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WWE Announces Mike Tyson For HOF, Chain Stops Airing PPVs

– A key player in the WrestleMania XIV match between “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and Shawn Michaels, boxing legend “Iron” Mike Tyson is the latest inductee into WWE’s 2012 Hall of Fame class. Click here for WWE’s official announcement regarding “Iron Mike”‘s entry into the WWE Hall of Fame. The WWE Hall of Fame induction ceremony will take place on March 31 at the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida. Edge, The Four Horsemen (Arn Anderson, Barry Windham, JJ Dillon, Ric Flair and Tully Blanchard) and Mil Mascaras have alreadyRead More

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Road Dogg Appearing At Florida Championship Wrestling Show

- FCW Wrestling issued the following press release: **WWE Legend Road Dogg in Melbourne This Friday** Melbourne, Fl – January 30, 2012 WWE Legend Road Dogg will be appearing in Melbourne this Friday February 3rd! Florida Championship Wrestling is excited to return to the Melbourne Auditorium with this huge special guest. Melbourne fans will be treated to a special Meet-and-Greet and Autograph session with Road Dogg before the show. There are also 8 giant matches scheduled for this event – including FCW Divas action – and, each one of theRead More

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Returns & Surprises During 30-Man Royal Rumble

- The Great Khali returned to WWE in tonight’s 30-man Royal Rumble match as entrant number 15. – Kharma returned to WWE in tonight’s 30-man Royal Rumble match as entrant number 21. – “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan was a surprise entrant at number 19. – Road Dogg was a surprise entrant at number 23.Read More

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Shows Revealed For WWE’s Revamped YouTube Channel

- As noted before, WWE will relaunching their YouTube channel this Wednesday, February 1st. Here’s the list of 9 shows that will be on WWE’s revamped YouTube channel: * Superstar Toyz * Outside The Ring * Are You Serious? * In Box * Download * Backstage Fallout * WWE Presents… * Z! True Long Island Story * Santino’s Foreign ExchangeRead More

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WWE To Renew SD Star’s Push?, Evan Bourne Missed In WWE,

– Sources within WWE say that Evan Bourne, who is currently serving a 60-day suspension for his second violation of WWE’s Talent Wellness Program, is missed in the locker room and in the ring. Many people within the company hope he is able to bounce back from his recent troubles and achieve success again. — The Rock thanked WWE for their montage tonight at the Royal Rumble. He tweeted, “WWE Universe @WWE Rock montage I just saw was powerful. I couldn’t be the man I am today w/ out youRead More
– William Regal posted a lengthy note on his Twitter account with advice on what it takes to be professional wrestler and even a WWE Superstar. After listing the numerous facets of wrestling training, he wrote of WWE: “To make it in the WWE you have to be very adaptable and willing to make any character or opportunity work. Here’s some very good advice. Make a list of the worst possible situations and character traits you be asked to do. Now make up a character and promos involving those traitsRead More

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Goldust Says WWE Is Smart Business, Injury News, Kofi Kingston

- Kofi Kingston will be appearing at the FCW show on February 17th from the Lake County Fairgrounds in Eustis, Florida. – WWE acknowledged on Friday’s SmackDown that Ted DiBiase suffered a wrist injury at the Winnipeg live event the previous weekend. On Friday’s show, Hunico and his bodyguard Camacho beat down DiBiase and focused on the injured wrist. WWE’s website posted an update noting that the two aggravated DiBiase’s injury further but didn’t offer anymore details. – Goldust, who is predicting Dolph Ziggler to win the Royal Rumble, defendedRead More

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Foley On His Goals For The Rumble, Favorite Rumble Memory, More

The official WWE website recently conducted an interview with Mick Foley, in which he discussed his participation in the Royal Rumble match this year and in previous years. When asked about his preparations for this year’s Rumble, Foley said: “I am going to hope for the best. Honestly, I’ll be in quite a predicament. Imagine if I win this thing! What Dolph Ziggler said [about me going on to WrestleMania] could come to fruition. I don’t want people to be let down if I’m in the main event at WrestleMania.Read More

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Zack Ryder’s Show Moving, Otunga Talks Courtroom Return & More

- As reported earlier this week, David Otugna returned to the court room on Thursday as a lawyer. The WWE website features an interview with Otguna following his recent legal victory. Otunga had this to say about his legal career: “I actually worked as a full time trial lawyer in Boston while in my third year at Harvard Law School. Most people couldn’t have handled trying to graduate from the most prestigious law school in the world while trying cases full time, but I’m obviously not most people.’ “I don’tRead More

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Update On Legends At The Rumble, TLC Buyrate, Miz Doing Media

- December’s WWE TLC pay-per-view drew an estimated at 182,000 buys. That number, which is not finalized, is down from 195,000 buys in 2010 and down from 228,000 in 2008. The preliminary report is based on the average buys reported for Q4 of 2012. The number will likely change, probably for the worse, when the official total is reported as the company includes “average current period buys” in their updated average for each PPV. The fourth quarter’s other events, Hell in a Cell, Vengeance and Survivor Series, all had higherRead More

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Jake Roberts On WWE HOF Exclusion, ‘Taker & Kane In Masks

– One of the most unique and memorable wrestlers in WWE history, Jake “The Snake” Roberts, is among the most glaring omissions from the WWE Hall of Fame. Roberts commented recently on Facebook on whether his exclusion from WWE’s gallery of greats concerns him. He wrote, “My real opinion of this, is I can’t let it rule my life. I appreciate the fan support, every bit as much as I SHOULD. But the HOF isn’t going to make or break my day..I have other things to concern myself with. ItsRead More

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David Otunga Returns To Courtroom, Details On WWE’s Writing Staff

- WWE superstar David Otunga dusted off the old Harvard Law degree on Thursday and returned to the court room as a defense attorney. According to TMZ.com, Otunga represented a man who believes he was wrongfully terminated and denied unemployment benefits. This was the man’s appeal to the NY State Department of Labor. The judge heard from witnesses and then arguments from both sides, and Otunga told TMZ that he, “smoked the witness during cross examination.” Otunga’s client won the appeal and will now get unemployment benefits. Otunga was quotedRead More

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Dolph Ziggler Talks Showing Off, Pride In His Work, Rumble

Dolph Ziggler was interviewed on the Between The Ropes radio show this week and spoke about Sunday’s Royal Rumble pay-per-view, his look and style, how much of what we see on TV is really him, becoming a bigger star in the company, The Rock coming back to WWE and more. Here are some highlights of what WWE’s #1 #HEEL said about: His Plans To “Show Off” At The Royal Rumble: “I am working on something special for the Rumble. I can’t say what it is. Hopefully, it will be perfectedRead More

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Match Announced For SD, Sheamus Against Bullying, CM Punk

– On behalf of ‘be a STAR,’ the anti-bullying alliance co-founded by WWE and The Creative Coalition, Sheamus paid a visit to ACES Mill Road School in North Haven, Connecticut Thursday to speak with students about the dangers of bullying. — CM Punk is featured on the cover of the latest issue of Power Slam. — Former WCW star The Maestro turns 38 years old Thursday. He continues to compete on the independent wrestling circuit as The Stro. — WWE.com announced Thursday that SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long has grantedRead More

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CM Punk On Ending His Relationship: Calls Ex A “Complete D-Bag”

WWE Champion CM Punk appeared on “Holberg’s Morning Circus” morning radio show on 98 KUPD in Arizona and opens up about a “relationship that ended in August.” Punk, who had been romantically linked to WWE diva Beth Phoenix, told the hosts, “I just ended a relationship.” When asked about whether he’s upset about the relationship ending, he said: “No, it doesn’t hurt at all. It pisses me off to watch people you love and admire become complete douchebags… People just flake. I guess I realized that it doesn’t matter whoRead More

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Updated 2012 WWE Pay-Per-View Line-Up After Recent Changes

- The November Survivor Series pay-per-view will now take place in Phoenix, Arizona while December’s Bragging Rights pay-per-view is scheduled for Memphis, Tennessee. Based on recent changes, here’s the updated WWE pay-per-view line-up for this year: * Royal Rumble – January 29th – St. Louis * Elimination Chamber – February 19th – Milwaukee * WrestleMania 28 – April 1st – Miami * Extreme Rules – April 29th – Chicago * Over The Limit – May 20th – Raleigh * Fatal 4 Way – June 17th – Toronto * TLC –Read More

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WWE PPV’s 3D?, Update On Pre-Mania Tapings, Legends House

- It’s possible that WWE may shop the “Legends House” reality TV show to other networks if the launch of their own Network is significantly delayed. – The March 26th RAW Supershow from Atlanta with The Rock will not be a three-hour show. Instead, they will be taping both RAW and SmackDown matches that night since everyone will be headed to Miami for WrestleMania 28 festivities. – WWE officials are looking at doing a 3D theater presentation of the SummerSlam pay-per-view after UFC recently announced similar plans.Read More

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One Count Kickout – Royal Rumble

Follow @OneCountKickout Got Facebook?  Like the One Count Kickout fanpage! The Royal Rumble was once my favorite WWE PPV of the year.  I always loved the Royal Rumble match.  There is so much anticipation and excitement to see who is coming in, when, who will be eliminated and how, and of course, who will win.  Each year the winner goes on to challenge for the title in the main event at Wrestlemania.  For a long time, I really enjoyed going back and watching the 1994 Royal Rumble.  I thought theRead More

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Video: Michelle McCool’s Birthday Vlog

Michelle McCool has posted a new “birthday vlog” on her official YouTube channel. In it, she updates her fans but says she doesn’t plan on coming back to WWE any time soon. You can watch her latest embedded below:Read More