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Posted On November 13, 2011By Daniel PenaIn News

Chyna’s Latest Message To Vince McMahon

Continuing her campaign to return to WWE, Chyna has directed a video message to Vince McMahon. Simulating her Fleshbot Mainstream to Porn Crossover Award as a microphone, Chyna says to the camera, “To Vincent Kennedy McMahon, Vinny Mac. Revenge is a dish best served cold.” The former WWE Intercontinental and Women’s Champion clarified her intentions Sunday on Twitter as she said would be happy if she could at least say goodbye to the WWE Universe. Chyna wrote, “I would like to thank all of the WWE for your kind wordsRead More

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One Count Kickout – CenaNuff

@OneCountKickout on Twitter The One Count Kickout Blog Like the One Count Kickout on Facebook! “The famous Hollywood icon only shows up three times a year.  And I know that some of you are filming this and I know that he’s going to see this and be pissed of and the famous Hollywood icon will be there Monday and at Survivor Series… because I am no famous Hollywood icon I get to stand here and see all of you because this what I do.”  – John Cena, November 8th, 2011Read More

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Chyna Continues WWE Return Campaign, Wants To Face Vince

Chyna posted a video online Friday answering questions concerning WWE. She continued her campaign to return to the sports entertainment league and pondered why Vince McMahon won’t take her back, unlike other wrestlers. “All this time I thought that they understood what was happening. I know they thought I quit. There was a contract up I wasn’t happy with. The truth is, they let me go and I never heard from WWE since,” she says of the circumstances behind her departure from WWE in 2001. “I recently reached out toRead More

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Chyna Says She Has No Problem Working With HHH & Stephanie

Chyna appeared on The Howard Stern Show Monday to promote her first professional pornographic film, Backdoor To Chyna and revealed that she recently wrote a letter to Vince McMahon regarding a possible return to WWE. The organization responded and informed Chyna they were not interested in doing business with her at that time. She has since clarified on Twitter that she offered to return to WWE prior to her affiliation with the producer of her film. “I extended the olive branch to Vince before Vivid made their offer. He didn’tRead More

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Backstage News On Cena/Miz Halloween Match, Vince McMahon

Credit: – Vince McMahon recently donated $2,500 to the 2012 Presidential campaign of Mitt Romney. – WWE had John Cena lay out The Miz and R-Truth on the Halloween RAW Supershow because Cena was laid out the week before and was scheduled again to go down on the November 7th RAW. Officials felt that even though it would appear to weaken the Survivor Series build, they didn’t want Cena being beat up three weeks in a row on RAW.Read More

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Chyna Writes Letter To Vince McMahon Regarding WWE Return

Former WWE Intercontinental Champion Chyna appeared on The Howard Stern Show Monday to promote her first professional pornographic film, Backdoor To Chyna. She notably states during the interview that she recently wrote a letter to Vince McMahon regarding a possible return to WWE, which she last appeared for in 2001. Chyna says, “It’s been a decade, right? (The fans are) like “Chyna we miss you, we love you,” it’s an incredible, this fan respect that I have, you know? So, they’re like “when are you going back?” and I wasRead More

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Linda McMahon Endorses Romney, WWE Studios In Trouble, More

- United States Senate candidate Linda McMahon has officially endorsed Rebpulican candidate Mitt Romney for the 2012 Presidential election. For more on Linda’s endorsement of Romney, check out – At Thursday’s WWE Investor conference call, it was announced that revenues from WWE Studios plummeted a staggering 51% during the third quarter of 2011. Vince McMahon stated on Thursday that WWE plans to “monitor and refine to improve future performance.” WWE plans to release three films already wrapped over the next six months. Entertainment publication Variety has an article upRead More

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Update On WWE-Twitter, Vince Upset Over Zack Ryder Shirt

- Expect to see even more references to Twitter on WWE television in the coming months. Vince McMahon is said to be a huge fan of the social media service and has several ideas about how to integrate Twitter into WWE programming even further. WWE announcers are encouraged to constantly reference Twitter, with the idea being that if they mention Twitter a lot at the beginning of shows, they will get topics trending worldwide and can talk about the topics even more. At the 2012 Royal Rumble – WWE isRead More
– Hugo Savinovich, color commentator for WWE’s Spanish language television and pay-per-view broadcasts since 1997, announced Wednesday on YouTube that he is parting ways with the organization. Savinovich says organization officials informed him a few days ago that his expiring contract would not be renewed. He thanks Vince McMahon for giving him the opportunity to work for WWE fourteen years ago after he fell hard on drugs. He does not know if he will continue to call wrestling matches, but he does know that he will be writing a bookRead More

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Report: Vince McMahon’s Health & Recent Raw Script Details

According to The Wrestling Observer, Vince McMahon has been showing signs of his age recently that has had some people concerned. Recently McMahon was suffering from the flu and was not hiding it which in the past everyone knows if Vince is sick he doesn’t show it or allow it to affect work. It appears the October 3rd RAW that contained the superstars walking out was a last minute decision after six to eight scripts had been written and McMahon kept changing his mind. It seems even after the walkoutRead More

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Mickie James Recalls Vince McMahon Yelling At Her Backstage

Mickie James has revealed in an interview how Vince McMahon yelled at her in the aftermath of her first WrestleMania match. James debuted in WWE in 2005 and participated in a memorable angle with Trish Stratus. The storyline climaxed at WrestleMania 22 where James capture the WWE Women’s Championship from the blonde bombshell, but contained a controversial moment. Her character had developed crazed lust-like feelings for her opponent, touched Stratus’ crotch and made a provocative gesture towards the camera insinuating lesbian intimacy. McMahon was furious with James and ordered theRead More

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Vince McMahon Orders Change, WWE Hires New Announcer

- According to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Vince McMahon has ordered that wrestlers real weights be used in their introductions rather than the “worked” weight. – WWE has hired Chris Russo who has experience in ring announcing and commentary. Russo, who is not related to Vince Russo, has worked at the Wild Samoan school where he worked on the microphone.Read More

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Vince McMahon’s WWE Stock Value Reported By Forbes

Forbes published an article on Thursday looking at “Who Got Rich This Week” on Wallstreet – and WWE CEO Vince McMahon is one of this week’s big winners. After WWE’s stock recently bottomed out at $8.80, it has bounced back to the mid-9’s – a gain that earned Vince McMahon nearly $17 million (on paper). WWE television’s recent debut in Portugal is seen as a factor in the stock’s stabilization. As of this week’s trading – the value of Vince McMahon’s WWE stock was valued at approximately $400 million. BackRead More

Posted On September 16, 2011By StaffIn News

Report: Big Name Expected To Return To WWE TV

PWMania has learned, according to several sources within WWE, that Vince McMahon is expected to return to TV in the very near future, possibly as soon as Sunday or Monday night. As we have been reporting, WWE wants this year’s Survivor Series PPV to be a major event, and with The Rock having indicated on Twitter that he will be teaming with John Cena at the event, we have now learned that Vince will be returning to TV to build towards the big PPV. We will keep you updated onRead More

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Chavo Discusses WWE Departure, Thoughts On TNA & ROH

Former WWE star Chavo Guerrero appeared on Monday Night Mayhem, which airs every Monday at 7:00 p.m. via Highlights from the interview are as follows: If he was actually considering leaving the WWE prior to asking for his release earlier this summer and why he believes the theory of “when you need wrestling, that’s when wrestling doesn’t need you”/”when you don’t need wrestling, that’s when wrestling needs you”: “I was thinking about leaving for the last few years to be honest, maybe two and half years. I’d be kickingRead More

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Report: More On HHH/Vince, Punk/Cena Creative Control

The word backstage in WWE is that WWE Chairman Vince McMahon may have passed the torch to HHH on television, but behind the scenes “Vince McMahon is the end-all, be-all, and no one is in doubt of that fact,” according to a top source in production. “HHH has been sitting under the learning tree, as he calls it,” our source told us this weekend, “but Vince still goes through every promo, every finish, every storyline on the show. Nothing airs without his permission or blessing. Nothing.” Recent internet reports suggestRead More

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Punk Previews Raw Promo On Morning Show, Does The Weather

CM Punk revealed plans for his scheduled promo tonight on Raw during an appearance this morning on WXIN 59. Punk, who is advertised to kick off tonight’s Raw with a speech, revealed that he’ll be talking about John Cena, Triple H and Vince McMahon. He says it’s a can’t-miss promo, and since he’s in a “crabby mood” due to having to wake up early for this morning’s television appearance, he plans to unleash on his colleagues. “You probably want to be there tonight. It’s probably one of those moments youRead More

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Vince McMahon Breaks A Policy For CM Punk’s Return

It was noted that CM Punk got Vince McMahon to do something he has had a policy against doing in most cases – pay royalty rights to use popular songs instead of WWE-created music, as Punk used Living Colour’s “Cult of Personality” on Monday’s RAW.Read More

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One Count Kickout – Living Color

OneCountKickout on Twitter One Count Kickout Blog Million’s of fan’s complaints and grievances have become one man’s revolution.  Shockwaves within a single wrestling organization are not unheard of.  Frankly they are in the business of trying to create shockwaves, of trying to galvanize their viewers with fantastic occurrences that make you put the controller down on the table for the next few weeks, months or even years.  More rare, however, is an action, storyline or person who not only radiates shock and intrigue through their own company but manages toRead More