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The Miz Speaks On Being WWE Champion, Wrestling Lawler & More

- WWE Champion The Miz took part in a conference call with media yesterday to promote this weekend’s WWE Tribute to the Troops special on NBC. Here are some highlights, courtesy of IGN: What was it like meeting and doing a RAW Slammy segment with little 9-year-old Cayley? Aka “Miz Girl.” Aka “Scowly.” The Miz: [laughs] Yes yes. The angry Miz girl! Aw, man that was arguably one of my favorite moments. That little girl literally made my WWE Championship win. When I got backstage, the only thing anyone couldRead More

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Backstage Impression Of David Arquette At Raw, Extreme Rules PPV

- Everyone backstage at RAW yesterday were very happy to have David Arquette at the show. As I have reported before, Arquette is a big wrestling fan and aware of all the storylines and characters. Unlike some celebrities who only pay attention to the top stars, Arquette was said to have chatted to almost everyone in the locker room. – Tickets for WWE’s Extreme Rules PPV will go on sale this Saturday. The PPV airs 5/1 from Tampa, Florida.Read More

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Confirmed For Tonight’s WWE Raw; 2010 Slammy Awards

Tonight’s episode of WWE Monday Night RAW will be a special 3-hour show featuring the 2010 Slammy Awards. The show will begin at 8pm EST and will take place from the New Orleans Arena in New Orleans, Louisiana. According to the WWE website, the following categories are among those we’ll see tonight: * Superstar of the Year * Shocker of the Year * Match of the Year * Diva of the Year The superstars nominated for Superstar of the Year include John Cena, Kane, Randy Orton, The Miz, Rey MysterioRead More

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Orton Injured, Details On His New Movie & Appearance On LA Ink

Former WWE champion Randy Orton suffered a knee injury on last week’s RAW from Orlando, the night he lost the WWE championship to The Miz. During the segment where Nexus beat down Orton prior to his title defense against Wade Barrett, Nexus member Husky Harris inadvertently caused the injury by kicking Orton in the knee. Orton was kept off Sunday’s live event in Maryland and did not wrestle on RAW, but he’s not expected to miss much ring time. That said, the injury caused quite a scare among WWE management,Read More

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HBK’s Special Announcements, CM Punk’s Raw Commentary, More

- Former WWE star Shawn Michaels continues to hype some “special announcements” he’s going to make on Twitter. HBK wrote this week: “Hope 2 have a few “special” announcements coming in the very near future. We’ll see:-)” – Jerry Lawler, The Miz and Michael Cole were all trending topics (worldwide) on Twitter last night during RAW. – As previously reported, CM Punk was added to the RAW announce team as a way to keep him on television while he rehabilitates a lower back injury. Additionally, Vince McMahon is a fanRead More

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News On Lesnar Working With WWE & Matt Hardy Critiques Raw

– As we saw on Monday’s King of the Ring episode of RAW, footage was shown of former WWE star Brock Lesnar. Lesnar’s name was also mentioned several times throughout the broadcast. According to f4wonline.com, some people within WWE believe Lesnar being mentioned on RAW was a way of getting people talking about the possibility of Lesnar participating in some capacity at WrestleMania. While most have acknowledged that the chances of Lesnar being able to wrestle are virtually impossible due to his UFC contract, Vince McMahon remains optimistic and thinksRead More

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Big Name Considered For WWE Celebrity Appearance, Ziggler

- To update on Dolph Ziggler’s condition, he was getting checked for a concussion after last night’s PPV match, but he seemed fine. – There were no plans for Miz to “cash in” last night and his segment was simply to get him further over as one of the company’s top heels. Miz also poked fun at LeBron James, which may be planting seeds for the future as there has been internal discussion about having him as a celebrity at WrestleMania or as a RAW guest host in the future.Read More

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Legends Backstage At Raw, CM Punk, Wes Brisco & More

- WWE Legends Haku and Harvey Wippleman are backstage at tonight’s RAW in Orlando visiting. – As noted before, WWE has asked one-half of the FCW Tag Team Champions Wes Brisco to come to TV tapings this week and he was at Survivor Series last night. His father, WWE Hall of Famer Gerald Brisco, told Slam! Wrestling the following this weekend: “He just got the call to go to the pay-per-view, Raw and Smackdown this week. I guess they’re going to take a look at him,” he said. “Personally, IRead More

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What Happened After WWE Raw Went Off-Air

- Prior to Monday’s Old School RAW, two matches were taped for Superstars: * Melina and Gail Kim vs. Maryse and Alicia Fox * Yoshi Tatsu vs. Primo. CM Punk joined the announcer’s table during these matches. – After RAW went off the air, Randy Orton got up and took out Wade Barrett with an RKO. The advertised dark match main event of Orton vs. Barrett vs. Sheamus vs. John Cena did not take place. – With Mae Young’s win over LayCool on last night’s RAW, she becomes the onlyRead More

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*Spoilers* For Tonight’s “Old School” WWE Raw

Warning: The following contains *Spoilers* for tonight’s “Old School” WWE RAW: – WWE superstar CM Punk, who is injured and out of action for several months, will be joining the announcing booth tonight. Punk will call the show with Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole. – Aside from the WWE legends already announced for the show, former WWE manager Slick will also be on tonight’s show. The “Doctor of Style” is currently backstage in Hershey, PA. – A PWMania.com correspondent who is inside the arena has informed us that WWE willRead More

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Live News & Notes From This Week’s WWE Smackdown Taping

PWMania.com reader Joe Craven for sent in the following report: * Lot less people in attendance than RAW. Heard talk that people had their seats upgraded after tickets were not sold, all top tier was curtained off when it was full for RAW. * Mason Ryan got a decent reaction as per a brit in England but was quite a lot of boos and it was not surprising Chavo got a good reaction as the Aniversary of Eddies death is this Saturday * Crowd went mad for McIntyre and wereRead More

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Nash Pitches WWE Return Idea, KOTR Guest Host, Great Khali

- Kevin Nash, who recently became a free agent after he and TNA were unable to reach terms on a new contract, went on Twitter on Monday night and pitched an idea to Vince McMahon for him to return to WWE .. Nash, who was a booker for WCW back in the early 2000’s, seems to have the perfect scenario lined up for his return: “Vince let me in the Rumble if I win i get taker at mania.If I lose I’ll join the kiss your ass club the nextRead More

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Vince’s Coma Angle, Concern In WWE About Roster Depth & More

- For those who have emailed us asking about the segment on RAW where Vince McMahon was said to be in a coma, the official WWE website says the situation stems from the beatdown Vince took from Nexus on RAW months ago. – Speaking of that strange McMahon/coma/dream segment from RAW, many within WWE think that Vince McMahon talking about his wife’s Senate campaign was their way of making light of the situation in case Linda McMahon gets blown out today on Election Day. Of course Linda’s campaign is hopefulRead More

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CM Punk Injury Update: Will Miss Up To 3 Months With Hip Injury

After suffering a hip injury at the WWE Bragging Rights pay-per-view, RAW superstar CM Punk underwent an MRI last week and it was determined that he will be out of action for up to 3 months. WWE does not want to lose yet another top character, so creative has been told to write storylines for Punk that will keep him on television without him having to wrestle. There is still a possibility that Punk has surgery some time this week .. Punk might be able to work through the injury,Read More

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Update: Raw Rating Not As Bad As First Reported But Still Bad

After last week’s bowling-shoe-ugly 2.8 rating .. The 9/27 episode of WWE’s Monday Night RAW drew a 2.7 rating (with a household rating of 2.37). RAW averaged 3.80 million viewers over the course of the show. The first hour drew 3.72 million viewers and the second hour had 3.88 million. WWE’s PPV buyrates and TV ratings have been sliding for months, hopefully this week’s number is a wake-up call that serious changes are needed to get fans interested in the product again.Read More

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Jericho Taking Time Off, Paul Bearer At HIAC, Knoxville, Nexus

- WWE Champion Randy Orton punted Chris Jericho in the head after a hard fought match on RAW. The injury angle that took place was done to write Chris Jericho off television for the next several weeks. Jericho will be off for at least two weeks, as his metal band Fozzy will be touring the UK in October. – WWE has confirmed that Paul Bearer will be with The Undertaker for his World Heavyweight Title match against Kane at Hell in a Cell this Sunday. – “Jackass” star Johnny KnoxvilleRead More