him at an upcoming WrestleMania.    “It’s funny, a lot of people bring that up in a negative way like it was this terrible thing in my life,” Triple H says of his squash match loss to Warrior at WrestleMania XII. “While working with him personally wasn’t the highlight of my life from a business standpoint, for meRead More

Posted On March 29, 2012By StaffIn News

Triple H’s First Developmental Hire, WWE’s Twitter Meeting

- WWE hired three-tie All American volleyball player and volleyball executive Canyon Ceman as their new Senior Director of Talent Relations to replace Ty Bailey and head up developmental.   This is Triple H’s first major hire for developmental. There have been some people questioning how Ceman can be the guy to scout and develop talent but WWE officials are high on him and are touting his sports management knowledge.   - Regarding WWE’s Twitter meeting on Monday, it’s said that Vince McMahon came across at the meeting as beingRead More

Posted On March 27, 2012By StaffIn News

Sunny Discusses The WWE Hall of Fame & WrestleMania

- WWE Hall of Famer Sunny spoke with Jim Varsallone of The Miami Herald this week. Here are some highlights:   WWE Hall of Fame:  “Seriously, the Hall of Fame was the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me. It was the hardest thing that I’d ever done, because I could go out there for 10 minutes and be Sunny, but to go out there for 10 minutes and be Tammy is a whole different story. I was so, so nervous, but as soon as I got outRead More

Posted On March 27, 2012By StaffIn News

CM Punk Talks On Movie Career, Wrestling Sites, Vince McMahon

- WWE Champion CM Punk spoke with The Chicago Tribune to promote WrestleMania 28. Here are some highlights:   His relationship with Vince McMahon: “(We) have a lot more one-on-one conversations. I wont say he takes the time to talk to me now, because he always did, but I think he views me differently now. He used to view me as maybe talking to a boy. Now he thinks he’s talking to a man after I stood up and did everything I did over the summer. I always thought IRead More
– Today marks the eleven year anniversary of the final episode of WCW Monday Nitro. The show began with Vince McMahon appearing via satellite from Gund Arena in Cleveland, Ohio, the site of that evening's Raw is War broadcast on TNN, announcing that he had purchased World Championship Wrestling. The show ended with a simulcast on Raw with an appearance by Shane McMahon on Nitro as he interrupted his father's gloating over the purchase to explain that he actually owned WCW.   WWE has posted several clips from the episodeRead More

Posted On March 21, 2012By StaffIn News

Full Story Behind Shane Douglas Crashing WWE Raw & Video

- The official Facebook page for Extreme Reunion posted the following footage and description of Shane Douglas being escorted out of RAW in Philadelphia on Monday. Douglas tells Vince McMahon and Dixie Carter that he is taking the business back and occupying them. “Pre-story: Shane Douglas attended WWE Raw 3/19 in Philly wearing a Lucha mask and sitting hard shot camera side right in the middle. During the Kane / Big Show match up, Shane became very hot wearing a long sleeve shirt and mask and had to “get outRead More

Posted On March 17, 2012By StaffIn News

Ultimate Warrior Speaks On Hogan, Nash, McMahon & Savage

Recently, The Ultimate Warrior was interviewed by Inside The Squared Circle and discussed a plethora of topics. During the discussion, Warrior discussed his feuds with Hulk Hogan and Kevin Nash, the passing of Randy Savage and his court battle with Vince McMahon. Here are some of the highlights: On his feud with Hulk Hogan: “… These guys make it look like it was an absolute flash in the pan and it was a joke. I’m not the one that keeps bringing it up and all these other guys do. EverytimeRead More

Posted On March 6, 2012By StaffIn News

Chris Masters Continues Push To Join TNA, Asks Fans For Help

Former WWE star Chris Masters is continuing his campaign to get hired by TNA Wrestling. After recently changing his Twitter handle to @Chrismasters310, Masters recently tweeted the following – explaining how he’s going to make an impact on the business and referencing Vince McMahon and taking a shot at the Ultimate Warrior: “My fellow Wrestling community,If U feel like the art of wrestling has been lost.To all those who care about story telling.I’m ur man#MTI2012″ “Vince said in business you got to be willing to step on toes.U got itRead More

Posted On February 26, 2012By Daniel PenaIn News

Former WWE Writer On Wrestlers Being Jealous Of The Rock

– Former WWE creative writer Seth Mates reacted on Twitter to the apparent jealousy within WWE circles of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson being successful in Hollywood. “Talking point: let’s say WWE Films had been a success. Don’t you think VINCE would have done same thing The Rock did – leave for Hollywood?” he wrote. “Vince has conquered wrestling over and over. If he’d smelled blood in Hollywood, he’d have already handed the keys to the kingdom to HHH and Steph. “The jealousy towards Rock isn’t for him leaving. It’s thatRead More