- The latest from Josh Mathews on Twitter, playing up the SmackDown storyline where he’s threatening to sue WWE and the General Managers: “Just getting home now from Green Bay. Doc’s wouldn’t let me fly following SD, needed further observations. Btw, no calls from either GM.” – Bucky Badger, the official mascot for the University of Wisconsin at Madison, was in action at last night’s live event in Madison, Wisconsin. Following Heath Slater’s loss to Justin Gabriel, Slater cut a promo which brought out Hornswoggle and Bucky. Kidd hit SlaterRead More
Brian Jossie, who portrayed A.W. for WWE before his contract was terminated last month, renewed his Twitter diatribes toward his former employer Sunday night after Brodus Clay’s dancer Cameron was reportedly suspended for 15 days for her Aug. 24 arrest for driving under the influence, subsequent attempt to bribe the arresting officer and then not informing organization officials of her offense. He once again accuses WWE of applying a double standard between him and other talents who made ill-advised moves. Jossie re-tweeted messages stating, “So a dancer in the WWERead More
Pete Gas of Mean Street Posse fame appeared on Inside The Ropes Thursday night. Highlights from the interview are as follows: Meeting Hulk Hogan for the first time, when he was a teenager: “Vince was renting a house near where the house he’s in now was being built. Vince was cool, he let us drink in the house, he let us drink beer but the one condition would be, we gave him our keys and we weren’t allowed to leave. He knew kids would be kids and so he wouldRead More

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Cameron Reportedly Suspended For Fifteen Days By WWE

Arianne Andrew, who appears as Cameron for WWE, one of Brodus Clay’s “Funkadactyls,” has been suspended by the sports-entertainment organization, according to F4WOnline.com and PWInsider.com. F4WOnline.com reports that she has been suspended for 15 days. The suspension went into effect Friday and will expire on Sept. 14. The suspension stems from the fallout of her arrest for driving under the influence on Aug. 24 in N. Hillsborough County, Florida. According to the police report, the WWE Diva blew a 0.20, more than twice the legal limit in Florida. She compoundedRead More
Road Dogg and Josh Mathews dig up a WWE Universe favorite for this edition of “Are You Serious?” Check out “The Dirt Sheet’s” John Morrison and The Miz show off their rapping skills on WWE.Read More
WWE Intercontinental Champion The Miz spoke with Metro.co.uk while doing promotional work in London last week. Here are some highlights: If wrestling hadn’t worked out, what were you going to fall back on? I’d probably be in Cleveland, Ohio, running a business like my dad does. He runs a chain of sandwich shops. I’ll probably run a couple of those too. What’s the worst injury you’ve sustained? The worst injuries are to your head. I got a concussion on WrestleMania 27. I took a tackle off a table and landedRead More
WWE Superstar David Otunga spoke with ChicagoNow.com this weekend to promote Monday’s RAW from his hometown. Here are a few highlights: You have been part of a reality show, the WWE and now a movie with Halle Berry. What has been the toughest on you in terms of learning your role? I guess it had to be the reality show (I Love New York). There was a lot more information that I could process at one time. The film was unbelievably fun because it came to me second nature. WithRead More
- Derrick Bateman, who has sparingly appeared on WWE programming since the conclusion of NXT Season 5 in June, is using social media to promote “THE USA GUY,” a character he recently devised. He has released a second vignette style video via YouTube promoting his All-American persona. – The legendary career of “Sensational” Sherri Martel is being highlighted all September on WWE Classics On Demand. In addition to a profile piece, matches airing include: Sherri Martel vs. Mona (WCW Worldwide, 3/6/00), Sherri Martel vs Debbie Combs (AWA All-Star Wrestling, 12/8/85),Read More

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Thunder’s Weekly Rundown 09/01/12

WWE NXT 08/29/12 Mike Dalton and Jason Jordan take on Hunico and Camacho. Hunico pins Dalton after an angle slam. ^Dalton is very versatile and looks good in the ring. Jordan bores me. Hunico is great at helping other talent improve, but the guy is too good to just be used on the B shows. Good tag team action here. The Ascension attack the Usos before they can have a match. ^I like this booking. Increasing a tag team rivalry on the B show is a good way to showRead More
- Jim Ross, who many perceive has been subject to on-air ridicule by WWE brass, addressed fan concern regarding bullying on company programming in a Twitter post Thursday. He wrote, “Find it amazing that some fans cannot separate a fictitious, pro wrestling villain w/ real, every day life bullying. @WWE=entertainment, FYI.” Vickie Guerrero, whose physical appearance has been subject to ridicule on WWE programming on numerous occasions, re-tweeted the message in agreement. Though Guerrero publicly takes the on-air derision in stride, broadcaster Jerry Lawler was issued a directive by managementRead More
- Mickie James spoke to Mike Jones of DC101 in Washington, D.C. and discussed current happenings in TNA Wrestling and the Knockouts Division. One particular point of interest was about her biggest career influences. James couldn’t pick one person but gave credit to those who she really likes wrestling with. “I’ve had so many people who inspired me along the way so it’s hard to pinpoint one person,” she said. “You’re only as good as the people you’re in the ring with, you know, and to be able to workRead More
- WWE Raw General Manager AJ Lee tweeted the following in response to Vickie Guerrero and Booker T saying she has lost it on Friday night’s SmackDown: “I don’t appreciate the comments made by Vickie & Booker on Smackdown. I was just playing with her. Sometimes I play a little rough.” – The official WWE website caught up with Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio following Friday night’s SmackDown where Cara stopped Cody Rhodes from trying to unmask Mysterio. Cara then set up Mysterio for a 619 and put one ofRead More
The official WWE website features a new storyline article up on Josh Mathews, after he was attacked by Kane again on Friday night’s SmackDown. The attack came following Kane losing his match against Alberto Del Rio thanks to Ricardo Rodriguez. Mathews has been attacked by Brock Lesnar once and Kane twice over the past few weeks. Joey Styles told WWE.com: “The fact that Superstars assaulting WWE announcers doesn’t result in immediate suspension or termination of the Superstar is ridiculous. These attacks would never be tolerated in any other sport. JoshRead More
- Cameron, who was arrested and charged with driving under the influence on Aug. 24 in N. Hillsborough County, Florida, did not appear at Friday’s Raw live event in Sydney, Australia after appearing at the previous day’s show in Brisbane. Brodus Clay was only accompanied by Naomi. After cops took her into custody, the police report says Cameron offered one of the officers $10,000 to “let her go because she would lose her job.” According to F4WOnline.com, many people within WWE feel her bribery attempt will cost her her job.Read More
Chris Jericho appeared on Busted Open with Dave LaGreca and Doug Mortman (show information available at www.facebook.com/bustedopen). Highlights from the interview are as follows: On him leaving the WWE for a while: “Vince knew and I knew for the entire run that I would be leaving as soon as the new record came out (Sin and Bones). We knew the entire time what my time frame was. Originally I was supposed to leave at the end of May and then I signed for another three months, and the record gotRead More
- CM Punk’s apparent blade job on Monday’s RAW was being talked about backstage among the wrestlers, according to PWInsider. They added that Punk continuing to refer to himself as a wrestler, being a hardcore heel to Jerry Lawler and bleeding in the main event has led to hope that part of RAW will start to have a harder edge to it. – Regarding Cameron’s DUI arrest, F4Wonline.com reports that the feeling within WWE is that she probably would have been fine with management if not for the story comingRead More
- Clearing up CM Punk’s Twitter posts where he responded to reports of blading on RAW, F4Wonline.com reports that he was not fined any amount of money, especially a huge amount like $500,000, and there was no fine issued to referee Charles Robinson. Punk’s posts were tongue-in-cheek and word is that WWE officials believe the cut on his head was from hitting the cage. – Natalya did a fan Q&A on Twitter last night and noted that Raquel Diaz (Shaul Marie Guerrero) is the NXT Diva that she is mostRead More
- We noted earlier in the week that Damien Sandow is currently considered Triple H’s big project. It should be noted that Sandow has more than a few supporters high up in WWE. – Diamond Dallas Page revealed on Twitter that some of the wrestling stars now using his DDPYOGA program include Roddy Piper, Shane Helms, Stevie Richards, Scotty Riggs, Bobby Lashley. Actor Gabriel Iglesias is also using it to get in shape. As we have mentioned in the past, several WWE stars are using the program. – Keeping upRead More
- WWE is planning to release a Volume 2 of their recent ECW DVD in late 2013, according to PWInsider. As of this week, they haven’t began picking matches yet for the release. – Hornswoggle and David Otunga will be appearing at Six Flags Great America in Gurnee, Illinois on October 13th at 3pm. – WWE has released a preview of greatest catchphrases from Saturday Morning Slam:Read More