Taz Speculates On Reason Why WWE Canceled The Undertaker vs. Rusev Match

During the latest episode of his radio show (transcript via wrestlinginc.com), former WWE/ECW talent Taz shared his thoughts on why WWE may have canceled the Casket Match between The Undertaker and Rusev at the upcoming Greatest Royal Rumble event. As noted, WWE replaced him with Chris Jericho.

Taz thinks it had something to do with Rusev’s Tweet below:

“I was surprised that Rusev tweeted this because he’s worked there long enough,” said Taz. “I’m not surprised if, maybe, this is just me speculating… just maybe it’s a situation where WWE got ticked off by his tweet. Basically saying, ‘Well, what is that?’ Basically stooging off that you’re gonna lose the match. You’re basically saying, you know, bury me softly, it’s a Casket Match, so you’re basically saying that you’re doing the job. I can see [WWE] getting ticked off from that. Yeah, I mean, everybody and their mother probably knows that no one’s beating The Undertaker right now, and that’s no disrespect to Rusev, but you know it’s just not gonna happen. But still I got a funny feeling that [the tweet] might have ticked them off.”