Tammy Sytch Angrily Responds To Reports Concerning Her Health

WWE Hall of Famer Tammy “Sunny” Sytch angrily responded to online wrestling outlets publishing her Facebook status update where she stated admitting herself to the hospital this week complaining of stomach flu and discovering that she has severe gastroenteritis and an enflamed pancreas. Contrary to her previous post, she adamantly states that she does not have ‘health issues.’

Sytch wrote, “Yo wrestling websites!! are we not allowed to get sick?? Are we super human or something?? get a grip people…at least quote me exactly instead of leaving out the words you dont like….idiots.” She continued, “OK, now Im getting annoyed. Here’s the story: I had a stomach flu, was dehydrated from puking my guts out, so I took myself to the hospital to get fluids… the next morning I was fine… it’s not like I had to call 911 b/c I was dying! ENOUGH!!!! EVERYONE GETS SICK!”

The former WWE Superstar continued to proclaim to her Facebook friends that she is fine.

“IM FINE NOW….. that’s why these dirt sheets are so bogus… it’s not like I have “health issues”, I had a bug! I’ve been completely healthy for 2 days now!” Sytch wrote. “I AM better…been fine for 2 days… Im not dying guys..I was puking for 4 days. I appreciate your concern, but if you keep thinking im still sick, the dirt sheets are just gonna eat it up more.”

Sytch then explained to her cousin what a ‘dirt sheet’ is after believing she was talking about dirty bed sheets.

“Oh cousin… dirt sheets, not dirty sheets. they are wrestling websites that spread gossip,” Sytch wrote.