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One Count Kickout – Ratings Sinking? Add Another Hour!

Follow @OneCountKickout Like The OneCountKickout on Facebook! The news is all over every site already.  WWE has announced that beginning with it’s 1000th episode of Monday Night Raw, airing on July 23rd, Monday Night Raw will permanently switch to a three hour format.  Yes, Gilligan, a three hour format. You’ve got to hand it to Vince McMahon.  When demand for his show is slowly sinking, and ratings are mirroring an arythmic heart, he has found the solution:  More is more!  For all that 12-17 demographic whose attention they can’t holdRead More

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Wrestling Genius: Rebranding Gone Wild

The WWE and the conundrum of rebranding wrestlers in 2012: Recently the WWE has decided to bring back A-train Albert as Lord Tensai and Nexus injury castoff Skip Sheffield as Goldberg knockoff Ryback. Now rebranding wrestlers is as old as pro wrestling, however in the modern era it is much more difficult. Fans of old would just accept character changes no questions asked. It was common for one guy to have three or four names/gimmicks until one stuck or they gave up on him. Today’s wrestling fans are savvy andRead More
– In this week’s Are You Serious? webisode, Road Dogg and Josh Mathews explain how WCW “ruined everything.” Their proclamation includes ninjas (Glacier), classical music (The Maestro), sharks (John Tenta portraying a shark character) and even titles (David Arquette winning the WCW World Heavyweight Championship). Also mocked is a WCW vignette featuring Raven as a spoiled rich kid with hardcore wrestling icon The Sandman appearing as his preppy neighbor Jim at his childhood home’s pool. — WWE will hold a SmackDown live event on July 28 at Freedom Hall CivicRead More
- Colt Cabana turns 32 years old today while former WCW and WWE Tag Team Champion Brian Knobbs turns 48. – Husky Harris was defeated by Zack Ryder at Friday night’s RAW live event in Huntsville, Alabama. Husky was performing under his new FCW gimmick – Bray Wyatt. Reports from fans in attendance noted that Husky looked to be in good shape and better than he was when we last saw him with Nexus. – Husky’s brother Bo Rotunda worked the SmackDown live event in Asheville, NC this weekend. HeRead More
– WWE Classics On Demand will highlight the best of World Championship Wrestling throughout the month of June. WWE’s YouTube account posted a video teaser this week for “WCW Invasion” that has since been deleted. — WWE Hall of Famer Tammy “Sunny” Sytch and Rhino are advertised to appear for Utah based professional wrestling promotion Wrestling Alliance of the Rockies on Sunday, May 27. (Event details) — Hiroshi Hase turns 51 years old on Saturday while Don Kernodle turns 62. — In honor of Cinco de Mayo, WWE.com remembers severalRead More
- Former WWE Tough Enough contestant Ryan “Skidmarks” Howe is now engaged to Jesse Belle Smothers, the daughter of former WCW, WWE and ECW wrestler Tracy Smothers. – Mick Foley wrote the following about his next childrens book that comes out later this year and features The Miz, CM Punk and John Cena, among others: “I just finished the new revision of my upcoming @WWE holiday tale “A Most Mizerable Christmas” – I think everyone, even @MikeTheMiz will love it.” – Jim Ross indicated on Twitter that the WWE ’13Read More
– For the first-time ever, WWE.com has added a wrestler who never competed for WWE to their Alumni Section—Sting: “Sting’s charismatic personality and colorful face pant made him one of the WCW’s most popular wrestlers and the most recognizable face of the organization. For the first-time ever on WWE.com, check out Sting’s profile, photos and videos, the latest addition to the Alumni section!” The website adds: “Remembered for his colorful charisma and struggle with The nWo, Sting has become synonymous with the Atlanta-based organization. Although he has never competed inRead More

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WWE Takes Shot At TNA Executive Producer Eric Bischoff

WWE’s website features an article looking at the Cruiserweight Title in WCW. The article includes a shot at former WCW president Eric Bischoff, while also giving him credit. The article states the following about current TNA Executive Producer: “At the height of the heated “Monday Night Wars,” Hulk Hogan and his New World Order cronies were getting much of the credit for the record television ratings of WCW’s flagship program, Nitro. And they deserved it. But fans tuning into TNT to see exciting matches weren’t getting it from guys likeRead More

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Orton Gives His Thoughts On Lesnar, WWE Remembers Rude

– During an interview with The Fight Club Chicago in November, Randy Orton was asked about Brock Lesnar being showcased in THQ’s WWE ’12 video game. “I think its great. I’m a big Lesnar fan and I’ve always been. We came up together about 10 years ago now. Me and him were buds. We’ve lost touch over the years as you usually do with guys like that, but I wish him the best,” the SmackDown Superstar said. “I know he’s had a few health issues as of late. But, hellRead More

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Sunny Skips Another Show, WWE Remembers WCW Uncensored

– According to official Facebook page of Maine based independent wrestling promotion Live Pro Wrestling (link), Tammy “Sunny” Sytch no-showed the promotion’s Thursday show after having paid for her flight and half of her appearance fee. She was replaced on short notice with fellow WWE Hall of Famer Tony Atlas. Sytch has no-showed several advertised appearances in the past year including four scheduled bookings since March. She was recently scheduled to appear for American Icon Autographs at WrestleReunion in Toronto, Ontario but “personal issues” prevented her from appearing at theRead More

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Scott Steiner’s Latest Anti-TNA Rant; Urges Fans To Tweet Dixie

Scott Steiner is back with his latest anti-TNA rant. In addition to ripping the most recent episode of Impact, “Big Poppa Pump” is also urging fans to tweet Dixie Carter to voice their opinions. Here is his latest rant, starting last Thursday: “Lets keep the momentum going to save Tna and turn rhe channel when u see a hogan or b—hoff Segment wait 5 mins n turn it back,also keep tweeting Dixie that its time to save Tna “How appropiate the show ended with s–t… Im glad everybody is agreeingRead More

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ThunderStruck: Top 25 Tag Teams 1990-2012, Part 2 Of 2

Welcome to part two of April’s column! Outside of having been a tag team during this twenty two year span, my only requirement for this list was that the tag team had to hold a set of World Tag Titles AT LEAST three times. I hope you enjoy the flashbacks! 25. La Resistance 24. MNM 23. Brothers of Destruction 22. Quebecers 21. Smoking Gunns 20. The Naturals 19. The Acolytes Protection Agency(APA) 18. The Eliminators 17. Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team 16. Money Inc. 15. Harris Brothers 14. Nasty Boys 13.Read More
- TMZ has an update on the car wreck that has hospitalized former WCW star Buff Bagwell. The police report from the accident says that Bagwell called his wife around 1:30pm and told her that he was about to have a seizure. A short time later, Bagwell lost control of his Jeep and spun across the raised median that caused the vehicle to start flipping over. Bagwell’s wife told the 911 operator, “He’s been cutting back on taking certain medications, and he is on a medication right now for aRead More

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Buff Bagwell Latest, Paul Bearer Storyline Update, SD Taping Notes

- As noted before, former WCW star Buff Bagwell was in a serious car accident this week. The accident reportedly happened Monday night as Bagwell’s Jeep apparently flipped over eight or nine times. Reports are that Bagwell has a broken neck and his jaw is wired shut. – The WWE Insider Twitter account posted the following update on Paul Bearer after he was locked in the freezer on Monday’s RAW: “Medical officials have confirmed that Paul Bearer is being treated for hypothermia after Kane locked him in the freezer onRead More

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Scott Steiner Says He’s Trying To Save TNA & Responds To Hogan

Scott Steiner was back to taking shots at Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff on his Twitter over the weekend. Here is some of the things he wrote. “Only someone as arrogant n ignorant as hogan ‘who has no athletic background’ would criticize an olympic champion And say he has 2 left feet “Another horrible rating for thursdays tv show,and of course they blame it on technical difficulties Instead of the brutal booking of pritchard hogan n b—hoff, After 2 1/2 yrs of bad ratings not sure what its going toRead More
When WCW released it’s “Clash of Champions” DVD, I wasn’t even born yet. I know nothing of WCW, which required me to research it. What your about to read is a recap of a match that I am seeing for the first time. What better way to write? After watching various matches, I stumbled upon one that blew me away from the opening bell. While I knew nothing of the time period, I did know one of the participants. Knowing wrestling history, it’s hard not to. His name is ChrisRead More

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Adzop: Removing the Impact

I’m not a TNA ‘hater’. I’ll get that out of the way straight away. I always wanted TNA to become viable competition for WWE who, at times, are so complacent and take so few risks nowadays that sometimes the weekly shows of Raw and Smackdown can, on occasion, be boring and frustrating to watch. This isn’t about taking sides. It isn’t about loyalty to a particular brand. It’s about entertainment. If I’m not entertained, I’ll switch off – simple as that. The more good pro-wrestling there is on TV, theRead More

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ThunderStruck: Top 25 Tag Teams 1990-2012, Part 1 Of 2

For April’s column, I’ve come up with what I believe are the top 25 pro wrestling tag teams from 1990-2012. Outside of having been a tag team during this twenty two year span, my only other requirement for this list was that the tag team had to hold a set of World Tag Titles AT LEAST three times. Adding this rule in made it much easier to go from 70 something tag teams down to my top 25. I know they’ll be a lot of you who think the listRead More

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Dave Scott – Steiner… Heh?

Hello there guys and gals. This is Dave Scott here for some regular Monday rambling. For those of you guys reading this on NoDQ.com or QuickWrestlingNews.com this is just the normal Monday column I’ve been doing for the last few months. This is my first weekly column on PWMania.com though, so for anyone that is reading on this I would just like to say thanks for reading and if you want to read any of my older columns, just head over to the two respected websites above and have aRead More