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Posted On February 8, 2012By PWMania.com StaffIn News

Jake Roberts Talks HOF Induction, Austin 3:16, Scripted Promos

Wrestling legend Jake “The Snake” Roberts was a guest on Wrestling Voice Radio this week and spoke about a number of topics, including the WWE Hall of Fame, today’s wrestlers having their promos scripted out for them and more. Here are some highlights of what Jake said about: What a WWE Hall Of Fame Induction Would Mean To Him: “A lot. A lot, because I did make a lot of mistakes in my career but if they would acknowledge what I did and what I accomplished by putting me inRead More
Mick Foley appeared on Wrestling Voice Radio with Duane Doogan. Highlights from the interview are as follows: His performance at the Royal Rumble: “I don’t think it was until I got back to the hotel that I realized, just how many things had gone on in the little time I was out there, maybe four or five minutes but even in those four minutes, you got that entrance, that’s what I was most nervous about, ‘How the heck am I going to run out to the ring?’, the interaction withRead More

Posted On November 6, 2011By PWMania.com StaffIn News

Mick Foley Speaks On His WWE Return & Who He Wants To Wrestle

Mick Foley appeared on Wrestling Voice Radio this week and spoke about returning to WWE last week at a live event from Dublin, Ireland. When asked about why Foley chose an overseas house show for his big return, Foley said: “The basic answer is because I just happened to be flying into Dublin the day they were there and my hotel was literally across the street. I called and asked if I could come hang out and it was a lot of fun.” Foley was originally advertised November 14th RAWRead More