Tea Time with Liam – Predictability

Hello everybody, Liam here once again with another edition of Tea Time with Liam, still the laziest column around on the internet. Well I’ve already failed my new years resolution in that I wanted to write more often, but in the next few weeks, and hopefully with the help of some of you readers, I hope to change that. It’s been a steady start to the new year in both WWE with a good yet pretty predictable (you’ll see that word a lot in this column) Royal Rumble. The Road to WrestleMania is now in full swing so I’m going to shut up blabbing now and just get on with the column.

I enjoyed the Royal Rumble. The matches were good. It was a very fun show. It was worth the money in terms of entertainment and quality of wrestling. But there was one word that kept creeping up a lot after the Rumble. That word was “predictable.” People have different feelings on predictability in wrestling. Some people feel its logical, some people think its stupid. The fact is it divides opinions. Now I feel predictability is fine in certain circumstances, but there are times when its not such a good thing.

With Raw, Smackdown, NXT, Main Event and whatever other weekly show WWE produces I agree with the fact that I have no right to complain. It can be predictable as it wants and I really have no right or reason to complain as these shows air for free. I will still complain however as it’s just the type of person I am, however I can understand the point of fans when they tell me weekly shows are aired for free so I should be just glad I’m being entertained. I could question what counts as entertainment in WWE right now but I guess that’s for another column.

My issue is with predictable PPV’s like the Royal Rumble. I paid my money to watch this PPV, so I have every right in the world to complain. I don’t want PPV’s to be predictable otherwise is there any real point in watching them? I don’t want to pay £14:95 to watch something in which I can guarantee the outcome. I don’t care if its logical the fact is it’s WWE’s responsibility to make a PPV as good as it can be, but what’s the point in doing it if you spend the four weeks before the PPV, basically telling the fans who is going to win.

Right now I can hear the counter arguments. Well if you watch an action movie you know the good guy will win in the end, If you read a novel, you know the protagonist will prevail. My response to that is simple. I don’t care. I’m not watching an action movie, I’m not reading a book. I’m watching wrestling and as a fan I shouldn’t know who is going to win going into a big match. Wrestling shouldn’t be predictable. If anything, the writers should be making it as unpredictable as possible. Not spending the entire PPV build up around one person.

Once again I can practically hear another counter argument. What about The Undertaker? He comes back once a year. It’s predictable that he’ll return soon and set up WrestleMania with whoever he is facing. And we all know he’s going to win his WreslteMania match so will you complain about that too. I’ll accept that, we all know Undertaker will win. The thing with Undertaker during the last few WrestleMania’s. WWE did a good job of making him look vulnerable and although we know he wont lose at WrestleMania, his matches always deliver. There has been genuine times over the years at WrestleMania when I thought the streak was over and while it stayed in tact, for the whole of his recent matches I did believe it could happen. I guess you can say I bought in to the hype surrounding the streak and I know for a fact that I will again this year.

Just look at the build up to the Royal Rumble, It was all built around one person, John Cena. Who ended up winning the Royal Rumble? John Cena. Practically WWE spent the past four weeks placing Cena on some pedestal where he couldn’t be touched. Think back to the two matches he had against Ziggler. In both matches Ziggler gave every finisher he had, yet Cena prevails and wins with one finisher. Who got the end of Raw promo before the Rumble? Cena did, and yes it was a terrible promo but he still got the end of Raw spot until the brawl took place. I’m not hating on Cena at all here, I just think WWE did a real stupid thing in making it so obvious he was winning. Would it of hurt him to take a loss to Ziggler? No it wouldn’t off. I agree when ever Cena is in a rumble match off course he’s going to be a favourite to win. That’s to be expected. Just WWE shouldn’t make him appear the only viable winner.

What do you think? Is predictability a good thing or a bad thing? Is it okay on free TV? If we pay for it should it still be predictable. Am I completely wrong. Am I complaining too much. Does it really matter. don’t forget to leave your opinion by using the methods at the end of the article.

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