The Bella Twins Discuss John Cena vs. Daniel Bryan, The Rock Praises Tamina Snuka (Photo)

– The Bella Twins appeared on the NFL Network’s “NFL AM” and discussed the John Cena vs. Daniel Bryan match at WWE SummerSlam. Nikki mentioned that the family has been placing bets on who would win, with more bets coming in on Cena. When asked if they’ve been having any “sisterly squabbles” over the match, Brie replied, “We’re Mexican-Italian, are you crazy, of course!… When we’re watching this at SummerSlam, we’ll have to be in separate rooms.”

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– Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson commented on Tamina Snuka’s journey into the WWE. Here is what he wrote on his official Instagram account:

“10 years ago my cousin, Sarona Snuka divorced, decided to go back to college to complete her education and be a great example for her two beautiful little girls she was raising – all while working as a janitor. Today, she’s one of the WWE’s most successful Divas, a proud (and hot;) single mom who will be making her big screen debut w/ me in HERCULES and more importantly, a shining example to women of all ages around the world that thru endless hard work you can achieve anything when you make up your mind to achieve it. #Inspiration #SweatEquity #Respect #WeAlwaysActSillyAsHell”

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