Ted DiBiase Having Surgery After All, But Not On His Ankle

Ted DiBiase was injured at Tuesday’s SmackDown tapings in a match with Jinder Mahal that was taped for Superstars. After initial reports that DiBiase had broken his ankle, the WWE website reported that DiBiase suffered a “Grade 2 tear [on a 3-tier scale] to his deltoid ligament, and he also sustained a calcaneal fracture, or a heel bone fracture.” The report stated that he will be out of action for several weeks.

DiBiase underwent an MRI on Thursday to determine the severity of the fractured ankle and tweeted the following on Thursday evening:

“Update: torn ligament and small break, but NO torn tendon which means no surgery! Again, thank you all for your encouragement!!”

Despite that good news, DiBiase has decided to undergo surgery anyways, but no on his ankle. DiBiase tweeted on Friday:

“Well, looks like I’m going under the knife after all. It’s not my ankle, it’s my shoulder. I’ve been working through a lot of pain for the past year. Since I’m down with the ankle, I’m going going to go ahead and fix the shoulder. And I’m coming back #CountryStrong!!