Tammy “Sunny” Sytch’s Purse Snatched Late Last Night

WWE Hall of Famer Tammy “Sunny” Sytch revealed on Facebook that she had her purse snatched after leaving a Wawa Wednesday night around 1 AM. Sunny had to have someone watch her car while she wrote a police report and went to retrieve another set of keys for her car.

Also, Sunny was upset that her comments on what she wants in a man leaked onto websites.

“OK….so let me get this straight….I write a joke status about “what I look for in a boyfriend” and it makes Worldwide wrestling website headlines…..I put a post up last night about being MUGGED, a serious matter worthy of a headline, and I find it NOWHERE on ANY website…..HMMMMMMMM. Dontcha think these so-called JOURNALISTS should get their priorities straight and leave my love life alone????”

  • Sean Jones

    No where in the story does it say mugged. And no, a washed up drunk of an ex wrestler does not deserve headlines for anything.

  • bryan

    She behaves like a 20 year ol

  • Jacob June

    She got robbed, not mugged. Why is it so hard for people to know the difference? Getting something taken from you without permission = robbed, getting something taken from you and getting attacked = mugged. There is your lesson of the day.