Tentative Card For WWE WrestleMania 28 PPV – Big Matches

– Based on early talk, here’s what looks to be the tentative card for WrestleMania 28 so far:

* The Rock vs. John Cena

WWE Title Match
* CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho

* Triple H vs. The Undertaker

* Big Show vs. Shaquille O’Neal

* World Heavyweight Title Match

* Money in the Bank Ladder Match

* Divas Match

  • Jack Wickham

    Undertaker vs HHH again?


    im hoping they swap HHH and Jericho i think that would result in the best story lines. And I feel like HHH/Punk won’t get pushed to the back burner when Rock/Cena really starts to get going. 

    Also I’m hoping we get an IC Title Match with Cody defending it.

    • Azwlegend

      i agree its been too long since the ic title has been defended. wm 19-24 there was no ic title match. the last one i can recall is wm 25 with mysterio and jbl

  • Kyle

    Not interested in Shaq wrestling. Why waste a match spot on HHH? He’ll pry let himself win so he has the title of the guy who ended Taker’s streak, which is a stupid idea. I would get the record to 20-0, then next year help a younger star(Wade Barrett) by allowing him to end the streak. It’s a waste if HHH does it. If Jerhico is scheduled for a title shot at wrestlmania, I bet he wins the royal rumble.

  • Azwlegend

    i agree with you futpd. even though hhh taker was a great wm match last year, i dont see how it could work. taker has beaten hhh hbk and kane twice at wm. jericho would definitely be a prime choice to face taker. cuz #1 jericho puts on a great match and #2 taker and jericho really ever faced each other before especially on a grand stage like mania.

    to kyle: barrett is also a good choice for takers match at mania

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002939643566 Scott Woods

      rather see jericho vs tacker not barrett that be a shit match

  • Kyles

    Azwlegend: id save Barrett for next year when Taker’s record is 20-0, and then give him that extra boost with ending it. Although, I do think Barrett is a good choice to lose to Taker this year, then exact his revenge next year. I’ll be very disappointed if A. Taker has to face Hunter, B. if they don’t allow the record to reach 20-0, and C. If they waste they ending of the streak on HHH. Though I could see that assclown using his pull to get the title of the guy who ended the streak.

  • Flyingfroggy316

    Would somebody please tell WWE that we don’t want most of this?  Nobody wants to see Taker face HHH again(It should be kane), nobody wants to see Big Show vs. Shaq, and if you’re going to put on a multiple person match to get more faces on the card, you could easily do better than an MITB match.  Oh, I don’t know, maybe a six-man elimination match for one of the mid-card titles.  We get two MITB matches a year now, and that’s enough of a good thing.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002939643566 Scott Woods

      all of these matches are great what are you on about

    • Paganc25

      ok yes we dont want to see hhh and taker again but im pretty sure no one wants to see kane and taker for the the third time. second if u check there calender MITB is no longer a PPV so it make sense to put it back on the card plus its alot more exciteing the a six man elimination. you are right about show vs shaq that is stupid, but the media would be all over it and get tons of attention.

      • Decycle69

        it will not be big show vs shaq  it will be big show vs mark henry for the world heavy weight title