Teenage Girls Don’t Like New WWE RAW Women’s Champion Bayley

We have a new Raw Women’s Champion, and it’s Bayley.

Charlotte Flair’s continued disregard of both Bayley and Sasha Banks finally came back to haunt her this past Monday on Raw. “The Boss” helped “The Huggable One” seal the deal and achieve her girlhood dream of winning a Women’s Championship on Raw, thus ending “The Queen”‘s fourth reign with the title.

While many fans were happy to see Bayley achieve her lifelong dream, on the flipside, it turned off a huge segment of the viewing audience: teenage girls.

Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that 38% of teenage female viewers turned off Raw before the main event. He says this is one of the biggest drops in the history of Raw, calling it “insane.”

“If you think … the Bayley character draws teenage girls, it’s like absolutely the opposite,” Meltzer said.

You can listen to what Meltzer said about Bayley here.

  • Joshua

    Teenage girls are also Reigns fans so who really cares about them?

  • David Moraga

    I’m happy Bayleys champ.. Whether you like or hate her.. Someone’s never satisfied..

  • Yusei Asakura

    These are also the same ones who likely watch Total Divas ….I can also come up with Stats that’ll probably be declared “Newsworthy”

    Like 50% of Wrestling fans who like Anime support Sasha Banks and The New Day.

    60% of UUDD’s viewers now have a different view of some wrestlers including Bayley Seth rollins the Usos and AJ styles

    20% of wrestling fans still think wrestling’s fake so the injuries have to be fake


    One of the biggest drops in history? Who knew teenage girls made up such a large demographic?

  • Darren Zancan

    So three girls turned it off? Because I doubt 13-to-17 year olds watch Raw.

  • Richard Edmondson

    I would say Bayley has a huge fan base from the younger generation of boys and Girls. Her title reign will be short anyhow lol she is either going to be stripped of the title on raw or she will drop it back to Charlotte at Fastlane.

  • autobotrule

    There will be a protest outside the WWE Headquaters Monday by the immigrant workers as they do not have enough representation in the Women’s Division!!!

    • William

      Isn’t Bayley Hispanic? Pamela Rose Martinez I think is her name, she might be born in California. But I’m sure she faces the same struggles. I swear ever since the last election I’ve seen an increase in ignorance, stupidity, racism and sexism

  • http://marcktvmovies.blogspot.mx/ Marck-WWEDivas

    I hate those girls, they comment without knowing a shit, I’m not an expert but those girls are stupid, just talk because they have mouth.

    • Dime

      Learn to English, moron.

      • http://marcktvmovies.blogspot.mx/ Marck-WWEDivas

        I’m doing that, thank you. 😘