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Shannon Spruill (a/k/a Daffney) says she is proceeding with her workers’ compensation claim against TNA Wrestling stemming from injuries she sustained while working for the organization in 2009 and 2010. “Great day today. Just wanted to let everybody know that the Workers’ Comp Claim is going well. Although it’s been a long road, I continue to keep my head up. Hoping for some good results,” she tweeted Tuesday. Spruill stated last March immediately following her departure from TNA Wrestling that she had filed a workers’ compensation claim against the organization.Read More

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Kurt Angle Interview – Says 2011 Was A Subpar Year For TNA

Kurt Angle appeared on Busted Open, which airs every Monday, Wednesday and Friday on Sirius 92 and XM 208 from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. Highlights from the interview are as follows: 2011 for TNA: “I think that 2011 was a subpar year, I think We did a lot of things right and a lot of things wrong. The most important thing I would say is the lack of communication within the writing and creative team. When you have a written show and you present that to everybody and then theyRead More

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Jesse Neal Comments On TNA Departure, Food Stamps, Toxxin

Jesse Neal appeared on the Running The Ropes podcast (interview available here). Highlights are as follows: * Neal says that Christina Von Eerie (a/k/a Toxxin), his girlfriend, was never under contract to TNA Wrestling. Her status with TNA remains unknown following Neal’s departure from the organization. * Neal says the widespread rumor that he received food stamps earlier this year isn’t true. He does, however, admit that he was almost evicted from his small one bedroom apartment three times this year because he couldn’t afford to pay rent. * NealRead More

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Dixie Carter & Bruce Prichard Speak On Prichard’s New Role In TNA

TNA issued a press release on Tuesday formally announcing that Bruce Prichard is the company’s new Senior Vice President of Programming and Talent Relations. TNA President Dixie Carter said the following about Prichard’s new role in the company: “TNA is gaining such a wealth of knowledge and insight as we continue to grow our business with the addition of Bruce to our senior management staff.” “This appointment is another indication to the community that TNA’s Impact Wrestling is gaining ground across all platforms; we are thrilled that Bruce is bringingRead More

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Eric Bischoff Discusses Hogan At Bound For Glory, X-Division, More

Eric Bischoff appeared on Monday Night Mayhem, which airs every Monday night at 7:00 p.m. via Highlights from the interview are as follows: His reaction to Bruce Prichard replacing Vince Russo as the new head writer for the TNA creative team: “A lot has been written about that recently, and a lot has been written with a lack of full disclosure or full knowledge. I think the change that people are reading about probably represents more of a change in process than anything else. Vince Russo is still aRead More
Eric Bischoff appeared on Monday Night Mayhem, which airs every Monday night at 7:00 p.m. via Highlights from the interview are as follows: His reaction to Bruce Prichard replacing Vince Russo as the new head writer for the TNA creative team: “A lot has been written about that recently, and a lot has been written with a lack of full disclosure or full knowledge. I think the change that people are reading about probably represents more of a change in process than anything else. Vince Russo is still aRead More

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Major Creative Change Takes Place In TNA; Vince Russo Out

Jason Powell of ProWrestling.NET reports that Vince Russo has been demoted from his job as head writer of Total Non-Stop Action. Former WWE talent/agent/writer Bruce Prichard (Brother Love) has taken over for Russo, who now works with Matt Conway in script coordination. Some are alleged to be unhappy with the move, as Prichard has amassed a bit of backstage power in a short amount of time. The change, however, had been expected for months. Russo was named as head writer of TNA in the fall of 2006, after taking aRead More

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Vince McMahon Orders Change, WWE Hires New Announcer

- According to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Vince McMahon has ordered that wrestlers real weights be used in their introductions rather than the “worked” weight. – WWE has hired Chris Russo who has experience in ring announcing and commentary. Russo, who is not related to Vince Russo, has worked at the Wild Samoan school where he worked on the microphone.Read More

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TNA Co-Founder Says TNA Needs To “Cut The Cancer Out”

TNA co-founder Jerry Jarrett had some strong things to say about what he thinks is wrong with TNA’s creative direction during a recent interview with “Until they make radical surgical changes in creative, and unless they get some people who comprehend the wrestling business, they are doomed to be the financial drain on Panda [Energy] that they are now and have been since inception. The core of their problems is the creative development of their product. They have to cut the cancer out.” Jarrett then named Vince Russo byRead More

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One Count Kickout – Why Fire Russo?

Follow @OneCountKickout on Twitter The One Count Kickout Blog Few names in the wrestling business stir up as much anger, foul language, dissension and demands for blood as Vince Russo.  This is a man who has been steeped in controversy behind the scenes as early as his WWE Magazine writing days and publicly from the time he exited WWE to seek brighter prospects (or perhaps just higher bank account numbers) and came into WCW as the prophesied savior and self-professed architect of the WWE attitude.  It was he who wasRead More

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Russo & Hogan Engage In Heated Argument, Heat On Bischoff

TNA Wrestling head writer Vince Russo and Hulk Hogan engaged in a heated argument last Sunday at Hardcore Justice regarding the finish to the World Heavyweight Championship Match between Sting and Kurt Angle. Hogan later grumbled to colleagues that Russo doesn’t know anything because he was never a wrestler. The two former World Heavyweight Champions made up at the following day’s Impact Wrestling tapings. There was, however, noticeable tension among the organization’s high ranking officials in the days that followed. Several employees feel it did more damage to a lockerRead More

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Hogan Blames Russo For Impact’s Problems, Sangriento Dropped

– The Wrestling Observer reports that Hulk Hogan was overheard saying at last month’s E3 Expo in Los Angeles that Vince Russo was to blame for the quality of Impact Wrestling. Hogan’s remarks were in response to fans telling him that Impact is bad. Hogan was on hand for the event to promote his new video game, Hulk Hogan’s Main Event. – TNA Wrestling has reportedly dropped Sangriento, a masked character billed from Tijuana, Mexico. The character, who was played by Amazing Red, was introduced shortly after WWE debuted SinRead More
– TNA Wrestling has launched a mobile version of their official website via — Jeremy Borash said on Twitter that Vince Russo has registered an account on the social networking site and that he will make it public in the future. — Velvet Sky will join subscribers in a first-ever ChatTNA “Chat With The Stars” on Sunday, April 17 during the Lockdown pay-per-view. Sky will chat live with guests for a thirty-minute fan interaction offered free for all participants at Then, she will grace her presence inRead More
– Former TNA Wrestling production manager Randy Ricci noted on his blog that a ‘reliable source’ informed him that top brass such as Dixie Carter, Vince Russo and Eric Bischoff are very hopeful that the “They” storyline “saves the company.” Ricci adds that the storyline is being built off Karen and Jeff Jarrett’s ‘real live heat’ with Kurt Angle and that any employee against the angle is considered to be working against the company and thus may be terminated. — Sting, who is rumored to be returning to TNA Wrestling,Read More
Former WWE talent Sean Waltman (a/k/a X-Pac) discussed reaching rock bottom when he attempted to commit suicide in his hotel apartment in Mexico City. “I was in Mexico for three years. When I was there, things got really bad,” Waltman recalled to the Miami Herald. “I got in a heated argument that turned into physicality with my girlfriend [Alicia Webb]. I ended up striking her back. I always told myself that I would die before I would hit a woman. So when I did that, I was overcome with guiltRead More

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JR On Working As A Referee On Tuesday, Rumble Winner Pick, More

Jim Ross wrote the following about working as a referee in the dark match main event at Tuesday’s Smackdown taping in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He also gave his favorite to win the Royal Rumble. Below are the highlights: I found out about the need for me to be in Tulsa EARLY Tuesday morning as I had not planned on making the 200 mile round trip after just getting home from a 6 day road trip. A Twitter follower inferred that she thought that I likely wanted to be on the showRead More

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Wrestler Announces He Has Quit TNA Wrestling

Stevie Richards announced this afternoon on his Twitter account that he has quit TNA Wrestling. “Just left Universal Studios. Had a great talk with Terry Taylor and Vince Russo about making the decision to quit TNA Wrestling. Thanks to everyone there for the past 2 years,” Richards wrote. Richards last appeared on iMPACT! on Nov. 11, which saw him fall to AJ Styles in a Television Championship Match. He was taken out of the ring in a neck brace, after suffering a storyline injury. With Richards’ departure from the organization,Read More

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Matt Hardy Speaks On Jeff’s Legal Issues, WWE Changes, More

The Poughkeepsie Journal has published a new interview with former WWE superstar Matt Hardy. Here are some highlights of what Matt said about: WWE’s Main Goal, His Favorite Performer & The Sad State Of Tag Team Wrestling: “It saddens me and it bothers me. Looking at WWE, their main goal right now is to search for the next big thing that can draw. John Cena is the guy that is the centerpiece. “Randy Orton is probably my favorite performer right now. But they still can’t find that one person likeRead More

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Eric Bischoff Blasts Fan Over Facebook Message

Thanks to Revin Samuel of for the following: Eric Bischoff took issue yesterday to something was posted on his Facebook page where a fan said that if he were in any other business and had not delivered for them the way that he hasn’t delivered for TNA, he would have been fired by now. Bischoff actually called the audio blog that the poster does and took him to task for what the blogger posted. It was an interesting exchange that featured Bischoff harping on every incorrect statement that theRead More