- WWE Hall of Famer Mike Tyson is backstage at tonight’s SummerSlam pay-per-view event at the STAPLES Center in Los Angeles, California. He has been in Los Angeles the past few days to promote THQ’s upcoming WWE ’13 video game, which features the legendary boxer as a playable wrestler. – At today’s SummerSlam Axxess event at the Nokia Plaza at L.A. LIVE, a fan brought a sign reading “BE A STAR” and featuring a printed screenshot of WWE chief Vince McMahon distorting his face in a backstage segment on RawRead More
Kevin Nash

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The Two Sheds Review: Timeline: The History of WWE 1995

One of the best things about this gig is the sense of anticipation you get whenever a new product comes through your letterbox for you to review, and when the label says it’s from Kayfabe Commentaries that sense gets taken up a notch or three. In an ironic twist this particular release became a little relevant given the events surrounding a certain well-publicised interview. The DVD that came through the mail was the latest in the Timeline: The History of WWE series and focused on the year 1995. As alwaysRead More
- The official website of WWE Corporate has updated Stephanie McMahon’s bio and it is noted that as Executive Vice President of Creative, her duties have expanded to overseeing the creative development of all WWE print, digital and social media content, in addition to the writing process for television and pay-per-view programming. She is also listed as a member of the Board of Directors for the social media company, Tout, Inc., which WWE has invested in. Also, she is being referred again by her maiden name Stephanie McMahon, rather thanRead More
- Chris Jericho tweeted the following message to Dolph Ziggler. “At #Summerslam there’s gonna be no jokes. No insults. Only revenge Ziggler… No jokes. No feel good moments. Just retribution Ziggler. See ya at #Summerslam” – WWE’s Fan Nation finished in fourth place among the most watched original channels on You Tube this week, finishing behind The Warner Sound, SourceFed, and Motor Trend. – WWE returns to the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California on Friday, January 18th, 2013 at 7:30 PM. The first pre-sale begins tonight after SummerSlam.Read More
Speaking to ESPN Deportes Los Angeles, SmackDown ring announcer Lilian Garcia explains why has repeatedly declined WWE management’s requests to wrestle over the years. “I like it when I participate in angles, because it is something that does not occur all the time. What I like about it is that people do not expect it. If you do so all the time, it would not be something special. To call me a wrestler, I would have to learn more than just basic things. That would be disrespectful to those whoRead More
It was recently reported by SuperLuchas that former TNA star Alex Shelley has signed with WWE. Their report did not state if he would be going to developmental or starting on the main roster. In an update, The Wrestling Observer reports that WWE sources are denying Shelley signed, as of Saturday afternoon. Shelley is booked for the upcoming New Japan Pro Wrestling tour in September and has been tweeting about how excited he is to wrestle in Japan. He is also graduating college in a week or so. Even thoughRead More
- Apparently WWE Champion CM Punk recommended Lilian Garcia for the WWE Hall of Fame at the WWE ’13 roster reveal event in Los Angeles yesterday. A fan wrote kudos to Punk for pushing Lilian for the Hall of Fame. Lilian replied: “That was SO nice of him!!” – WWE Hall of Famer Tammy “Sunny” Sytch says she will be getting out of rehab this coming week. She wrote the following odd message on Facebook this weekend: “hey MINIONS!! ILL BE OUT OF REHAB ON THURSDAY AND BACK ON FBRead More
- RAW General Manager AJ Lee wrote the following on Twitter to fans complaining about her being downloadable content in the new WWE ’13 video game: “A lot of you are bummed I’m DLC, but I just did cartwheels & cried. I’m so grateful & SO FRICKEN HAPPY to just be a part of the game. AHHHHH. I made myself in CAW mode in every Smackdown vs Raw growing up, so this is just unbelievable. This has been the best year of my life.” – WWE and Party City haveRead More
Vickie Guerrero was interviewed by The Los Angeles Times to promote SummerSlam. Here are some highlights: Q: How did you come up with the whole “Excuse me” line? Guerrero: I came up with “Excuse me” when I was doing a promo on stage and I forgot my lines, so all I could think of to say was “Excuse me.” And the more I said it, the more upset the crowd got with me. The next night I tried “Excuse me” again, and that’s how it started happening. Q: People loveRead More

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The Smark’s Remarks: WWE Summerslam 2012 Predictions

It’s time for Summerslam! The Smarks are all here this month to share their take on WWE’s annual August spectacular! Let’s get to it! Pre Show US Title Match: Antonio Cesaro vs Santino Marella(c) Ace: I’m predicting Cesaro will steamroll Marella and become the new United States Champion. Yes, it’s a little soon for a guy who just got bumped up onto the main roster, but it’s Claudio Castagnoli. He’s one of the Kings of Wrestling. You can’t ignore talent like that. He plays his character excellently and he’s anRead More
- Universal Pictures has released a second trailer for Dave Bautista’s upcoming movie, “Man With The Iron Fists” movie (due out November 2) starring former WWE star Dave Bautista. The trailer focuses on Batista’s character, “Brass Body”Read More
TMZ.com released a video Thursday of CM Punk backing WWE’s decision to terminate A.W.’s contract after he cracked a “rape joke” on the July 30, 2012 episode of Raw. “He got fired. Yeah. He made a rape joke. I don’t think—I don’t like to see anyone lose their job, but if anyone is justified in getting fired, ya know, making fun of rape… I don’t think that’s funny,” Punk said outside Mr. Chows in Beverly Hills, California on Wednesday night. A WWE spokesman claimed to TMZ.com last week that itRead More
- Paul Heyman made a special appearance on Mark Madden’s radio show in Pittsburgh yesterday to talk about WWE SummerSlam. Here are some highlights: * He at first turned down Brock Lesnar’s invitation to come back to WWE with him. Heyman said he felt WWE doesn’t know how to promote Brock as a fighter. Heyman feels he was brought back in part because he knows how to market Brock’s fighter persona. * He wasn’t sure if he was brought back with another Superstar how well his mic work would haveRead More

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WWE Teasing That Chris Jericho Won’t Be 100% For SummerSlam Match

After attacks from Dolph Ziggler and Alberto Del Rio on last night’s WWE SmackDown, WWE has a new article up about Chris Jericho not being 100% for his SummerSlam match against Ziggler on Sunday. WWE wrote: “What is Jericho’s physical status after sustaining such extensive damage? How will it come into play at SummerSlam? If Jericho is at less than 100 percent, which is likely, he might not be able to overcome one of WWE’s most talented and most merciless rising stars. Can Jericho dig deep and win a “bigRead More
William Regal isn’t the only wrestler speaking out about WWE’s new list of top 50 villains in pro wrestling history. Former WWE Champion JBL has a new blog up about the listing. He wrote: “I have to say the top 50 greatest heel list by WWE is pretty far off. Forget JBL, I’m too biased to comment on myself, after all who else has had to have a police escort out of a town like I had in El Paso in 2004? That is real heat-and has any heel hadRead More

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Iron Sheik Speaks To WWE About Jinder Mahal Using The Camel Clutch

WWE Hall of Famer The Iron Sheik recently spoke to WWE’s website about SmackDown Superstar Jinder Mahal using the Camel Clutch and he’s not happy about it. WWE noted that Sheik likely won’t return to challenge Mahal anytime soon because he is recovering from ankle surgery. Here are some quotes from Sheik: “First, I want to say hello to all my [WWE] fans. That was my hold, only Iron Sheik hold, and now the Indian man come and use it. He never ask me, never talk to me … andRead More
- We noted earlier that WWE has signed 20 year old women’s wrestler Mercedes KV from the Chaotic Wrestling promotion in the New England area. WWE has also signed Chaotic wrestler Max Bauer to a developmental deal. Both of them will be headed to Florida soon. Mercedes has been wrestling since 2010 was signed after attending a tryout camp earlier this year. Bauer has been wrestling since 2005 and had several WWE tryouts last year. – WWE Champion CM Punk filmed a commercial for WWE ’13 yesterday in Los Angeles.Read More
Yesterday we posted Roddy Piper’s positive reaction to being ranked as the #1 villain in pro wrestling history by a new list on WWE’s website. One Superstar who isn’t thrilled with the listing is William Regal. He wrote on Twitter: “I’m usually immune to such things but I feel completely kicked in the teeth by whoever wrote that list that I’m not even on it. Perhaps I need to show @WWE what being a Villain truly means.” Here’s the full listing of the top 50 villains in wrestling history: 1.Read More
The first inductee in Thunder and Lightning’s Pure Pro-Wrestling Hall of Fame(PPW HOF is how it will be abbreviated) was selected by us, Joe Thunder and Mike Lightning. Going forward, the next inductee finalists will be determined by votes from you, the reader. The two finalists with the most votes will be taken into consideration and the actual inductee will be determined by a voting panel of five judges. That said, I’d first like to thank Mike Lightning for taking the time to do this lengthy write up on ourRead More