Tea Time with Liam: Oh the Boredom

Hello everybody. Feels like such a long time since I’ve wrote those words. After a short absence. It’s time for another edition of Tea Time with Liam. This is less of a wrestling column and more of a mini rant so I apologise in advance. You wont be seeing this stuff from me that often. I always try to be objective. Anyway., hope you enjoy.

Its been a while since I’ve actually sat down and been able to write an article. It will become quite clear as to why that is when you read on. Before I continue. I would like to refer to an article that I wrote around three months ago, maybe a little longer. Now any other person would have a link here right now, but I’m a lazy guy so just take my word for it. In the article. I tried to write about how I felt a season break would be a good thing for WWE. A season break meaning, after Wrestlemania. WWE would be off air for the next two months. I wrote about how it could benefit a lot of different people, from writers, wrestlers and even the fans.

I got a lot of feedback on the article. The majority of it was positive. For the most part, people tended to agree with the points I raised. I remember one person explaining that he was currently burned out from watching wrestling. How he almost watched as a force of habit and saw a season break as a good thing.

Before I continue with this column. I’d like to state that its primary focus is Monday Night Raw. At the moment I’m actually enjoying Smackdown. It may have its stinkers occasionally, but for the most part it’s a good show. I’m focusing on Raw. Its considered the “A” show, the flag ship show. The show which apparently sets the standard on what a wrestling show be like in North America.

Now the reason I referred to my previous article is simple. At the moment, when I’m watching Monday Night Raw. I’m bored. Oh so very bored. I’ll keep referencing that previous article during this to show how my idea could of prevented this.

As I always see. This column is one hundred percent my own opinion. You, the reader could have a totally different opinion to mine but to me, for the past six or seven weeks. Raw has been totally sub par, sometimes becoming unbearable to watch.

There was once a time where I would watch Raw religiously but now I’m at the stage where if I fall asleep during Raw, or happen to miss the first hour or so it no longer bothers me. In my mind I know that I wont of missed anything major or decent. It’s common knowledge that every year, the period of time between Wrestlemania and Summerslam, WWE tends to slow down and plods along again until things begin to pick up. But WWE classes themselves as a sports entertainment company. They should still be at least attempting to entertain the fans during this down period. Aside from the Punk/Bryan match we got on Raw last week. I can’t recall watching a recent edition of Raw and actually enjoy it.

This is why I mentioned my previous article. If the down time happens every year. Raw gets boring. Ratings go down. Wouldn’t a season break be so much more beneficial. Instead of pumping out these annual bad shows. Instead of wasting the money to produce a show the size of Raw. Instead of burning down the wrestlers. Why not just stop for two months? Give people a rest. The writers as well as the wrestlers. I mention the writers for one specific reason. You all recall Big Show’s recent heel turn. You remember how is was stated how no contracted person could interfere in the match between Cena and Laurinaitis? We all know the huge botch where Laurinaitis claimed that he signed Big Show before the PPV.

Some people called it lazy writing. I’m not so sure. To me it just shows that the writers aren’t on top form right now. Having to write two different two hour programmes every week must be difficult. Hell I write these short columns and by the end I get a little tired. Imagine having to write two scripts a week. They have a big period which leads up to Wrestlemania which has a lot of Raw’s to fill. I expect these writers will be working all out to make every Raw leading up to Wrestlemania big to grab those extra PPV buys.

In a way I feel for them. Pumping out show after show. It must be quite demoralising for them to look at the current ratings of the show. I know the ratings don’t tell the whole story but right now, they’re not exactly brilliant.

Before I sat down to write this. I took a look at the current WWE roster and took a list down of some of the people on there who are under contract, but who are not currently on television for one reason or another. These people are –

Brock Lesnar
Evan Bourne
Rey Mysterio
Mark Henry
Randy Orton
Wade Barrett
The Undertaker
Triple H

Now, not everyone on the list has main event status. But of that group of people. How much better would Raw be right now, if those guys were around. The main event of roster of WWE is thin right now. Which I also believe is the reason for the slightly more average shows right now. With so many people out. Things start to become repetitive.

WWE doesn’t stop. If this trend continues to around summer lam time. We could possibly have another two months worth of bad shows. As I said earlier. The rating doesn’t show the full picture. But what it does show is that people aren’t tuning in for one reason or another. I consider myself a loyal WWE fan. Still to this day I try to enjoy what I watch, but some aren’t enjoying and their choosing to do other things on a Monday night. I don’t blame those people at all.

I watched the live episode on Impact this past week. It was the first time I’d watched an episode of TNA for years. For the most part. I enjoyed what I watched. Apart from Punk/Bryan on Raw. When I watched TNA this past week. I enjoyed it way more than any of the recent episodes on RAW. That’s me with basically no knowledge of what is going on in TNA. I didn’t know the storylines or the champions. I’m not trying to start any WWE vs. TNA argument here because it’s pointless to do that. But it did surprise me how much I enjoyed Impact. I may even watch it again this week.

WWE is stuck in a rut. It will likely continue until Summerslam arrives. As fans, there isn’t much we can do to change things. The WWE seems happy to mull along this time of year. Fans make their choices during these times. Do they stick with it and wait for things to get better or will turn off for the next few weeks with the satisfaction that you know you probably wont miss anything ground breaking.

That’s it for now. I actually want to kind of apologise for this. It seems this has been less about wrestling and more of me ranting. But when I don’t have much to write about. I can’t do much.

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