Tea Time with Liam: TNA/No Way Out Thoughts

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to another riveting edition of Tea Time with Liam. A column that originally was weekly but due to my chronic laziness has turned into a bi weekly column recently. With that been said, wrestling isn’t great at the moment so at least I have an excuse. Man even my into is getting shorter. Okay I want to touch on TNA for a moment today, then list my No Way Out predictions and hopefully if I haven’t bored you to death and you reach the end. I want to let you guys know about an extremely cool charity event which is happening very soon. Okay so lets get on with the soon to be again weekly Tea Time with Liam.

TNA, Impact, whatever you want to call it. If you asked me six months ago what was happening in TNA, I honestly would have had no clue. I was a WWE fan, TNA annoyed me, I felt it was stupid and a WWE retirement home. I slandered it without really taking notice what was going on there. When Impact went live around a month ago, I finally gave in and sat down to watch an episode. It wasn’t great, but it wasn’t bad and it was also a damn sight more interesting than Raw has been lately. Yes it took me a while to catch up with what was happening in storylines but now I feel I’m with the programme instead of playing catch up.

It was refreshing to watch something that wasn’t WWE and it was also nice to see some of the ex WWE people who I hadn’t seem in a long time perform. Bully Ray is just fantastic right now. Probably up their with the current top heels in pro wrestling. I heard stories about how TNA was the place ex WWE’s go to pick up a pay check. I didn’t see that at all. What I saw was a Wrestling company striving to make it to the next level. TNA has some awesome talent on the roster.

I watched Slammiversary. I thought it was fantastic. I know they weren’t in Orlando, If I recall it was Texas but the crowd was amazing. People always say they wish Impact was on the road more. I enjoyed the show so much. I was just so surprised that I was enjoying TNA so much more than the WWE. I know people, myself included have ripped on TNA in the past. And I would never stop watching WWE. But now TNA is becoming a weekly thing in my life. It hasn’t quite hooked me yet, but if it continues to impress me, I’m not sure what will happen.

Okay, that was rather a short piece on TNA. Expect more TNA focused columns from me in the future. Now time for No Way Out Predictions.

Brodus Clay vs. David Otunga

I like the idea of pre shows on youtube. Although I doubt they actually persuade many people to order the PPV by doing pre shows. With that being said. I’m happy these two are on a pre show rather then wrestling on the main card. I don’t like Brodus Clay at all. I know the kids love him. But I don’t find myself being entertained by an overweight dancing man. I do actually like Otunga. The snide lawyer gimmick is good for him, ring wise he could improve but I think he could have a decent future. My guess here is that Brodus wins in about five minutes, so we’ll get twenty five minutes of Cole, Lawler and Booker trying to convince everyone to order the show.

Winner – Brodus Clay

Christian vs. Cody Rhodes

Really looking forward to this match. I’m a huge fan of both guys and actually think both of them are perhaps beyond the need for an IC belt and both could hang in the main event picture. Christian has already shown that he can. When Cody lost to The Big Show at Wrestlemania. I hoped that then he would be propelled to the main event. With that been said. A top quality match with Christian could do nothing to hurt his chances at all. MITB isn’t too far away now and barring Wade Barrett returning before then, I see Cody holding the briefcase. So for now. I’m saying Christian will win in what will be a very good match. I wish he was in a better position than IC champ but the long Rhodes run and a extended run for Christian can only help the prestige of the title.

Winner – Christian

Layla vs. Beth Phoenix

Layla beat Beth at the last PPV. Since then I can’t recall any major interaction between the two divas. They had a good match at Over the Limit. It was nice to see two divas who looked good and who could wrestle as opposed to talentless good looking girls. As much as it hurts me to say. I don’t think baby face Layla has gone over with the crowd. Probably doesn’t help when she kept her Laycool music. As annoying as she and McCool were. I feel that Layla would be better as a heel. I see no reason for her to lose the belt. She trying her best to get over and is working hard. I’m picking my fellow English person for the win

Winner – Layla

Sheamus vs. Dolph Ziggler

I want this to be an awesome match. Match of the night. I want Ziggler to be outstanding. I feel bad for Del Rio for getting concussed and all that, but frankly, I don’t see much him in anyway. I feel this match would be better than Sheamus/Del Rio. What I love most about Ziggler is that he can see practically anything and he’s damn good at selling them too. All be it a little over the top sometimes, I think it does add that little bit extra to the match when you see him sell a huge move and you’re like “OHHHH” Ziggler, is in a similar situation to Cody Rhodes. On the cusp of the transition from mid card to main event. With Randy Orton currently out, Sheamus is the top face on Smackdown and will likely retain the belt. Ziggler will have to wait a little longer.

Winner – Sheamus

CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Kane

Crazy chicks. Damn crazy chicks. Three men, one woman, one title. What is the main prize? AJ or the WWE title? I’d take AJ over the crappy looking belt any day of the week. I think the obvious thing is that AJ will help one of the guys win the title. WWE has tried their best to throw a curve ball by having AJ interact with all three guys going into the match. Oh and that kiss she planted on Kane. I’m not surprised be bolted to the back. If I had to guess. His first port of call would of likely been the bathroom. Okay terrible thoughts there. Lets move on. Triple threats a simple to work out. Heels team on face, heels break up. They all take turns on the mat, so two guys can work. I like Kane. I like how we went from fighting Zack Ryder on Youtube, then to WWE title match.

Kane is here to take the fall I think. The question is who gets the pin, Punk has been champion since November. Longest reign I can remember for a while. Bryan is just so damn hot right now. Okay my final thought. AJ will somehow help Bryan win the match. Bryan will pin Kane for the victory. This will also set up some future rematches between Punk/Bryan so everybody is a winner.

Winner – Daniel Bryan

Ricardo Rodriguez vs. Santino Marella (Tuxedo Match)

So the US champion is wrestling on the card? Good, finally. Wait what? He’s wresting against a ring announcer. Awww man. I don’t care who wins. The shorter the match the better. I don’t find Santino funny at all and I know Ricardo wrestles in FCW. Just make him announce or wrestler. Stop the unfunny comedy. The time spent on this could go on something much more worthwhile. With that been said. I have to pick a winner. So Santino gets it.

Winner – Santino and my bladder

John Cena vs. Big Show (Steel Cage match)

If Cena wins. Johnny is fired. If Show wins, Cena is fired. Anyone remember the last time Cena was fired. He still showed up on Raw each and every week until he was “reinstated.” How many people who are “fired” on TV actually stay away. I don’t like the stipulation at all. We’re not stupid WWE. We know you’d never fire Cena. I like Larinaitis. Although he probably has been featured a little too much recently. Just scale him back slightly and he’ll be fine. It’s plausible that with his current divorce. Cena might want to take a little time off so him losing wouldn’t be that surprising. The only way would be how he would lose. A Vince McMahon heel turn. Seen it all too many times. Cena and Show have feuded in the past. I still remember that epic spot where Show choke slammed Cena through a spot light. Might be a bad idea putting Big Show in a cage, limiting a big guys ability to move isn’t a good thing. This could be a good brawl. Interference outside the cage is more or less guaranteed with people like Laurinaitis and Vince if he’s there. No matter the victor. I don’t see a firing. What the hell. Cena wins.

Winner – John Cena

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