Chris Jericho’s contract was “terminated” on this week’s episode of WWE Raw. Dolph Ziggler beat Chris Jericho, “terminating” Jericho’s WWE contract. As the storyline goes, AJ Lee made the SummerSlam rematch in that if Ziggler won, Jericho’s WWE contract was terminated. If Jericho won, he would receive Ziggler’s Money in the Bank title shot. Jericho is being written off television as he is leaving the company to tour with his band Fozzy in reality.Read More

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Dave Scott – Alberto Del Boring

Hey there guys Dave Scott here for my usual Monday night jibber-jabber. I’m going to just cut to the chase this week and leave the Q&A out of things. I said I was going to write about the Bret Hart and Mr Perfect matches and do a comparison but haven’t got round to it yet unfortunately, so hopefully midweek will have it all watched and written up! I hope you all enjoyed Summerslam everyone who watched it but this week I’m going to talk about something that I touch onRead More
- Shawn Michaels just confirmed that he will be appearing on RAW tonight, live via satellite. HBK tweeted: “I’m moved to the country for peace and quiet…all these TV & Satellite Trucks definitely ain’t peaceful!! #RAW” – The go-home episode of WWE SmackDown on Friday scored a 1.92 cable rating with 2.61 million viewers. – Jim Ross posted the following update from the big WWE tryouts in California today: “Drills on going for men & women at WWE try outs. No AC…looking for intensity, focus, retention. Three days of 2Read More
WWE Intercontinental Champion The Miz spoke with The LA Times this weekend. Here are highlights: Q: When you are voted into the WWE Hall of Fame, who would you want to give your induction speech? Miz: Oooooh, good question. You are really going for it, aren’t you? I would want to see who would want to, to be honest. Because no one likes me in the WWE. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I get booed all the time. Sixteen thousand people boo me more than anybody else. IRead More
- WWE returns to Madison Square Garden in New York City on Thursday, December 27th, 2012 at 7:30 PM. This event is part of the Raw Holiday Tour. – On Saturday afternoon in Los Angeles, WWE and THQ revealed the complete roster for the upcoming WWE ’13 video game. THQ has now released the following video showing each playable character in the game. It’s worth noting that no current TNA wrestlers are featured in the game, including those who were part of WWE’s Attitude Era:Read More
Brock Lesnar
- On Monday afternoon, WWE announced that “Brock Lesnar broke Triple H’s arm” at SummerSlam. This is another indication that last night was not the last we’ve seen of this feud and WWE is likely building up to a Brock Lesnar vs. Triple H rematch. – “WWE” was the second most-searched item on Google on Sunday in the U.S. with about 100,000 searches. This is on par with how previous big WWE PPVs have performed and includes searches for “SummerSlam”, “WWE” and other WWE-related phrases (like wrestler names). – AsRead More
According to TMZ.com, Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst was not escorted out of the STAPLES Center in Los Angeles, California, the venue for WWE’s SummerSlam pay-per-view event Sunday night, by security personnel after flipping the bird while being shown live on camera prior to the main event match-up between Brock Lesnar and Triple H. Rather, he left the main arena to apologize to WWE producers for his action. A WWE spokesman tells TMZ, “The reports are 100% FALSE. The “Limp Bizkit” frontman didn’t get the boot, he just felt soRead More
AJ Lee revealed in an interview with Esquire two reasons as to why WWE selected her as the new General Manager of Raw. One of the reasons was because WWE wanted the visual of “the tiniest person having the most power” and the other was their constant search for something surprising and unpredictable. “It came completely out of left field. I had no idea that they were looking for a general manager for a really long time. They felt that it would be really surprising and unpredictable. So, you know,Read More
- Speaking to WWE Magazine, Tensai admits to being disillusioned when he restarted his pro graps career in Japan in 2005 after being released from his WWE contract the previous year. “Truthfully, when I came to Japan from WWE for the first time, I wasn’t enjoying what I had always dreamt that I’d be doing. I thought I was doing the right thing with WWE the first time around, but I wasn’t,” Tensai said. “I was really down on the whole thing, and then I got an offer in Japan.Read More
- WWE’s Executive Vice President of Television Production Kevin Dunn reportedly “blew a gasket” during SummerSlam when Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit fame flipped the camera off. Some fans are reporting that their pay-per-view feeds were on a delay as Durst’s middle finger was digitized. – WWE and the Save Mart Center in Fresno are doing a promo for tonight’s RAW where the first 1,000 cars to arrive get free parking and the first 1,000 fans in get $10 gift cards towards WWE merchandise. – One WWE Superstar who wasRead More
Brock Lesnar
- Word is that Brock Lesnar won’t wrestle again until the Survivor Series pay-per-view in November. Lesnar still has plenty of dates left on his contract. – Ric Flair’s daughter Ashley has been doing some ring announcing in WWE developmental NXT. As noted before, she is using the name Charlotte. – Former WWE Women’s Champion Lita was in attendance for SummerSlam. She posted a photo on Twitter from the WWE production area in the crowd. (Partial source: PWInsider)Read More
- Regarding Charlie Sheen not working SummerSlam, word is that WWE is still open to doing business with him but now they’re looking at having him back for WrestleMania 29 in 2013. WWE wanted Sheen for SummerSlam but the deal just couldn’t come together in time. – Former WWE Diva Maryse will be doing commentary for the women’s match and the main event match at the FWE event on October 5th in Brooklyn, NY. – As we posted over the weekend, WWE Legend The Iron Sheik recently spoke to WWE’sRead More
- Following the controversial decision in SummerSlam’s World Heavyweight Title Match, WWE announced that Alberto Del Rio has filed a “formal complaint” with SmackDown General Manager Booker T. WWE spoke with referee Mike Chioda and he admitted the mistake. Booker T has promised to address the matter on Friday’s SmackDown. – WWE’s website spoke to Big Show after the WWE Title Triple Threat following SummerSlam. Show expressed frustration that he was double teamed by CM Punk and John Cena the whole match, wondering when he will get a singles matchRead More
- Shawn Michaels continued tweeting about the Brock Lesnar vs. Triple H match after Summerslam. HBK noted that he was going to try and get a WWE satellite truck to his home for RAW so expect him to appear live via satellite. – We noted before that WWE recently reached a settlement with the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) which allows them to use the WWF logo on older footage. WWE did this because of the amount of work and manpower it would take to blur years of footage for theRead More
- Add Diamond Dallas Page to the list of names who was at SummerSlam. Page attended Mick Foley’s post-SummerSlam comedy event with William Regal, Jim Ross and others. – Titus O’Neil and Darren Young spoke to WWE.com after losing to Kofi Kingston and R-Truth at SummerSlam. The Prime Time Players vowed to regroup and become the next WWE Tag Team Champions. – WWE posted the following video with highlights from SummerSlam Fan Axxess:Read More
WWE will broadcast this week’s WWE Raw Monday night from the Save Mart Center in Fresno, California. WWE will also tape the Raw portion of this week’s WWE Superstars. Both Triple H & Brock Lesnar are scheduled to appear on the show, following their match at Sunday’s WWE SummerSlam. Paul Heyman revealed on the official WWE website that Lesnar will open Raw to address the WWE Universe. AJ sent out a tweet confirming a segment with Kane, “Oh, I dont know if I would’ve put my hands on a WWERead More
- Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst was apparently escorted out of the STAPLES Center in Los Angeles, California, the venue for WWE’s SummerSlam pay-per-view event Sunday night, by security personnel after flipping the bird while being shown live on camera prior to the main event match-up between Brock Lesnar and Triple H. Durst, however, is denying rumors that he was kicked out of the venue. He wrote on Twitter, “I was leaving to beat the traffic! Haha, security escorting me out?? WWE is family. hahaha. Is this really a rumor?Read More
- Rosa Mendes returned at SummerSlam as she was among the WWE Divas joining in multi-platinum recording artist Kevin Rudolf’s performance of the pay-per-view theme song, “Don’t Give Up,” live at STAPLES Center in Los Angeles, California. Following a flight from Las Vegas, Nevada to San Antonio, Texas on August 5, Mendes, whose real name is Milena Roucka, contacted the San Antonio Police Department to file battery charges against boyfriend and former WWE talent Steven Slocum for an apparent domestic issue that took place prior to her flight. Police onRead More
- CM Punk’s WWE Championship victory over John Cena and Big Show Sunday at SummerSlam extended two pay-per-view streaks. His win marked as his ninth consecutive successful title defense on pay-per-view. However, despite his reign atop WWE, it was the eighth consecutive pay-per-view in which he did not defend the title in the main event. – WWE Universe members didn’t waste any time in chanting “Kobe Bryant” during the WWE Tag Team Championship Match between Kofi Kingston, R-Truth and The Prime Time Players at SummerSlam in response to The Players’Read More