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Press Release: WWE Studios Acquires Spec Script Interrogation

WWE issued the following earlier today: WWE Studios Acquires Spec Script Interrogation STAMFORD, Conn., June 8, 2012– WWE Studios (NYSE:WWE) announced today it has secured the rights to Interrogation, a suspense thriller by Adam Rodin. With a bomb set to go off in Las Vegas on one of the busiest betting days of the year, the story focuses on a brilliant interrogator called in to question the prime suspect. As time runs out, we soon learn there’s an even bigger plan in place for both of them. “Interrogation is aRead More

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Photo Of Chris Master’s TNA Tryout At Impact Wrestling

As previously mentioned, former WWE star Chris Masters competed in a dark match prior to Thursday’s live Impact Wrestling taping in Orlando, Florida. He lost to Robbie E. Check out this picture of Masters in TNA:Read More

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Devon Interview: Weight Loss, Team 3D Breaking Up, Impact

TNA Television Champion Devon appeared on the The LAW radio show this week to promote Sunday’s Slammiversary pay-per-view and hype Impact’s new time slot. You can listen to the entire interview at Fightnetwork.com (MP3). Here are some highlights of what Devon said about: TNA’s failed move to Monday nights in 2010: “I know a lot of people would consider it taking a step back, because we did it for a little bit of time, and then we went back to being taped. I look at it as getting our feetRead More
In the latest edition of Fun Time Radio (available at TheMartinezGirlz.com), Shelly Martinez interviews Rod Dovlin of NWA Hollywood and discusses falling in love with wrestling again. “I went to NWA Hollywood in November, and I went there because I needed a B-2 shot of wrestling. I had such a struggling relationship with wrestling. I wanted to love it again, after I did that Smashing Pumpkins video, I wanted to love it again. And so Brian (her photographer) and I go to NWA Hollywood and I fell in love withRead More
- The official website of Florida Championship Wrestling has removed Eli Cottonwood from their roster page, which would indicate that he has been released from his developmental contract with WWE. Cottonwood appeared as a contestant on the second season of NXT, with John Morrison as his mentor. He was the second contestant to be eliminated from the program, following Titus O’Neil. He returned to Florida Championship Wrestling, where he largely appeared in a bodyguard role. – Extreme Championship Wrestling icon Tommy Dreamer is the latest wrestler to be added toRead More
Arda Ocal and Jimmy Korderas spoke to former WWE superstar Haku about the truth behind the famous bar fight between he and Jimmy Jack Funk in 1987 where, according to some accounts, Haku pulled out Funk’s eyeball. http://youtu.be/rAvlk5GLhuIRead More
- Counting down to sixteen days remaining on his thirty-day WWE suspension due to an irresponsible act of denigrating the Brazilian flag at a WWE live event in São Paulo on May 24, Chris Jericho tweeted Thursday, “Wrestlemania 16 was my first and a dream come true. Jericho vs Benoit vs Angle. Ok match. “Just 16 pickup truck Out of money out of luck…” – Maxine is today’s Superstar of the Day on WWE.com.Read More
Ted DiBiase takes the WWE Universe hunting “Mississippi style,” meets with the Army National Guard, and parties with the DiBiase Posse. Subscribe now and watch how the Superstar spends his time “Outside the Ring,” only on WWE on YouTube!Read More
Ryback’s opponents on this week’s WWE SmackDown from Columbia, South Carolina are Tony Andriotic and Kevin Mahoney, known as Michael Freehly and John Skyler on the independent scene. WWE has been announcing Ryback’s opponents from cities that rival the city they are in, to draw a heel reaction from the crowd. Andriotic and Mahoney are announced from Clemson, North Carolina, which is the rival of the University of South Carolina in Columbia. Skyler is actually a South Carolina graduate. Frehley is in the Army Reserve and is heading out toRead More

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Backstage News On Randy Orton’s Suspension; Costs & More

People in WWE are being tight-lipped about the Randy Orton suspension. One source who did comment believes that Orton tested positive due to a tainted supplement. As noted before, the SuperLucha reports that Orton tested positive for Dianabol are not confirmed. SuperLuchas and PWInsider also reported a meeting between Orton and WWE officials to discuss his future last weekend. SuperLuchas named Vince McMahon, Kevin Dunn and Triple H as the officials who met with Orton. One source says that Dunn would not have been part of the meeting as it’sRead More
- Triple H has been added to the WWE SmackDown tapings on June 12th from the Verizon Wireless Arena in Manchester, New Hampshire. – FCW’s Summer Slamarama tour hits the Crystal River Armory in Crystal River, Florida on Saturday, June 16th for a Father’s Day Salute event. Admission is free for kids 16 and under when accompanied by dad. It looks like Ricky Steamboat and his son Richie will be appearing. – We noted before that WWE will be sponsoring JBL’s Seven Summits climb for charity later this month. WhenRead More
Thanks to Christopher Duke for sending this in: The One Wrestling Show with Rory McAllister Every Tuesday at 10pm on Pulse 98.4 www.onewrestlingshow.com Rory McAllister of former WWE Tag Team The Highlanders recently appeared on Scottish radio show The One Wrestling Show. On The Highlanders “fish out of water gimmick”: No, we weren’t happy about that. Robbie and I were trained by the Hard family out of Canada, and we weren’t the biggest guys, so we decided to make our work a lot more aggressive, very old school, so peopleRead More

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Dr. Wrestling:The Chris Jericho Incident

A few weeks ago during the WWE’s tour of Brazil, Chris Jericho was wrestling WWE champion, CM Punk and during the match a Brazilian flag was given to him from the fans. Jericho, the heel in the match, kicked the flag in an attempt to get heat from the crowd, which is usually what a heel is supposed to do in a match. However, the flag incident created a major controversy, reportedly almost getting Jericho arrested at the event. As a result of the flag kicking, Jericho was suspended forRead More

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Dr. Wrestling:Raw

It was recently announced that Raw will be expanding to three hours in July and the initial reaction seems to be more negative than positive, but there are possibilities for another hour of Raw to work well so let’s discuss an expanded edition of Raw. The main concern would be that sometimes it seems as though the WWE struggles to produce a quality two hour show and judging from some of the more recent three hour episodes, an expanded Raw could lead to lackluster TV. Some of the negative reactionRead More

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Dr. Wrestling:Paul Heyman Returns

A few weeks ago on Raw, former ECW booker and Smackdown writer, Paul Heyman returned to WWE TV after nearly five years since he was featured on the botched ECW TV show. On the surface, Heyman’s return is to make appearances to keep the Lesnar storyline relevant and to do the mic work for Lesnar, who is signed for a limited amount of appearances during his WWE contract, but Heyman’s return to TV could have more of an impact on the wrestling business than just his mic work. Heyman hasRead More

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TNA Lawsuit Against WWE Update, SilverVision Back In Action

- The next hearing in the TNA vs. WWE lawsuit that was scheduled for this coming Monday has been moved to July 12 at 9:30 a.m. – SilverVision announced that its production issues have been resolved and WrestleMania 28 DVDs are now available. SilverVision posted the following on their official Facebook page: “I am thrilled to say that the production issues have been resolved and pre-orders will be returning to the website shortly, starting with WrestleMania 28 later today. More will be added over the coming days as we getRead More

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Nuclear Heat On Brock Lesnar: Backstage News On His WWE Future

For those wondering why there has been no mention of Brock Lesnar on WWE television over the last couple weeks, there is said to be “nuclear heat” on Lesnar, some of which stems his recent appearance at the UFC 146 pay-per-view. Brock Lesnar visited the event and met with UFC President Dana White without the advance knowledge of Vince McMahon. Even before the UFC incident, Lesnar has been extremely difficult to deal with behind the scenes. Lesnar was high maintenance during his first run with the company nearly a decadeRead More
– Chris Jericho’s Brazilian flag kicking incident took place at the beginning of his match against CM Punk and the two wrestled for about 8 minutes before WWE officials took action. John Laurinaitis, who was in charge of the WWE crew in Brazil, came to ringside and told Jericho to apologize, which he did. Jericho was not rushed out of the building or the country. He left with the rest of the roster for Ecuador. — With RAW’s ratings on the downswing in recent weeks, another bad viewership trend forRead More

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RAW 1,000 News: WWE Going All Out, The Start Of Hour 1, More

In less than 7 weeks, WWE will mark 1,000 episodes of Monday Night RAW and a new ‘3-hour Interactive RAW’ era begins. With RAW’s ratings lower than WWE and USA Network are happy with, the company plans to go all out to ensure the milestone show is a success. As previously reported, WWE has reached out to 20-30 legends to appear on the show. Additionally, a DX reunion (featuring Shawn Michaels, Triple H and likely other members) as well as a rare television appearance from the Undertaker are expected. It’sRead More