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Vito LoGrasso Responds To WWE Calling Him A Turkey

Former WWE talent Vito LoGrasso appeared on In Your Head Radio. Highlights from the interview are as follows. Jack asked how he heard about WWE.com’s article on Biggest Turkeys of the Ring, of which he was on the list. Vito explained someone sent him an e-mail on Thanksgiving morning letting him know of the list. Vito thought WWE insulted him and making a mockery of his career and they should be talking about good points and not bad. His family was very upset and they had been receiving calls andRead More

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Marc Mero Discusses Misconceptions Of His “Death List”

ClubWWI.com has been bringing members star-hosted shows for years and “Breaking The Ice” hosted by former WCW star “Glacier” Ray Lloyd and James Guttman has been providing fans with many stories and tips they can’t find anywhere else. Now, in one of the most anticipated episodes to date, Ray and James are joined for most of the 54 minute show by former WWF Intercontinental and WCW TV Champion Marc Mero for a rare interview that leaves no subject off limits. Among the topics discussed are: The Wrestler Who Invented TheRead More

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New WWE ’12 Details Revealed: Road To WrestleMania & More

- IGN has reported new details on The Road to WrestleMania mode in the new WWE ’12 video game. Here are some highlights: * Players will play as three different characters throughout the storyline. Two of the storylines are pre-determined. * Previous games featured about 3 months of time but the new Road to WrestleMania mode covers about 18 months of time – covering two WrestleMania events. * The new Road to WrestleMania mode isn’t actually focused on the big event. It’s focused on “building characters, feuds and storylines.” *Read More

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Bret Hart Thinks Survivor Series Matches Are A Waste Of Time

Arda Ocal caught up with WWE Hall of Famer Bret “The Hitman” Hart, who discussed WWE’s upcoming Greatest Rivalries – Shawn Michaels vs. Bret Hart DVD, his relationship with Earl Hebner following the “Montreal Screwjob,” his time in World Championship Wrestling, and more. Highlights from the interview are as follows: Where he ranks his time in WCW “Where would I rank my time in WCW? Right in the toilet. It was a waste of time. There were so few highlights.” Has Bret made peace with Earl Hebner and thoughts onRead More

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First Member Of 2012 WWE HOF Announced, Update On Maryse

– Maryse suggested Friday on Facebook that she will be returning to action soon. She wrote, “My body is doing GREAT, should be back between the ropes soon, watch out !!!” The former Divas Champion has been off television since early August. She then underwent surgery on August 24 for an abdominal hernia. — Former WCW United States Champion Steve “Mongo” McMichael turns 54 years old today. — Triple H announced live to the SmackDown audience in Mexico City Sunday night that Mil Mascaras will be inducted into the WWERead More
– Mick Foley stated Saturday on Twitter that he will be appearing on an episode of the NBC show 30 Rock. He added, “I’ll let you know details as they arise.” — Former WWE star David Hart Smith is scheduled to appear at an Off The Record on Tuesday to promote Stampede Wrestling’s show on Nov. 6 in Barrie, Ontario. He will be wrestling Finlay at the event. Off the Record airs regularly Monday through Friday at 5:00pm ET (encores at 6:30pm ET on TSN2; also available On Demand onRead More

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Sheamus’ Winning Streak Snapped, Vickie Remembers Eddie

– Alberto Del Rio’s victory over Sheamus on last night’s episode of SmackDown snapped the Celtic Warrior’s 14-match televised winning streak. He had not lost since SummerSlam, to Mark Henry. — Vickie Guerrero remarked the following on Twitter regarding her appearance at tonight’s Raw SuperShow taping in Mexico City, Mexico: “20 yrs ago, I cheered Eddie on at Palacio de Los Deportes in the crowd. Tonight I’m on the stage and I feel honored and missing him so much.” — WWE.com has published a photo gallery looking back at aRead More

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WWE Remembers Halloween Havoc With Diamond Dallas Page

WWE.com has published an article looking back at Halloween Havoc, WCW’a annual October pay-per-view event. Former WCW World Heavyweight Champion Diamond Dallas Page remembers Halloween Havoc as one of WCW’s biggest events, second only to Starrcade. “All the competitors knew the importance of Halloween Havoc, it was the WCW equivalent to SummerSlam,” he tells WWE.com. “We held the last five Havocs in Las Vegas and the fans were electric. There were celebrities visiting us backstage. It was the closest we got to the feeling of today’s SummerSlam without being atRead More
– Jerry Lawler announced this afternoon on Twitter that he will be on hand for tonight’s Raw SuperShow in Lafayette, Louisiana. He wrote, “Just landed in Lafayette, LA… driving now to the Cajundome! I’m ready & excited to be back on #Raw tonight!!” Two weeks ago on Raw, Lawler assisted Jim Ross after he was attacked by Mark Henry; the World Heavyweight Champion turned his attention to “The King” and slammed him through the announce table. This forced Lawler off-screen with what was reported by Michael Cole last week asRead More
– After missing last week’s WWE live events and this week’s television tapings, Alberto Del Rio’s work visa situation was resolved in time for this weekend’s Raw brand house shows in Puerto Rico. He appeared at Friday’s show in San Juan and defended the WWE Championship twice. Del Rio beat CM Punk before losing to John Cena in the main event via disqualification. Punk appeared after the match to fend off a chair-wielding Ricardo Rodriguez. Cena then raised Punk’s hand and left. Punk stayed in the ring and posed withRead More
MONDAY NIGHT WAR CLASSICS – Week 4: Triple Header Leads to Double Wins (09/25/95) By Octavio Fierros, ofierros@sbcglobal.net *** Ratings War The WWE came back in a strong way with a second consecutive win over WCW (2.7 to 1.8) in the famous television ratings war. The WWE was coming off a pay-per-view that featured Diesel & Shawn Michaels capturing the tag team titles from Owen Hart & Yokozuna. The match ended in some sort of controversy, but this angle was used to simply defeat Nitro in the ratings. Over inRead More
[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uhnn9_eH9uw&feature=related] MONDAY NIGHT WAR CLASSICS – Week 2: WCW Draws First Blood (09/11/95)   ofierros@sbcglobal.net WCW Monday Nitro Highlight of the Night The highlight of the night was not exactly a highlight, but it’s worth mentioning as the Monday Night War officially begins this week. Hulk Hogan and Lex Luger wrestled for six minutes in the TV main event, but a clear winner was not determined. The match was used to continue the feud between Hogan and The Dungeon of Doom, which is led by Kevin Sullivan. It also introducedRead More

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One Count Kickout – Why Fire Russo?

Follow @OneCountKickout on Twitter The One Count Kickout Blog Few names in the wrestling business stir up as much anger, foul language, dissension and demands for blood as Vince Russo.  This is a man who has been steeped in controversy behind the scenes as early as his WWE Magazine writing days and publicly from the time he exited WWE to seek brighter prospects (or perhaps just higher bank account numbers) and came into WCW as the prophesied savior and self-professed architect of the WWE attitude.  It was he who wasRead More

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Rey Mysterio Undergoes MRI, SummerSlam Matches, Goldberg

- Rey Mysterio had an MRI done on his knee over the weekend after suffering an injury at a live event on Friday night. The MRI results were not in as of Monday afternoon – but Rey is said to be “very worried” about the situation, since this is the same knee he’s had several surgeries on already. On Monday’s RAW, Mysterio was scheduled to wrestle The Miz, but was attacked by The Miz on his way to the ring before the match could begin.y We’ll post a follow-up hereRead More
MONDAY NIGHT WAR CLASSICS – Week 1: Lex Express Arrives in WCW (09/04/95) By Octavio Fierros, ofierros@sbcglobal.net The Lex Express took a different route and unexpectedly arrived in WCW, specifically Bloomington, Minnesota, the site of the debut WCW show Monday Nitro. Lex Luger surprised the world of wrestling by appearing on WCW TV after just hours of wrestling his last WWE match. In the world where Internet was uncommon and wrestling newsletters were the only source of information, this was a major shocker. Luger was wrestling without a WWE contractRead More

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One Count Kickout – Who is Sting?

@OneCountKickout on Twitter One Count Kickout Blog For a long time now, Sting has been the pillar supporting the major companies which have stood against the corporate juggernaut that is WWE.  His days in the NWA are legendary, his feuds with Flair and the horseman bring about fond memories of a time when wrestling was wrestling.  During his tenure in WCW he was one face which despite it’s many sizes, shapes and colors always seemed to elicit interest from the fanbase.  Despite whatever negative thoughts people may have in regardRead More

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JR Blog: Says He Once Cost WCW $800,000, UFC 131 PPV

Jim RossJim Ross has posted a new blog over at JRsBarBQ.com. Below are some highlights: “Kevin Nash told us at the taping of the WWE Legends Roundtable last week that years ago when I mentioned on Raw one Monday night that I was going to bring back ‘Diesel and Razor’ next week, that WCW attorneys freaked out because Nash and Hall had only signed ‘deal memos’ and not their final contracts. To expedite the final, final contract signing WCW, to make sure that ‘Razor and Diesel’ wouldn’t appear on MondayRead More

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One Count Kickout – With or Without WCW

Follow OneCountKickout on Twitter One Count Kickout Wrestling Blog “The Very Best of WCW Nitro” came out on DVD this week.  The DVD set, which is hosted by Diamond Dallas Page and chronicles what are considered to be the highlights of Nitro harkens back to a time that many refer to as “the golden age of wrestling.”  1995 to 2000 was arguably one of the greatest times in the last fifty years to be a wrestling fan.  Ted Turner owned, Eric Bischoff operated WCW burst onto the scene with aRead More

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The Rock Wins Award, Kelly Kelly Featured, Legends Roundtable

- The Rock won the award for “Biggest Ass Kicker” at Spike TV’s Guys Choice Awards last night and dedicated the win to our US military. The awards will air on June 10th. – WWE Diva Kelly Kelly is featured in a recent issue of Us Weekly in a “Who Wore It Best?” feature against American Idol star Pia Toscano. Both were photographed in the same dress and Toscano was voted to have worn it best. – Jim Ross noted that WWE will be filming new Legends Roundtable segments nextRead More