- After CM Punk attacked him at RAW last night, WWE cameras caught up with Jerry Lawler backstage as trainers were checking on him. Lawler was selling an attack to the throat, which is the storyline reason why he didn’t commentate. – WWE camera crews also caught up with Daniel Bryan following the hugging segment with Kane. An angry Bryan started hugging people backstage and said he has hugged so many people back home that he’s called Mr. Hug It Out. – WWE is heavily promoting the Night of ChampionsRead More
- Matt Striker wrote the following on Twitter Monday night after General Manager AJ Lee acted like she didn’t know who he was on RAW: “I can understand pressure getting to AJ- She has things on her mind other than me. Id rather be forgotten on earth and remembered in heaven.” Striker also responded to The Miz being chosen for commentary alongside Michael Cole: “I support Miz. We r a family here at WWE. Cream rises to the top n Im a patient man. Ill do my best to getRead More
- WWE NXT Champion Seth Rollins wrote the following on Twitter during RAW Monday night when The Miz referred to Cody Rhodes as the future of WWE. It sounds like Rollins and Rhodes may mix it up at the September 14th NXT live event where Cody will be appearing with Dusty Rhodes. Rollins tweeted: “@mikethemiz calling @CodyRhodesWWE “future of @WWE?” Sept 14 in Ft. Pierce at @NXTWrestling Cody’ll see that @wwerollins is the #wwefuture.” “Wow, lots of @CodyRhodesWWE fans out there, including me. It’s all respect, but the #WWEFUTURE isRead More
- Tonight’s WWE SmackDown tapings may be the last set of WWE tapings for Randy Orton until November as he is off to shoot 12 Rounds Reloaded. It’s likely we will see another Orton vs. Dolph Ziggler match on SmackDown. – Chris Jericho wrote the following on Twitter last night after AJ Lee mentioned him leaving WWE on her: “I heard that @WWEAJLee is sad because I “left” the WWE. Hmmm who was it that booked the contract vs contract match on #Raw to begin with?” – Former WWE starRead More
- WWE Superstars have finished most of the voiceovers for the WWE Studios Scooby Doo movie. Some talents may be brought back for more work if there are re-writes made. The plan is to release the movie in the Spring of 2014, before WrestleMania 30, with the idea that the Mystery Inc. crew goes to WrestleMania to solve a mystery that threatens the show going on. – Former WWE star Ken “Dykstra” Doane is now enrolled in Nichols College in Dudley, Massachusetts. Doane is playing tight end for the schoolRead More
- Some of the WWE terms trending worldwide on Twitter last night during RAW were CM Punk, Paul Heyman, #WWEHug, Kane, Daniel Bryan, Texas Cloverleaf and Jack Swagger. – Beginning October 1st on pay-per-view, WWE will begin airing the two-hour documentary from Edge’s most recent DVD. – Heath Slater and Zack Ryder have continued their Twitter feud after Ryder beat Slater on RAW last night. Slater keeps saying he wants a shot at Ryder’s Internet Title: “@ZackRyder Even the sun shines on a dogs ass some days. But I canRead More
- Following four weeks of competition, Eve Torres reigned supreme in NBC’s reality program Stars Earn Stripes. Torres collected a $100,000 check for the USO in the final moments of the two-hour finale. She and her mentor, former Army Green Beret Grady Powell, won an elaborate contest that included jumping out of a helicopter, climbing aboard a ship and shooting targets. Olympic gold-medal skier Picabo Street finished in second; actor Dean Cain was third; and Todd Palin, husband of former Gov. Sarah Palin, was fourth. Torres will be interviewed onRead More
- Devon, who is still listed on TNA’s website as their TV Champion, has re-tweeted several messages from fans suggesting that he return to WWE. Devon was asked if he would return to WWE and he replied: “where he [God] puts me is where im going to be” – WWE Superstar Drew McIntyre noted in a Twitter Q&A before RAW Monday night that he is injured and will be out of action for a couple of weeks. – Damien Sandow vs. Alex Riley plus tag team action featuring WWE TagRead More
During this week’s episode of WWE Raw, David Otunga posted a Tout stating that he and his client, Alberto Del Rio, will pursue legal action against Sheamus. Otunga went on to note that he will address the matter further on this week’s episode of SmackDown. WWE will tape this week’s edition of Smackdown Tuesday from the I Wireless Center in Moline, Illinois. We’ll have full live play-by-play coverage here at PWMania.comRead More
- At the conclusion to this week’s episode of WWE Raw, Paul Heyman returned to WWE television to begin associating with CM Punk. Earlier in the evening, Punk left Raw in a getaway car. Punk later returned at the end of the show to KO John Cena, allowing Alberto Del Rio to pin Cena in the main event. Heyman then revealed himself to be the driver of Punk’s getaway car as Raw signed off. – WWE will be screening the new CM Punk: Best in the World documentary with PunkRead More
Kevin Nash asked Matt Morgan on Twitter if he was with now with WWE, “You with the E now?” Morgan replied: “hey man, what can I say? SOMEONE in that lockeroom had to stand up to Tna front office and call them out for over-promising, & under delivering. So when my deal was up I said ‘why not me?!’ Accountability. Who says u can’t go home again? Lol.”Read More

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Dave Scott – Monday Night Long

Hey there guys, Dave Scott here with the back to normal Monday night banter! I’ve been racking my brain the past few hours thinking about what I’m going to write about this week. This is because since Raw has went 3 hours long, I am starting to struggle with it. It is hard enough sometimes staying up until 4am when it was 2 hours long, but now that there is that extra hour and nothing overly great happening I’ve been falling asleep before the end of Raw. Now there wouldRead More
- Paul Heyman will likely appear on tonight’s live Raw broadcast emanating from Chicago, Illinois as he was spotted by numerous fans in the area. He has not appeared on WWE programming since the Raw after SummerSlam. – WWE Champion CM Punk was at one point today scheduled to open Raw. – Kane and Daniel Bryan are set to reveal their “anger collages” in their next anger management class on Raw tonight. The program will reportedly feature three segments. – WWE Hall of Famer Johnny Valiant is scheduled to holdRead More
- WWE Champion CM Punk’s desire for respect took a violent turn on Raw last week as he pummeled Jerry “The King” Lawler into unconsciousness after the WWE Hall of Famer refused to acknowledge him as “Best in the World.” Lawler addressed the matter via Twitter before tonight’s Raw. “On my way to Chicago. Finally feeling better. Thanks to everyone who asked about me. Punk crossed a line last week after the match was over,” Lawler wrote. “One thing I’ve learned in my years in the WWE, what goes around,Read More
- WWE.com has published a list counting down the 20 most memorable Superstar debuts in sports-entertainment history with Kane’s premiere appearance at the 1997 WWF pay-per-view event Badd Blood: In Your House topping the chart. The complete list is as follows: 20. Big Show, 19. Fit Finlay, 18. Santino Marella, 17. Booker T, 16. Abdullah the Butcher, 15. Brock Lesnar, 14. The Great Khali, 13. Vader, 12. Goldberg, 11. Rey Mysterio, 10. Sabu, 9. Eric Bischoff, 8. The Undertaker, 7. Tazz, 6. Shockmaster, 5. The Nexus, 4. John Cena, 3.Read More
- PWMania revealed last week that “Harold” in the RAW anger management skits featuring Kane and Daniel Bryan was independent wrestler Scorpio Sky, who recently appeared for TNA as Mason Andrews. Sources report that WWE officials were impressed with Sky’s work in those skits and it’s interesting to note that they mention the character by name in the preview for tonight’s RAW. WWE is teasing that “Harold” may appear in the ring and catch a chokeslam from Kane or a No Lock from Bryan. – The WWE NXT website hasRead More
As PWMania.com reported Sunday, WWE Diva Cameron has been suspended for 15 days. Word is that officials told her she was being suspended for not telling WWE about her DUI arrest and for the company finding about it online. She was not reprimanded for the bribery allegation because as of now, that’s all it is is an allegation. The feeling is that if police hit her with a bribery charge, she may face more consequences from WWE. While the actual DUI charge has brought her some heat from officials, thatRead More
Tonight’s Labor Day edition of WWE RAW takes place from the Allstate Arena in Chicago, Illinois. The top three stars in WWE’s advertising for tonight are WWE Champion and hometown hero CM Punk, John Cena and Daniel Bryan. At one point, Punk and Cena vs. Big Show and John Laurinaitis was advertised for tonight. Confirmed for tonight’s show is week two of the anger management skits with Bryan and Kane. Expected for tonight is a big hometown angle with CM Punk following the second beatdown on Jerry Lawler last week.Read More
- The latest from Josh Mathews on Twitter, playing up the SmackDown storyline where he’s threatening to sue WWE and the General Managers: “Just getting home now from Green Bay. Doc’s wouldn’t let me fly following SD, needed further observations. Btw, no calls from either GM.” – Bucky Badger, the official mascot for the University of Wisconsin at Madison, was in action at last night’s live event in Madison, Wisconsin. Following Heath Slater’s loss to Justin Gabriel, Slater cut a promo which brought out Hornswoggle and Bucky. Kidd hit SlaterRead More