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Right now, Dean Ambrose is the guy WWE officials want to build into a headliner once the angle with The Shield has run its course. At the same time, there are some in the company who think Roman Reigns has the most potential of the three. There’s also a feeling that Reigns isn’t ready as far as in-ring skills go but Ambrose and Seth Rollins are. If things stay as planned, the World Heavyweight Title at WrestleMania 29 will be decided with a Randy Orton vs. Sheamus match. This wouldRead More

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Major Update On The World Title Picture Through The End of 2012

Though The Big Show defeated Sheamus to win the World Heavyweight title at Hell in a Cell, there is talk that Randy Orton vs. Dolph Ziggler will dominate the World Title picture in 2013. WWE Survivor Series is the scheduled blow off to The Big Show vs. Sheamus feud. This will open the door for Ziggler, who is still holding the Money in the Bank briefcase and waiting to cash it in at the event or shortly after. Orton and Ziggler had a short feud earlier this year before OrtonRead More

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Christian’s Return, Update On World Title Storyline

As seen on last night’s WWE SmackDown, Christian made his return via video segment. He was brought in by David Otunga and Alberto Del Rio to talk about the Brogue Kick. While Christian said he would be cheering for Sheamus at Night of Champions, he had to admit that the Brogue Kick should be banned because he hasn’t been the same since getting one a year ago. On a related note, WWE’s website has a storyline article up looking at Del Rio and Otunga’s legal quest to have the BrogueRead More
The first inductee in Thunder and Lightning’s Pure Pro-Wrestling Hall of Fame(PPW HOF is how it will be abbreviated) was selected by us, Joe Thunder and Mike Lightning. Going forward, the next inductee finalists will be determined by votes from you, the reader. The two finalists with the most votes will be taken into consideration and the actual inductee will be determined by a voting panel of five judges. That said, I’d first like to thank Mike Lightning for taking the time to do this lengthy write up on ourRead More

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Thunder’s Weekly Rundown 08/18/12

NXT 08/15/12 Jinder Mahal defeats Richie Steamboat using the camel clutch to advance to the finals of the NXT Championship tournament. ^I’ve made it clear and I’m going to say it again: I don’t care for Jinder Mahal. I think his character is boring, and I think his move set is extremely limited and he has zero potential for the future. I understand WWE being about gimmicks and wanting to ENTERTAIN first, but Steamboat advancing to the finals of this tournament would have made for a FAR more interesting tournamentsRead More
The following is TNA’s official preview for next week’s live Impact Wrestling on Spike TV: – It’s the return of the monthly Open Fight Night on Thursday’s broadcast, featuring the huge return of “The Immortal” Hulk Hogan as he vows to help Sting and other TNA superstars battle The Aces and 8s! – As part of Open Fight Night, Sting challenged The Aces & 8s to fight them this Thursday! Can Sting, Hogan, and others finally stop the path of destruction that the gang has unleashed in TNA Wrestling? WillRead More

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Christian Talks On Sprain Ankle Injury & The World Title Scene

Christian recently spoke with Corpus-Christi Caller about the severity of his ankle sprain suffered earlier this year which caused him to miss WrestleMania and a few months of action. “After talking with a couple different doctors, they said that on a scale of 1-10 of the severity of the sprain, it was a 10. It was as bad as it could have possibly been,” Christian told the Corpus-Christi Caller newspaper promoting Tuesday’s live Smackdown taping. “It was a little bit frustrating to say the least, but it’s just one ofRead More
Mike Lightning and I are back with our Ring of Honor Best in the World 2012 predictions! The card this year is once again stacked with potentially great matches, so let’s get down to business! Hybrid Fighting Rules Adam Cole vs Kyle O’Reilly ML: So, this feud has come full circle to an O’Reilly special match where he can use his jiu-jitsu training against a professional wrestler. Having already beat who many consider a 2012 breakout star in Adam Cole, this match should be the end of these two fightingRead More
- Open Fight Night returns on tonight’s live episode of TNA Impact Wrestling. All 12 wrestlers in the Bound For Glory Series will be participating. TNA is hyping the following for tonight’s show: * Miss Tessmacher will defend her Knockouts Title against an opponent named by Brooke Hogan * X Division Champion Austin Aries’ decision about Hulk Hogan’s offer of a World Title shot * More on the mystery attack to Sting from last week * The monthly Gutcheck segment As noted, TNA President Dixie Carter will also be onRead More

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Reason For CM Punk Working SmackDown Shows This Weekend

WWE Champion CM Punk will be switching to the SmackDown brand for this weekend’s WWE live events. Punk is on the SmackDown brand to help boost ticket sales in his home state of Illinois. Punk is scheduled to defend the WWE Title against Daniel Bryan and Kane as part of a double main event with Sheamus defending the World Title against Alberto Del Rio on Saturday in Springfield. Local advertising reads, “For the first time ever, see BOTH the WWE & World Heavyweight Championships defended in Springfield!” Similar advertising isRead More
IMPACT WRESTLING Preview: Open Fight Night Returns LIVE On Thursday – The monthly “Open Fight Night” returns, involving the competitors in the Bound For Glory Series! All 12 Wresters in the BFG Series will be in action – 6 men make challenges, 6 men will be called out! Who will take the early advantage in the point standings? Tune in and find out! – What will be X Division Champion Austin Aries’ decision about Hulk Hogan’s officer of a potential World Title shot? – Also on the broadcast, TNA PresidentRead More
Matt Morgan recently spoke to 102.5 FM The Beart promoting this weekend’s house shows in Texas and discussed his status with the company. Morgan said there are “a lot of rumors” going on around him and that his time in the company “may be coming to a pass.” “I’m not going to deny that,” he said. “I don’t feel like I’m getting what I’m putting into TNA.” Morgan said he was the “ultimate head-turner in TNA” and claimed that he is tired of a having the carrot of the WorldRead More

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ThunderStruck: TNA Slammiversary 2012 Reaction

Hulk Hogan opened the show and welcomed everyone to the event. He announced that Austin Aries would in fact be defending the X-Division Championship against Samoa Joe. Aries defeated Joe in the opening match with a modified brainbuster(modified because of Joe’s weight on Arie’s back). ^Who cares about Joe’s weight? Hogan and TNA made the right call by allowing this match to be for the title. When Joe is competing at the top of his game, the X-Division is where Joe shines the most. There really wasn’t a better wayRead More

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ThunderStruck: Weekly Rundown 05/27/12 – 06/02/12

Weekly Rundown 05/27/12 – 06/02/12 FCW 05/27/12 Jason Jordan, Mike Dalton, and CJ Parker take on Garett Dylan, Russev, and Jiro in a six man tag match. Parker gets a victory roll on Dylan for the three count. Leo Kruger goes one on one with Aiden English. Krugers gets the win using the sleeperhold. Kassius Ohno cuts a promo on Antonio Cesaro. He talks about being happy for Cesaro for all that he’s accomplished, but that he isn’t better than Ohno. Ohno says the only thing that will make himRead More

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ThunderStruck: Weekly Rundown 05/20/12 – 05/26/12

Weekly Rundown 05/20/12 05/26/12 FCW Sunday 05/20/12 Corey Graves and Jake Carter defeated Ascension and retained the Florida Tag Team Titles. Raquel Diaz accepts a challenge to face Paige for her FCW Divas Title next week. Seth Rollins defeated Big E Langston in a non-title match. Antonio Cesaro cuts a promo on Kassius Ohno and says he will always be better than his former partner. Richie Steamboat and Brad Maddox wrestled to a draw after fifteen minutes. Each man scored one pinfall and Richie retained the F15 Championship. Bo RotundoRead More

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ThunderStruck: WWE Over The Limit 2012 Reaction

NC State got rocked for WWE’s third annual Over the Limit ppv event! This won’t be a very long reaction, but I’ll add more of my final thoughts in my new weekly rundown on Saturday. Let’s get to it: Kane defeated Zach Ryder on the preshow. ^Ryder gets buried, and Kane has no storyline just three weeks after his rivalry with Randy Orton ends. His match with Punk was really good on Smackdown; I wouldn’t mind seeing more of those two. I guess overall this was a better “free forRead More

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ThunderStruck: TNA Sacrifice Reaction

Sacrifice opened with a solid tag team match that resulted in new champions being crowned in Daniels and Kazarian. I expect Joe and Magnus to get a rematch right off the jump, but you have to wonder if TNA plans on keeping the pair together for long. These guys showcased what tag team wrestling is all about. Gail Kim used the ropes to pin Brooke Tessmacher and retain her Knockouts Championship. This was a good women’s match from TNA and I’m glad Gail kept her title. She defends it wellRead More
TNA produced a very solid ppv in Lockdown last month. Out of the last three episodes of Impact Wrestling, two of them were very solid. This pay per view has had a solid build to the card. The key word here is solid. TNA is taking a more entertaining turn with their storylines and match booking and I’ve been impressed with it as a whole recently. This should be a good show and I’ll definitely be watching live on Sunday. TELEVISION CHAMPIONSHIP Robbie E vs. Devon vs. Robbie T: IRead More

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ThunderStruck: Smackdown! Analysis 04/27/12

Daniel Bryan cuts a promo to open the show. He talks about how happy he is to get rid of AJ. He talks about the loss at Mania not counting against him. Bryan finishes the promo asking his questions, and the crowd actually chants no very loudly when he asks if he will defeat Sheamus on Sunday. Alberto Del Rio comes out and mocks Bryan by having Ricardo chant “si”(yes, in Spanish) to all of his questions. Big Show interrupts Del Rio’s promo. He scares Bryan and Del Rio outRead More