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I have been a WWE fan for the past 15 years and I have every WWE game for the past…


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The Big Show recently spoke to ESPN.com about his video game habits, who he’d like a last run with and…


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New WWE ’13 Screenshots; WWE Universe, Attitude Era, The Rock vs. Mankind, Brock Lesnar

The iconic Universe Mode returns with WWE ’13, giving players even more freedom than ever before to create their own…


Video: New WWE ’13 Trailer – Downloadable Content Revealed

Find out which Superstars, Legends, “Attitude Era” Luminaries, moves, alternate attires and more are included in WWE ’13’s DLC packs….


New WWE ’13 Videos – Daniel Bryan vs. CM Punk, Jack Swagger, Hunico, Rated-R Lita, More

THQ has uploaded several more new preview videos for WWE ’13. Rated-R Lita makes her way to the ring in…


New WWE ’13 Screenshots – AJ Lee, Brock Lesnar, Ryback, Tensai, Divas, Attitude Era & More

WWE ’13 is available for pre-order on the PS3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii on Amazon.com. WWE ’13’s schedule release…


New WWE ’13 Videos Featuring DX Triple H, Attitude Era Kane, The Undertaker & More

THQ have uploaded several more new preview videos for WWE ’13. JBL hits CM Punk with the Clothesline from Hell…


New WWE ’13 Attitude Era Screenshots Featuring DX


Video: New WWE ’13 Trailer – Are you ready… To play as DX in WWE ’13?

Experience the rise of one of the most controversial groups in WWE history with WWE ’13’s new “Attitude Era” Mode,…


Full Details On WWE ’13 Featuring King of the Ring & I Quit Matches

THQ has confirmed that the new WWE ’13 video game will feature I Quit Matches for the first time in…


New WWE ’13 Videos Featuring Triple H, Sin Cara, Shane McMahon, Kelly Kelly & More

THQ have uploaded several more new preview videos for WWE ’13: Triple H hits his finisher in WWE ’13 Triple…


Video: New WWE ’13 Trailer – Lay the Smacketh Down with The Rock in WWE ’13

Learn more about the Rock storyline in WWE ’13’s all-new “Attitude Mode,” including WWE photos, videos and all your favorite…


New WWE ’13 Screenshots Featuring The Rock In “Attitude Era” Mode


New WWE ’13 Videos Featuring Eddie Guerrero, Stephanie McMahon, Road Warriors & More

THQ have uploaded several new preview videos for WWE ’13: Christian hits his finisher in WWE ’13 Christian hits his…


Video: Mike Tyson Discusses WWE ’13, The “Attitude Era”, His Boxing Career & More

Paul Heyman speaks with Mike Tyson about his boxing career, the “Attitude Era” and more in this exclusive interview.


New WWE ’13 Videos Featuring Attitude Era, Y2J, Bret Hart, Zack Ryder, Big Bossman

– Here are some new videos from the upcoming WWE ’13 video game: Beth Phoenix makes her entrance in WWE…


New Storyline Modes Revealed For WWE ’13 Video Game; Rise Of DX, Austin 3:16 & More

THQ revealed they are replacing their “Road to Wrestlemania” mode with the following storylines as part of their Attitude Era…


New WWE ’13 Screenshots Featuring Brock Lesnar, Trish Stratus, The Undertaker & More


Video: New WWE ’13 Video Game Trailer; “Attitude Era” Mode

The official “WWE Attitude Era Mode” trailer has been released. You can watch it here. Official “WWE Attitude Era Mode”…