The Miami Herald recently interviewed WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels. Here are highlights from part two of the interview, you can check out highlights from part one at this link. Being difficult to work with during first WWE stint: “If I’m putting on my psychiatrist’s hat and you dig all the way down to the root of it has nothing to do with wrestling or anything else. It just has to do with a young man’s insecurities with himself. Having said that, that can manifest itself in any formRead More
In a WWE.com exclusive, the first ever Undisputed champion of the world, Chris Jericho, discussed the rumors circulating about his return to and departure from WWE. Here are some highlights: On the rumors that he will be departing shortly from WWE: “I’m actually not even here right now. I’m just a hologram that I have sent to all the shows. That’s something that has been kind of funny for this whole return. People have been predicting my early demise from the company for every show. “First it was the dayRead More
– Starship-Pained.com conducted a Q&A with John Morrison on Saturday at the Motor City Comic Con and the former WWE Superstar discussed working with Vince McMahon. “It was great and interesting. He’s a wrestling genius. He has a phenomenal mind. He’s comical. However, what he wanted always conflicted with what I wanted, but he has a clear vision & he had confidence. It was really cool to be around him,” Morrison said. Regarding being ECW Champion, he stated, “It was awesome. Think about all the history. RVD, Tommy Dreamer, Taz,Read More
- Updated numbers from WWE show that the WrestleMania 28 pay-per-view did 1.21 million buys, down from the previously reported 1.3 million buys. – After going through more flight delays, the WWE RAW crew arrived in Brazil around 3am Eastern time this morning. They will hold their first ever show in Brazil tonight from Sao Paulo. – WWE officials feel that the Rotunda brothers have potential to be major stars. Taylor Rotunda worked the recent NXT tapings at Full Sail University as Bo Dallas while Windham Rotunda, the former HuskyRead More
The general feeling within TNA is that Ric Flair will not be back. At least one top star in the company says that Flair quit and TNA is trying to make it look like it’s the other way around. Regarding a return to WWE, some in the company believe he will be brought back because of the WWE Network and because Triple H will go to bat for him to be used again. Don’t expect to see Flair wrestle for WWE because of the retirement stipulation. Flair’s new deal withRead More

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The Two Sheds Review: Guest Booker: Yesterday & Today

What if? It’s a question that’s been asked throughout the history of professional wrestling. What if Hogan faced Flair at Wrestlemania 8? What if Eric Bischoff led the WCW invasion of the WWF? There’s thousands of what if questions you could ask. Now you can add another question to that list. What if WWE purchased TNA? That’s something Kayfabe Commentaries asked in their latest Guest Booker release. Entitled Yesterday & Today it brings together Kevin Sullivan and Gabe Sapolsky. These two have close ties booking-wise. Sullivan was Paul Heyman’s mentor.Read More
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Hey everybody, Geddy Cahoon here with another edition of The Cahoon Run Down for my fans on teh internetz. Today, much like last week, I was at something of a loss for what to write about. We’re currently in that pre-Summer Story lull that WWE always seems to fall into at this time, and accordingly, things are very very boring (For the most part. I still have a massive man-crush on both Damien Sandow and Daniel Bryan) on both RAW and SmackDown. However, in a startling change of pace, IRead More

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Backstage News On WWE RAW Going Three Hours; Internal Reaction

As noted before, a lot of people within WWE don’t expect RAW going three-hours to be a permanent thing, despite what the official announcements have said. There has been a lot of comparing it to when WCW Nitro went three hours years ago. The format of the show is still a work in progress but the idea is to treat it like a pay-per-view event every Monday night with interactive features. Almost all of the feedback coming from within the company has been negative regarding the change. There is aRead More

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Chris Jericho On If He’s Leaving WWE, WWE’s Brazil Tour

* In a new interview with WWE.com, Chris Jericho addressed rumors of him leaving WWE. Jericho stated that he wished people would just “enjoy the ride” rather than guess when he’s leaving. * WWE officially announced that tonight’s RAW live event in Sao Paulo, Brazil has been moved to tomorrow night. The company released the following statement: “Due to travel complications, WWE has rescheduled tonight’s Raw live event at the Ginásio do Ibirapuera in Sao Paulo, Brazil for tomorrow night at 20:30 p.m. All tickets purchased for Wednesday night’s eventRead More

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Alex Shelley To WWE Latest, The Rock’s Movie Pushed Back, RVD

* In an update on Alex Shelley to WWE, the Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer is reporting Shelley has received phone calls from WWE. Shelley has not agreed a deal with the company as of yet. Prior to WWE calling Shelley, he was looking at working in Japan and possibly for Dragon Gate USA. * It was announced today that Paramount’s big G.I. Joe 2: Retaliation movie starring “The Rock” Dwayne Johnson is being moved from this summer to a March 29, 2013 opening. The reason given for the delay isRead More

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WWE Brazil Tour Rescheduled, The Rock’s Movie, Trish Stratus

* We can now confirm that WWE will be moving their Brazilian debut to Thursday, according to a tweet from CM Punk, “San Paulo update:we have a verbal agreement to move the show to Thursday(we get in now late Wednesday early Thursday).Card subject to change.” All WWE Superstars and employees are all been booked on new flights with the majority of the crew not arriving in Brazil until late today. Thursday was originally scheduled as an off day for the tour which has helped WWE. The downfall to WWE usingRead More

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Latest On WWE Travel Issues & Tour, WWE Trademark Updates

We noted earlier that the RAW brand was having trouble getting to Brazil for WWE’s debut there tonight because of flight problems. Some of the SmackDown crew is also experiencing travel issues this morning. Tyler Reks wrote: “Man another bad travel week. Missed the connection cause the 1st flight was delayed. Flying standby & may not get home till 10pm ET.” “From 1st class to economy – at least I’m not stuck in Philly till 4pm though. Now, who am I gonna fight for leg and elbow space…” In anRead More
- A lot of people within WWE are talking about how the company has went back to having pretty much no direction in the storylines. The feeling is that things were looking up after WrestleMania 28 when Brock Lesnar returned but with the People Power era and the push of John Laurinaitis, things have started to go back downhill. – News came out this weekend that over the past few months, WWE officials were discussing Cody Rhodes for a potential feud against WWE Champion CM Punk. This comes after weRead More

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SD Dark Main Event, Regal Talks WCW List, WWE Roundtables

- The dark main event after last night’s tapings saw Sheamus defeat Alberto Del Rio by DQ when Ricardo Rodriguez interfered and attacked Sheamus. – Jim Ross, Michael Hayes, Pat Patterson, “Road Dogg” BG James and Gene Okerlund will be filming new Roundtables segments in Stamford, CT tonight. The topics will be History of Monday Night RAW and Hardcore Wrestling. – William Regal isn’t happy with WWE.com’s list of top 50 WCW stars. Regal, who was ranked #35, wrote the following, “Whoever put together the top 50 WCW superstars onRead More
Thanks to PWMania.com reader Arda Ocal for sending this in: Arda Ocal (@arda_ocal) of The Score Television Network had a chance to speak to WWE Hall Of Famer, Mae Young in this exclusive interview. Highlights: How does she still appear and compete on WWE TV despite her age: “I don’t know, I’m 89 years old and I’ve been wrestling since I was 16 years old. Ive been wrestling for a long time for Vince McMahon and his daddy. I love the wrestling business. I was born to be a wrestler.”Read More
Thanks to PWMania.com reader Arda Ocal for sending this in: – Arda Ocal (@arda_ocal) of The Score Television Network had a chance to speak to WWE Hall Of Famer, “Mr.USA” Tony Atlas in this exclusive interview. Highlights: His thoughts on Hulk Hogan using the trademark “cup to the ear” to the fans. Speaks about how Hulk Hogan was not the first person to do that trademark before. “Georgia Championship Wrestling, I was watching a match one day, and it was a wrestler by the name of Thunderboat Patterson. He wentRead More

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In The Room Radio Recap With UWF Announcer Shawn Credle

This week, Brady Hicks is joined IN THE ROOM by Shawn Credle, the announcer for the Urban Wrestling Federation, as the company prepares for its Turf War pay-per-view this Sunday, May 27th. Check it out as one of the top voices on the independent scene today talks about the growing young promotion, plus the joys of working under Samoan legends such as Afa and Samu in WXW, getting a tryout with WWE, and who are some of the top managers and announcers to ever stand at ringside. All that, andRead More
WWE issued an online survey asking fans if they would be interested in a daily live radio talk show hosted by a ‘popular radio personality’ and WWE Legend. The program would feature WWE news both in front of the camera and behind the scenes, exclusive interviews, call-in opportunities and more. The survey also asks fans whether they listen to podcasts. What is your age? Under 14 14-17 18-24 25-34 35-49 50 or older What is your gender? Male Female Please select the ways you listen to the radio. (Select allRead More

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WWE Responds To Column Stating They Are Barely Above Porn

WWE has responded to a column featured in the Darien Times by editor Joshua Fisher, who stated that WWE is a product “barely above pornography.” Expect lots of similar articles not being kind to WWE with Linda McMahon’s political campaign kicking off. Here is WWE’s response to the column: Dear Mr. Fisher: We are writing regarding your column that appeared in the Darien Times on May 17, 2012, where you state that WWE is a product “barely above pornography.” Although this was an opinion piece, your position as editor ofRead More