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Posted On September 2, 2014By Richard LattaIn Columns, Featured

#ModernDayNitroReview : WCW Monday Nitro Show 103

Welcome to the first #ModernDayNitro review column, by yours truly, Rich Latta. With the release of the WCW Nitro’s of 1995 and 1996 on the WWE Network, I will watch them at random and bring you all into a virtual deloreon with this column. If you have any specific shows you find interesting, let me know where to find it on WWE Network, below or on Twitter @DangerRich32. Our first show is labeled “Nitro 103.” The main attractions were a Ric Flair vs Randy Savage WCW Championship match, and ArnRead More
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Posted On January 21, 2014By Chris HumphreyIn Columns, News

Which WWE Superstar Had The Loudest Comeback In History?

Just like LL Cool J said in his famous hit from the early 1990s, the superstars in the WWE’s latest list doesn’t want you to call it a comeback either. WWE.com posted a new poll on the heels of Batista’s return focusing on which superstar received the most thunderous ovation as they again walked down the aisle to the delight of the WWE Universe. With every return listed in the poll nearly tearing the roof off their corresponding arena, there are a select few of the returns that stood outRead More