The Breakdown: Sounding Off On CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, The Internet Wrestling Community & More

It’s been a long time, but I’m back with the Breakdown! I’ve been on a self-imposed vacation, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. See, I love wrestling. I have loved it since I was a 6 year old kid. In fact, it’s what I’ve wanted to do for as long as I can remember. But I have to be honest…my fandom is being tested. And before most of you sit back and smile, it’s not for the reasons you all may believe. My fandom is being tested because of you, the fans. I’m not talking to one person in particular, but the fans have been the worst I’ve ever seen in my near 20 years of watching wrestling. From hijacking shows for your own amusement, to only supporting who you want, to massive hypocrisy in your reasoning for doing things, to criticizing something before it even happens…I can’t enjoy an episode of Monday Night Raw without worrying about when the fans are going to ruin the experience for me by chanting Daniel Bryan during someone else’s segments or clamoring for CM Punk when he isn’t even in the company. This is why my “vacation” couldn’t have come at a better time.

See, if I had written this column a few days ago like I planned, it would have been the most vitriolic, offensive, disrespectful column in the history of this site. Thankfully, my schedule has been horrible (as it always is), and I had a chance to cool down. I’m still incensed, but I have a MUCH clearer head. Needless to say that for a wrestling fan, this has been one of the craziest times we can ever remember. And I’m going to break my thoughts on it down. But before I do that, I have to address the point of this column: the IWC fans. Sit back, this isn’t going to be nice.

First off, let me actually acknowledge that I know I am a part of the IWC. I’ve written columns for 4 years, been an online reader of dirt sheets and wrestling sites for years longer, and been a fan for 20 years. I realize that I am one of you. However, I despise you. You being the IWC of course. I hate the IWC. I hate their “me against the world” attitude. I hate their justifications for the asinine things they support. I hate their anti-establishment philosophy. More than anything, I hate their incessant bitching about everything, which is almost always completely hypocritical and ever changing.

There are certain IWC arguments that make me want to impale my eyes with an ice pick. Triple H does not live to bury people, and did not scheme his way into the McMahon family. Is it so hard to believe that the guy fell in love? John Cena is not a horrible wrestler and the cancer of wrestling. And Daniel Bryan and CM Punk aren’t the second coming of Jesus. Everything in the IWC is complete hyperbole or total anarchy. And that’s absolutely ridiculous. There’s no clarity, no logic.

I understand that Daniel Bryan is the most over superstar in the business right now. I also understand that the fans want him to be the guy. What fans don’t realize is that there can be more than one “guy.” It’s ridiculous that the IWC LOVED the Royal Rumble until Rey Mysterio was number 30. This is hysterical to me considering that Daniel Bryan was never scheduled for the match, and one person made you dislike a 3 and a half hour Pay-Per-View. On top of that, the next night on Raw, part 2 of the story was brought into play with Triple H and Stephanie acknowledging Bryan’s omission, and Bryan “raging against the machine.” Seriously IWC, DO YOU NOT REALIZE THAT THIS IS A WORK??? You all are so caught up in the Bryan fever and the appropriately named “Yes movement” that you forget that we’re watching a scripted show. To think that Triple H and Vince have so little understanding and so much disdain for certain wrestlers that they wouldn’t do what’s best for business is, once again, asinine. Vince hired Eric Bischoff for God sakes. Eric FUCKING Bischoff!

And that brings me to CM Punk. All you supporting him walking out on all of us, you guys make me weep for humanity. To think that an employee walking out on his company with 6 months on his contract left is a good thing??? This employee wasn’t sexually or physically harassed, he wasn’t mistreated, he wasn’t maligned, and while he may not have received exactly what he wanted, he was a willing participant in a business in which you know what you’re getting into. So, to those fans who feel that his walkout was the right thing to do, let me ask you this. When WWE comes to your town without CM Punk, are you still going to support him then? When you’re watching WrestleMania without him, are you going to still support him then? All those T-Shirts you’ve bought, and action figures and DVDs you have, and the shows you watch just because he’s on there.when you realize that all of that is gone because he got upset with not getting what he wanted, will you still support him then?

Everyone who’s ever walked away from the WWE in a controversial way has come back and regretted doing that. If not for the fact of being respectful and professional, they missed the money and accolades that come from being part of the biggest sports entertainment company in the world. If Punk really felt that things weren’t right for him, talk it over with management. Come to an agreement. Plenty of wrestlers do it all the time. But just walking out and going home accomplishes nothing, except for giving a big fuck you to the millions of people who adore you.

Let me give you a scenario so I can eloquently describe how I feel about the Punk walkout, and how it will (or won’t) affect “change”. Imagine you had a girlfriend that you love and have been with for a long time. You have had issues and fights with her often, even threatening to leave at one time or another, but largely, you love each other and stay together. You start to feel that things just won’t work, and you’re ready to leave. If you leave in a fluster after a huge argument, don’t you think the message you were sending to her (change) will be lost? Don’t you think she’ll just be angry and let that be the final note on the situation?

Instead, why don’t you leave at a good, stable point? If you’ve really made your mind up that the relationship is over and talking doesn’t do any good, why not leave when things are stable? That way, she’s forced to see that you’ve had your breaking point, you’re not even mad, the situation’s just too bad that you have to leave. That way, it forces her to think about the situation and not feel alienated or attacked.

So then, let’s talk about big Dave Batista. I’ve never seen the IWC turn on a guy so quickly. 3 weeks ago, the world was excited about the return on a 6 time World Champion, and the one guy who could legitimately say he was on par with John Cena this generation. What happened? Was it the skinny jeans? Was it the fact that he cut a simple but subpar promo? (For the record, he’s NEVER given good promos.) Was it the fact that he was BOOKED to win a match? It’s funny to me that Batista is hated for coming back and immediately getting a title shot, but when The Rock, Chris Jericho, and to a lesser extent Christian all did the same, no big deal. Look, I don’t think Batista should’ve won the Rumble either, but I’m willing to give more than TWO FUCKING WEEKS to see where this story is going. For all you guys know, the plan could’ve been for a heel Batista to take on a face champion in Daniel Bryan for WrestleMania. Yes, the rumors were him VS Randy Orton but that could’ve been total bullshit. But give the damn guy a chance to do something.

Here’s the part about this entire Bryan/Punk/Batista story that is the most implausible. Most fans DEMAND that Bryan main event WrestleMania, as in participate in the last match of the night for the title. This is what Punk supposedly walked out for. Now fans are saying that Punk DESERVED that spot. However, Punk was scheduled to face Triple H at WrestleMania. He apparently thinks this is beneath him (as he felt last year, facing THE UNDERTAKER!). Now, because he’s left, the plan is seemingly for Bryan to face Triple H in a match that makes the most sense. In these 4 scenarios, the IWC have all begged for each of them to happen at a different point in time. How about you just pick one thing and stick with it, IWC. If you add the Batista factor, one can point to how the IWC begs for a return to the Attitude Era and clamor’s for older stars to return like The Rock, Stone Cold, and Shawn Michaels. Batista was born from that era (he started at the tail end, and was the 1B draw of his generation, with Cena being the 1A). Batista, for all his flaws, is a proven draw in the eyes of the fans and the public. Punk and Bryan, not so much. The end goal of the business is to draw money and sell tickets and shows. In theory, Batista does that. So what’s wrong with Batista getting a title match, Punk having his moment in the sun with Triple H (in a match that could be played as bigger than the title), and Bryan having his moment? In fact, what if Bryan’s moment was against Batista? And where does this leave Randy Orton? The guy’s held the WWE World Heavyweight Championship consistently for 6 months and had a hell of a heel run. So we just shit on him because he’s not who we want? On one hand you beg for change, and on the other hand, you beg for the status quo. Who’s the problem here? WWE or the IWC?

I recently had an argument with some wrestling fans on another website about WWE possibly bringing back Stone Cold Steve Austin as a means to bring back CM Punk, and giving them a WrestleMania match. My argument was that doing that would be the exact same thing the fans are revolting against and CM Punk walked out on. Bringing a part timer (in Austin’s case, most assuredly a one off) to headline over the other full time guys who busted their ass all year is exactly what is the major complaint about Batista headlining WrestleMania, and he’s signed to a full time, 2 year contract. Their argument was that the match would be great and they’d want to see it.

Ladies and gentlemen, that’s the exact reason why I hate the IWC. In one word, hypocrisy. I’d LOVE to see CM Punk, but I’d also love to see Batista VS Randy Orton, Triple H VS CM Punk, and Daniel Bryan VS Sheamus. But, unlike most of you, I back up what I say. I’m consistent in my thoughts, feelings, and words. And, I’m a true wrestling fan that will support the business and continue to see the good in it regardless of the “fans” who try to hijack the company into doing what THEY want.

What do you think? Comment below with your thoughts, opinions, feedback and anything else that was raised.

  • Siddharth Tripathi

    whats your dream WM 30 card wrt to current story lines going on?
    1) Worthy Main event?
    2) Undertaker streak match?

    • Rey Ca$h

      Relevant to current storylines? I’m actually fine with an Orton VS Batista match, so long as the story makes sense. But I’d be good with a Bryan (as champ) VS Batista (heel challenger) match too. And I only WANT Taker to face Cena, but a Taker/Brock slugfest would be fun to watch.

  • Mike

    I fully agree on most of your points in this article actually. However, I respectfully disagree about Batista. That is just one man’s opinion. I don’t know if he was 1B to Cena. Just being built at Mania 21 like Cena doesn’t equal to him. Edge, Orton, HHH and others were just as good as Batista. Also, for me being a HUGE Punk fan, I understand the walk out if it has to do with pain and injury. However, if it is just an angle with HHH then he is in the wrong. Also, that’s high profile and if he went over (and should with Trips being an exec at this point, face it, HHH never needs to win again, just strong showings), he beat the office in the fans’ eyes just like we want. Even Cena is stepping down (as much as I love Bray) to face an up and comer. My Mania main event would have been to keep Bryan out of RR, fans and he freak, he proves himself and gets into a triple threat at Mania. I DO BELIEVE tho, that the fade out shot of Wrestlemania XXX needs to be Bryan, doing the YES! chant in the corner holding the title. That image was put in motion at Summerslam where he was “screwed.” He is over, VERY OVER. Wouldn’t be the first time the over guy got the title at Mania (Warrior) so why not just give the fans that image? Just one man’s thoughts. Thanks.

    • Gautham Girishankar

      A thought though, Bryan doing exactly what you mentioned is also now as expected as Bryan not winning. Its like the Cena Heel Turn, everybody wants it so everyone expects it. I think WWE should do that by allowing Bryan to win the Elim chamber and going into WM as champion and whether he can beat the system with a target on his back. The Elim chamber prop would be a great foreplay for Wrestlemania.

      Pretty sad that we missed out on a 5 week build-up of Triple H vs Punk, both are great mic artists.

  • Gautham Girishankar

    Agreed with your entire article

    Two cents about the Punk walk-out. Most organisations don’t tolerate with employees who are moody and those who have a tendency to spread negativity among other employees. Punk is no different.

    If Punk was beat-up, this should be a welcome rest and WWE should have handled his body in a better fashion. WWE should take the blame for that and the poor booking of Batista winning the Rumble (Batista 2 Punk/Bryan 0), but as you said, employees can’t walk away due to sour grapes.

    Cena has been relegated to fighting in the mid-card mostly with the Wyatts which is not where the actual face of the company should be. Punk with Triple H would have been higher on the card (Sheamus vs Bryan still doesn’t make any sense unless its Sheamus turning heel and Bryan taking revenge on his 18 second loss – Both of which welcome. Sudden thought of Sheamus replacing Roman Reigns in the Shield as a heel)

    • Rey Ca$h

      There’s no way Punk left because he was beat up. Punk and Vince supposedly get along great, and many a wrestler has left due to injuries or burnouts on good terms. Clearly, he didn’t leave on good terms. To have Punk at Mania, surely Vince and HHH would’ve written him out of storylines for a few weeks to give him some time off before Mania.

      Your point about organizations not tolerating negative employees is so true, yet WWE babysit Punk unlike any other star I’ve ever seen. Since the “pipebomb”, he’s feuded with the face of the company (and convincingly beat him numerous times), the boss (HHH), won the WWE title twice, the second reign being the longest reign in 25 years, then he feuded with the Rock (!!!), the Undertaker at WrestleMania (!!!), and feuded with his best friend. I mean come on, what else do you want???

      By the way, I’m interested in your Sheamus/Shield idea. Thanks for reading.

  • mike

    U are all fools what cm punk did is best for business I hate dumb fans like yall im happy to be a real wrestling fan we take no shit I respect what cm punk did yes I’m a little sad about him not being there but then again it shows WWE how they should of handle him and d.b to two best wrestlers in the bus in ness no none two better its time we as fans make a stand we are the ones who watch there show pay to see them and the less they can do is give us what we want without the fans they would be nothing so yes I am a true believer is it was not for cm punk or d.b I would not watch WWE they for got about true wrestling they need to give punk what he wants he and d.b are way better then Randy or cena and wack ass Dave yes as a fan I am happy to see him and he is 4 years to late and he only win because his is going to be in a marvel movie this year hell even ziggy is way better then them but no real wrestlers can get a fucking push u fool believe what u want but they are in the right I will always be a real wrestling fan u bitch we the people should always have it our way because we pay

    • Rey Ca$h

      Real wrestling fan, eh? OK then, you say the “real wrestling fans” should always have it their way because you guys pay, right? Assuming you’re one of them, how much have you contributed to WWE financially? I only ask because, I consider myself a “real wrestling fan,” and I’m totally fine with everything that’s going on and an against CM Punk’s walkout. On top of that, I purchase EVERY WWE PPV, watch every show (Raw, Smackdown, Main Event, NXT), and I have a Hulu Plus account mainly just to watch NXT. Not to mention I go to the shows everytime they come to Houston, and I have WrestleMania tickets.

      Match that. And in your response, if you respond, please do so coherently.

  • mike

    Antonio cm punk d.b jack swagger ziggy and adr and Cody should be WWE world heavyweight champion only these guys because they are what is right in WWE not the other fakes like cena and so on fuck fakes cm punk cm punk is the truely the best in the world

    • Rey Ca$h

      Quality commenting there bro.

  • mike

    I my sister works with WWE ever since I was a kid I go to every show that comes to NYC I been watching every ppv since I saw first ever raw I love wrestling in a true paying long time fan so yea u ppl make me laugh like wrestling is good no it use to be but ever since cena came it has been dieding cm punk and the list of people I name early is truly the best that should get push if ur a paying fan then u should get what you want it works the same when u go out to eat the customer is always right bro and that why if they don’t change it will be more stars out the door

  • kiki2517

    I have been following this whole cm punk story, and I do have to agree with you. I don’t understand how someone that held the title for over 430 days and had a feud and a match with undertaker at wrestlemania can walk out of the company and act so ungrateful.There are plenty of guys backstage that wish they could have a match at Mania. Honestly a match with HHH at wrestlemania is not bad, and for God Sakes John Cena (the so called face of the company) is supposed to fight the Wyatt family at wrestlemania. So Cm Punk’s match would beat the Wyatt match by a long shot. If Cena doesn’t think that he is too good to fight the Wyatt’s then why is Punk too good to fight HHH. And everyone talks about how they really want Daniel Bryan to main event wrestlemania and then say that Cm Punk should not have to be on the back turner to Batista, but when you think about it, everyone cannot main event wrestlemania. It just can’t be done, not with a roster of like 100 people. Everybody keeps saying how its Daniel Bryan’s time to shine and be champion, okay well if that’s the case then why is everybody whining about CM Punk not getting his way about a title match. And even if Punk didn’t agree with what was going on story line wise, that does not an excuse to just walk out, most of us have careers and jobs and don’t just walk out when we don’t get our way. It’s unprofessional and very disrespectful to all of the fans that were waiting for him to show up

  • fan1000

    Or how about Batista vs Punk vs Bryan.

    Orton’s not even credible and his heel turn has flopped. He can’t even beat Kofi.