Tea Time with Liam: It’s a Gimmick

Hello there readers, Liam here once again, continuing to be the laziest wrestling writer out there. Just a quick little mention here. Pwmania is now the only wrestling news site in which I write for. This is a great website and I hope to be able to write here for the foreseeable future. Enough blabbing on though, lets get on with this. Today we’re discussing Jack Swagger.

So this is the deal with Swagger. He used to be “the all American American.” He took some time off and after his recent return, he’s gotten a new gimmick that some people have taken offence too. That of a somewhat slightly racist American patriot who deems non Americans and illegal immigrants to be sub standard. Since the inception of the gimmick controversies have occurred either through offended fans or idiotic politicians who are using this gimmick as a new way to attack WWE and their policies. What annoys me most in this situation though is that people lack the ability to distinguish the wrestler from the actual real life person.

The Jack Swagger we see on television is nothing but a character portrayed by a professional wrestler. As a heel character all he is doing is utilizing the characteristics of his current gimmick to garner heat from the crowd and to also build sympathy for the faces, thus currently being Alberto Del Rio who coincidently enough is non American. Now if Jack Swagger was using public forums and was out of character when saying these things, I could understand how people would be offended, but the fact remains he is portraying a character on a show.

His current gimmick is not uncommon. Similar characters can been be seen in television shows, movies, video games and in all other types of entertainment branches. Characters designed for people to hate. I question whether or not an actor playing a similar role in a movie or a voice over artist in a video game would be scrutinized so much. Why is it that pro wresting is under the spot light when any issue like this comes along. It seems there are a lot of people who would describe wrestling as fake and pointless, but these very same people are quick to get on the bandwagon when something occurs.

But I bet the WWE absolutely loves the media attention this gimmick is giving them, all publicity is good publicity right, in my eyes Swaggers recent arrest happened at the perfect time because after creating so much controversy with his new gimmick, his mugshot is then plastered over every entertainment news website which of course keeps the publicity coming to the way of WWE. Whether you’re a fan of Swagger or not, this new gimmick has certainly got people talking.

But what people need to remember is this, it’s only a gimmick, I can’t say for one hundred percent because I don’t know Swagger personally, but I seriously doubt he shares those views as a person. But this isn’t uncommon. Just look at someone like The Undertaker. He isn’t really a dead man who lives in the depths of hell and has the ability to send people to hell. it’s the gimmick he portrays but I doubt as to whether someone has seriously believed it was real. In essence his name is Mark Calaway, he hails from Texas.

Kane isn’t really a demonic monster with sociopathic thoughts. He doesn’t wear his mask 24 hours a day. Paul Bearer (RIP) wasn’t his real father. He wasn’t badly burned in a fire and he didn’t really spend the next decade swearing revenge on his brother. It’s all a gimmick. His real name is Glen Jacobs and he’s actually a really intelligent guy who has interests beyond wrestling.

Controversial or not. It’s a show. Seriously if you are legit offended by what you see with the current Swagger gimmick, I suggest you change the channel when he’s on screen, or even better, DVR or Sky+ Raw, then you can even skip the segment he’s in. My opinion of Swagger is simple. I’ve never rated him and I’ve never been a fan but this gimmick I honestly don’t mind it. I understand that he’s simply playing a heel and its working as he’s getting the heat and a few cheers too because of course we know there are people in the world who share the opinion of the gimmick and believe what Swagger says.

The only point I want to stress is that it is a gimmick. So lay off with the complaints and if you really are offended just change the channel.

What is your opinion of the Swagger gimmick? Do you take it as entertainment? Does it offend you?

Before I leave I’d like to request something from the readers. If the Swagger gimmick deeply offends you, please let me know why using the email address at the bottom of the article. I’m fascinated to know what ideally about the gimmick offends you.

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