The 50 Best Professional Wrestlers Of 2011 Named

For the eighteenth year, Power Slam magazine presents The PS 50, which ranks the 50 best-performing wrestlers in the industry. Rankings in The PS 50 are basted on grapplers’ in-ring showings over a 12-month period (December 1, 2010 through November 30, 2011).

1. Hiroshi Tanahashi
2. Randy Orton
3. Davey Richards
4. Prince Devitt
5. Shingo Takagi
6. Christian
7. Kurt Angle
8. C.M. Punk
9. Kota Ibush
10. Takashi Sugiura
12. Go Shiozaki
13. PAC
14. Akira Tozawa
15. Hirooki Goto
16. Eddie Edwards
17. BxB Hulk
18. Tetsuya Naito
19. AJ Styles
20. Shinsuke Nakamura
21. Masaaki Mochizuki
22. Bobby Roode
23. Rey Mysterio
24. Kenny Omega
25. Sheamus
26. Antonio Cesaro
27. CIMA
28. Katsuhiko Nakajima
29. Masato Yoshino
30. Chris Hero
31. Dragon Kid
32. Jay Briscoe
33. Ricochet
34. Mark Briscoe
35. Kevin Steen
36. Yuji Nagata
37. James Storm
38. Dolph Ziggler
39. Daniel Bryan
40. El Generico
41. Alberto Del Rio
42. Ryusuke Taguchi
43. Austin Aries
44. Jeff Jarrett
45. Kofi Kingston
46. Bully Ray
47. Christopher Daniels
48. The Miz
49. John Morrison
50. Kenny King

*VIDEO* Daniel Bryan wins title at WWE TLC

  • Rachel

    Why the hell is Randy Orton 2?

  • Kyleswood85

    Agreed, Randy Orton is not worthy of being on the list. His wrestling skills are as bad as Cena, as well as his move selection. Ever match is the same…snap power slam, his crappy back breacker, superplex, that stupid hanging DDT of the ropes, then his crappy version of the diamond cutter.

    • JamesRossiter

      You’re an idiot.Match with Ziggler on raw was epic,His Series with christian which lasted 3 or 4 ppvs were awesome,Made Henry have his best match ever at Night of Champions,No DQ match with CM Punk at extreme rules was one of the best matches of the year and is now bringing wade Barret to main event status.

  • Nicolinot1

    Dolph ziggler should be in the top 10! Randy at the bottom

    • Kyleswood85

      I totally agree, Ziggler is a break out star of the year, damn good wrestler, fantastic heel too