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WrestleMania has came and left and the WWE year starts all over again and for what seems like an age, I’m finally back writing on a Sunday. As always I come to you from that tiny Island known as The United Kingdom. Time for another stimulating edition of Tea Time with Liam. But enough about all that. Lets just get into the column.

Today I will writing about the WrestleMania match between Daniel Bryan and Sheamus which of course you all know by now ended in a eighteen second victory for Sheamus. Now, I’ve deliberately waited a week to write this because I think if I had written this straight after WrestleMania had ended., I may let my emotions as a fan get the better of me. Spending a week to think things . I can give a thorough opinion instead of been clouded by the shortness of the match. It was a very interesting decision and they have multiple rumours circulating from WWE wanting to break a record or WWE just wanting to start the show of with a shock. Throughout the week, I’ve been talking to people and thinking it over myself, asking myself if it was the correct decision. I really don’t like doing that. I don’t like to question WWE’s booking because all I am is a fan and I like my columns to sound like a fan writing about wrestling and not some guy who thinks he knows better than WWE. So what I’m going to do is run through what I liked and disliked about having a eighteen second world heavyweight championship match.

The first thing that annoyed was that people were still entering the arena before the match and many. Now of course even if the arena was already full at the time, all you would have seen would be eighteen seconds. But as for people still getting in the arena. They would have been Daniel Bryan fans there. There would have been Sheamus fans there. Those fans missed the chance to see their favourite wrestler perform at WrestleMania. They pay their money for tickets and they want to see a show.. They finally get to their sears and they see Sheamus holding up the world title. They must be thinking “what’s happened here, I’ve just sat down. How did this happen?” Before they know it, the next match is starting and they’ve missed it. If that was me. If I bought a ticket then got into the arena a few minutes late and heard the world title match was over. I’d feel raw and hard done by. Fans travel from all over the world. Spend a lot of money on tickets. They deserve to see a match. Not eighteen second which consist of a kiss and a Brogue Kick.

Another thing that made me feel bad for both Bryan and Sheamus is that last year, the two of them were bumped of the WrestleMania 27 card and made into a dark match. Now over the past year since WrestleMania 27, they have both worked hard to improve. Bryan has finally started to adapt to the WWE style of wrestling. Sheamus is still maturing but he’s getting better year on year. It was a testament to how hard they worked through the year that took them from a dark match to a world heavyweight championship match live at WrestleMania. I don’t like how they got bumped last year, but the hard work and efforts only granted them eighteen seconds this year. So what will happen next year? Maybe they’ll actually get at least a minute of ring time. Or WWE might be generous and give them two minutes.

After a while. I cooled down and started looking at the bigger picture. It made me think. Could this actually benefit both Sheamus and Bryan? The way match happened. It made Bryan look stupid. They actually made Sheamus look pretty smart. I’m not even sure if this was WWE’s intentions or if I’m simply over thinking the situation. It looks like Sheamus planned what to do. Almost as if he’d been scouting Daniel Bryan. He realised that Bryan often kissed AJ as a sign of good luck. Now Sheamus, knowing the bell had rang and the match had started. He waited for Bryan to take the kiss. Then when Bryan turned around. Brogue kick to the face. In my honest opinion, it made Sheamus look very clever. He knew that the kiss was coming. He used that situation to his advantage. I really do hope that WWE uses that. If they going to give us eighteen seconds, then at least make the winner look smart in what he did.

Daniel Bryan losing in eighteen seconds. It actually fits his current character really well. He’s the perfect chicken shit heel. He can play of this with the whole “I wasn’t ready for the match. I want a rematch. This isn’t fair. Sheamus cheated. Sheamus is a fake champion. I’m Daniel Bryan, give me my rematch.” Since he turned heel and he developed this egotistical streak, It’s as if he was beaten by his own ego. He’s been the chicken shit who has just been able to escape from situations in the past. But Sheamus outsmarted him and suddenly he looks like an idiot. I think the face that this happened to him will end up benefiting him in the long run. As a heel, it’s just going to make him that more annoying, as now he has a lot to complain about.

Now, lets move on to the Brogue kick. I’m not a big fan of seeing kicks as finishing moves. Apart from the Sweet Chin Music. Kicks don’t really do it for me in the sense of ending a match. With the way the match went down. It makes the Brogue Kick look dominant. Plus it is a relatively quick move that can come out of nowhere. And with what Sheamus did on Smackdown last week. Maybe WWE are trying to mould him into a similar fashion such as Stone Cold or to a lesser extent Randy Orton. Moves like the Stunner and the RKO can also come out of nowhere. With the way Sheamus beat down the referee, It was similar to what Austin used to do. I’m not sure that the Brogue kick will be as successful as the Stunner or the RKO. It’s effective because Sheamus is so big, but if he is also meant to be hitting it on people like Big Show and Mark Henry. I don’t see it being a move that can beat them. Sheamus has a lot of fans, myself included and they will get behind the move. It’s a possibility that it could work, but for me, it’s not a finisher.

Let me know your thoughts about Sheamus versus Bryan. Was it a travesty? Did you attend WrestleMania and did you miss the match? Can the result benefit both men? Let me hear your opinions.

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