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Hello everybody once again. Liam here with another riveting edition of Tea Time with Liam. Again this still seems like it’s becoming more of a bi weekly gig than weekly and hey its Monday today so I’m even posting it on the wrong day too. Like I mentioned in my previous article. I am trying to bring this back to weekly but due to a combination of terrible shows and my chronic laziness I’m pumping out every two weeks currently. Will that change? I’ll guess we’ll see what WWE and TNA bring to the table this coming week. Anyway I’m rambling now so lets get on with the article.

I love the concept of money in the bank. When MITB was at WrestleMania. It was always one of the main highlights of the PPV. In recent years, MITB has gotten it’s own PPV. Last years had was one of the best PPV’s of 2011 and although Cena/Punk helped it be great. The two MITB matches delivered the goods. What I enjoy most about MITB is that its able to create history. So far, everyone who has cashed in the MITB briefcase has won the WWE or World title. When a cash in happens. It instantly becomes one of the biggest talking points of the year. The briefcase has been used as a stepping stone. A pathway to the main event scene. A chance to define yourself as a champion. I love watching a mid card wrestler finally make that transition from mid to main. Holding that briefcase starts the transition.

Think about Edge. Started as a tag team. Won the tag belts on numerous occasions. Went to singles, established himself in the mid card for a number of years. He had a few shots at the world title but always came up short. He won the first ever MITB match at WrestleMania 21. Cashing in on Cena instantly put him right up into the main event scene. It took him nine years to do it. Making a name for himself, breaking out of the mid card. Nine long years.

When I think of MITB. That is the thing I want to see happen. I want somebody who has toiled in the mid card, worked his way up to finally get his chance. Just like Edge did. In an ideal world. That would happen. However, with the announcement by Vicki Gurrero on Raw last week. It seems that every member of the WWE title contract MITB match, will be a former champion.

When I heard that sentence my first thought was “why?” Why are you filling the match with ex WWE champions who are all already at main event level? None of the people announced need the briefcase. The case is used as a stepping stone to the main event scene. These people are already there. The case wont benefit them in the same way it would benefit a guy in the mid card. To me it just doesn’t make sense to put main event players in this type of match. Fans always claim that they want to see WWE create new stars. The MITB is the ideal match to do it.

Lets take a quick look at the current four people in the WWE title MITB match.

Kane – Fifteen year veteran in the WWE. Former WWE, World and ECW champion. He won the Smackdown MITB match in 2010. Cashing in on Rey Mysterio on the same night. Since his debut as Kane. He’s always rotated from mid card to main event, with tag team championship runs between. So basically a guy who has been around for fifteen years, won both world titles and been involved in high profile storylines. In my opinion, not really someone who would benefit from holding MITB.

Big Show – Been with the WWE on a off since 1999.Now 40 years old, he’s held the ECW and World title. Like Kane, Big Show has too rotated from the mid to main card and also has a number of tag title reigns. He has currently just finished up a feud with John Cena, notably main eventing the recent No Way Out pay per view in a terrible steel cage match against Cena. Once again, similar to Kane. Him having MITB isn’t needed.

Chris Jericho – What can be said about Y2J? Ironically, he is the man who came up with the concept of MITB. Like Big Show, Jericho has been in WWE on and off since 1999. He’s held the WCW/world title twice, the world title three times and is of course known for being the first ever undisputed champion. Not to mention a staggering nine reigns as Intercontinental Champion. Like both Kane and Big Show, he too has rotated from mid to main, although since his return at the beginning of the year. He’s been consistently in the main event scene. As much as I love Y2J, he’s just another person who doesn’t need to be in the MITB match. He’s accomplished practically everything in the WWE.

John Cena – Mothers, lock up your daughters. Men, lock up your wives, John Cena is on the loose. That was a joke by the way, before I start getting hate mail from angry Cena fans. Hey I can try to be funny when I want. Cena debuted in 2002 and since 2005 has pretty much been the main guy. The face of WWE. The #1 baby face, the face of the brand, what ever you want to label it, Cena is the guy. As I mentioned. He has been in the main event scene since 2005.Two time world champion, ten time WWE champion. With mid card and tag belts too.. Does Cena need MITB? No of course not. MITB is designed to help you get higher on the card. If Cena were to get any higher, He’d likely grow wings and fly far far away. See, I made another joke, please tweet me to tell me how unfunny it was..

So I think by now, you’ve all grasped my point. None of those four men need to hold MITB. And if going of what Vicki said is true, more ex champions will be added over the next few weeks. Between the last six months, each of these men have either competed for a WWE/World title and/or main evented a PPV.

The first thing I heard, I’d post the link if I could find it. I heard somebody mention that this was due to the writing team currently struggling to find feuds for each man in the match so they decided to get them on the card by throwing them all into the match. Now I’ve defended the writing team when they’ve come under criticism. I often talk about how I think they should be given time off. But if the only reason they put these guys in the match was because they couldn’t think of nothing else. That’s just stupid. They’re writers. Isn’t it their job to be able to come up with new and unique ideas?

The thing that is frustrating me the most is that when the MITB match was at WrestleMania. It gave lower and mid card guys a spot on the show. Instead of having one ladder match on a four hour show, We now have two ladder matches on a three hour show. By inserting only ex champions into the Raw MITB, you’re not only stopping younger mid guys on the card, your also devaluing the match when none of the wrestlers really need the briefcase.

What do you think? Is WWE wrong to put ex champs in the MITB? Or is it the correct thing to do. Have I just rambled on and on in this article? Do you feel you could have used these few minutes of your live in a better way. Hey I’m with the jokes again. Remember to tweet me to tell me I’m not funny.

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