The Breakdown – WWE Survivor Series 2013 Reactions

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What’s good PWMania? I’m Rey Ca$h, and this is The Breakdown. I’ve been a bit burnt out on writing lately. When I was brought on to work here, I was supposed to write about the news of the week and put my own spin on it. I thoroughly enjoy doing that and plan on continuing to do that, but news has been pretty bland for the past two weeks. So, I had to think of something else to do. For those of you that read this column, you know I’m pro-wrestling and pro-WWE. With that being said, I believe that WWE did a pretty good job with the build to Survivor Series. In fact, I bet a good friend of mine over at, Dr. Chad Matthews (The Doc) a WrestleMania 30 DVD that the Survivor Series buyrate would be over 230,000.

Since I bet that with Chad, and since Chad started his wrestling writing career as a show reviewer, I figured I’d “review” the show and really see if I have a chance at winning this bet. So, let’s see if I have a chance. (By the way, Chad just wrote a book called The WrestleMania Era: The Book of Sports Entertainment.) Also, Chad and I talked about doing something for our readers involving the bet. If you have any ideas, please, let me know in the comments, email me at, or tweet me @ItsReyCash.)

The main talking (or complaining) point of this show was the main event, the WWE Championship Match between Randy Orton and Big Show. A lot of fans seem to think that Big Show isn’t over, but every show, he’s getting a massive reaction. And Randy Orton is playing his chickenshit, front running heel act brilliantly. From his tantrums to him calling out the Shield, you almost get the idea that he really is terrified of losing his title to the Big Show. Based on both men’s styles, this was guaranteed to be a slow match. While there were points that bordered on boring, both men told a good story. Orton tried to get away from Show at every turn, refusing to fight him straight up. Once he finally got the upper hand, he began to gloat like he was never worried in the first place. The match ended when The Authority (Triple H, Stephanie, and Kane) came to the arena, and Big Show seemed to forget he was in a championship match, being distracted by them. Orton hit him with an RKO and a Punt Kick (welcome back!) to win.

The biggest news from this match seems to be that we are headed towards a John Cena/Orton feud over both championships and over who is truly the face of the company. It’s perfectly fitting, if you remember the only reason WWE needed a new face was because Cena was hurt in the first place. While I would rather not see Cena VS Orton WrestleMania, we very well could be getting that. I think, however, that we see a Unification Championship Ladder Match at TLC. Then Orton and Cena feud until Elimination Chamber, with the Royal Rumble Winner getting their shot at WrestleMania. Either way, fans that think that the titles lack credibility are being shown that the WWE is giving them proper respect.

Speaking of John Cena, him and Alberto Del Rio had an absolutely great match last night. Say what you will about Del Rio, but he is easily one of the best wrestlers in the company. It will be refreshing to see Del Rio in a feud that’s not over a World Title, but he is definitely a useful commodity.

If you’ve been looking for the next big star in WWE and wrestling in general, he began his ascent last night. Roman Reigns is a freak of nature. The guy is a legitimate spectacle. In the Traditional 5 on 5 match, Reigns eliminated 4 of the 5 participants on the other team, with Rollins eliminating the other. Not only did he eliminate 4 of the 5 participants, but he dominated them. It was an absolute star making moment, even with him getting some extra minutes after the match to pander to the crowd. The truth of where Reigns is going is in the follow up, but last night, he looked as good as anybody.

The match that everyone was looking forward to the most was The Wyatt Family VS Daniel Bryan and CM Punk, affectionately called the “G.O.A.T.S.” by Punk (Greatest Of All Teams). This match definitely didn’t disappoint. While all four men gave a hard hitting, competitive contest, you could tell they were holding something back, possibly for the rematch. And I can’t rave enough about how great Luke Harper is. He has to be one of the best big men to come into wrestling since Brock Lesnar. JBL compared him and Erick Rowan to Bruiser Brody and Stan Hansen, and having watched some of both men, that is a totally apt comparison. I’m looking forward to the moment when Bray locks up with Bryan and/or Punk.

The Diva’s 7 on 7 match was refreshingly entertaining. While it was rapid fire eliminations (to hide most of the Diva’s lack of wrestling prowess), a lot of the eliminations were well done and very interesting. The JoJo/Tamina spot and the Nikki Bella/Summer Rae spots were very memorable in my mind, and Natalya has once again been put in a spot of prominensce, making both Tamina and the Diva’s Champion AJ submit to the Sharpshooter.

The pre-show match between Miz and Kofi Kingston was a refreshingly good opener, with both men having a nice exchange of chain wrestling and near falls, then turning a hard hitting contest. Kofi is finally starting to show some aggression, and Miz is showing some character with turning his back on Kofi Monday, only to shake his hand last night. Also, the Intercontinental Championship match between Big E Langston and Curtis Axel was a glorified squash. Big E seems genuinely proud to hold the Intercontinental Title, and I’m extremely happy for him. He has a ton of potential.

I think the Boston crowd, from my vantage point, was great. They were on fire for the entire show, with the exception of some of the main event. I enjoyed the show from top to bottom, and I’d rate it a 6.5 out of 10. I’d recommend it to you guys, but I know a bunch of you guys have already told yourself that the show would suck without watching it. That’s fine. I enjoyed a hell of a show, and hopefully, I’ll be getting a free DVD in the mail in a few months.

  • Jake Fury

    I made a very long post in reply to this article and it seems to have vanished since then. Don’t know what happened.

    • Rey Ca$h

      That’s a shame. I’d love to have read that.

      • Jake Fury

        Well I can’t be bothered to re write that entire piece. It was quite long, but generally, I felt the PPV wasn’t great. Most of the matches meant very little. The 5 v 5 was the best, but other than pushing Reigns a bit, who cares?

        I am surprised you had so much praise for all the matches [including the diva’s match? It was a mess, as usual]. You wrote about quick eliminations, the hide their lack of actual wrestling ability. That is a shame isn’t it, that is has to be hidden than they can’t actually wrestle? Why are they in the ring then? Bring back the likes of Molly or Lita, who were able to actually do something in the ring, for the short time they were in it.

        The tag team match was made with the intention of pushing the Wyatt’s, so why did they lose? In fact they have been on the losing side every time they have come in to contact with one of those 2.

        As for the 2 big title bouts, it was just too obvious that neither title would swap hands. I mean, why take the titles from Cena and Orton, to give them to Del Rio and Big Show?

        You say it was a great PPV, but only gave it a 6.5/10, so clearly something was not quite right about it.

        • Rey Ca$h

          OK, first, thanks for reading and rewriting your comment. I really appreciate it.

          The PPV wasn’t great. But I enjoyed the hell out of it. A PPV that gets a 10 IMO would be WrestleMania 17, MITB 2011, etc. So, 6.5 is a pretty good show all things considered.

          If you accept that the fact that the WWE is about entertainment, you’ll accept the current divas. The issue with a lot of Indy women’s wrestlers, and I mean this with as much respect as possible, but they’re not the most attractive. Eva Marie, JoJo, The Bellas, Rosa Mendes, Summer Rae, etc…these women are bombshells! Trish showed the WWE that it’s easier to find models that are interested in wrestling and teaching them how to wrestle. Women like Lita, Victoria, and Natalya are the exception. It’s just fact my friend.

          Concerning the Wyatts, winning isn’t the most important thing. A rookie team in their biggest match since they were called up faced a team with a combined 8 WWE World Titles. They SHOULDN’T have won. But they made a hell of an impact. And yes, Cena and Orton were assured to win, but throughout history, it’s rare that the top stars aren’t expected to win. Del Rio gave Cena his absolute all, and Show would’ve won had the Authority not distracted him.

          I look at things totally different than most fans. I could easily shit on everything, but I try to keep my fan glasses on before I put my analyst glasses on. As a fan, I was massively entertained.

          • Jake Fury

            Okay so 10 out of 10 would be top notch. Still 6.5 out of 10 is closer to average than very good or good.

            The women in the WWE are beautiful, but to me, if they are there only for eye candy, then keep them out of the ring, because watching them in it is painful.

            As far as trying to keep a fans perspective. I understand that. I agree that many fans want to run the company and think they know best. I don’t mind people going over or not going over, the fact the Wyatt’s lost, is not a big deal to me, but some stuff makes no sense, and then, I do query it. I mean, stuff like, Kaitlyn being on the same team as the heel diva’s during Survivor Series, or Ryback, who was being pushed as this monster of a man, only to then lose almost every single match he had on PPV. Stuff like that makes no sense to me.

            The only thing I like about this company is the quality if wrestling [most of the time, and certainly not when the diva’s do it]. The story lines are horrible and some of the acting is cornier than ever. You know that most of the writers have admitted to not knowing anything about wrestling or being fans. They are professional writers, not wrestling writers.

          • Rey Ca$h

            Kaitlin being on the other team made PERFECT sense. It wasn’t face divas VS heel divas. It was the women on the Total Diva’s show VS everybody else. If Layla had been healthy, she’d have been there. And AJ’s promo before their match summed it up perfectly. She basically said that none of them liked each other, but they had to step up and take their company back, because they were the divas who weren’t picked for the reality show. Ryback, I got nothing for that.

            Yes, the writing isn’t great. But you said something that no fan wants to admit. The acting is cornier than ever. That’s not on the writers. That’s on the wrestlers. If the talent was better on the mic and with their acting ability, the writers wouldn’t have to do as much as they do.

            How many true wrestling writers are there? Heyman, but he doesn’t want to write. Cornette, but he’ll never work for WWE. Same with Russo. Dusty Rhodes already does write for NXT. So how many are left? The craft is almost leading itself to getting professional writers learning how to write wrestling.

          • Jake Fury

            Well the fact that only one diva among the diva’s that did not like each other was a face, made it seem odd. What about the Total Diva’s, were they all faces? I don’t keep with that stuff much.

            As for the writing, a great example would be, when Del Rio was a face, they actually spoke seriously about getting one of the Spanish soap writers in, so they could write storylines for him that would be popular with Mexican fans. If you look at their jobs page, when they look for writers, they mention expectations of 5 years experience in writing for television, and other such stuff, but there is no mention of needing to have any knowledge or even interest, in the wrestling business.

          • Rey Ca$h

            My man, stop looking at shit as heel or face. Let me give you an example. Do you watch the Walking Dead? I’m going to assume you do, so if you don’t, I apologize that this may go over your head. Carol has been one of the most respected people since the show started. Then, because things called for it, she became harder and tougher. She taught the kids how to use guns and knives, and killed Karen and the other dude when they caught that flu that possibly would’ve destroyed the prison. Does that make her a bad person? She was doing what was necessary to protect people she loved.

            Heel and face is being fazed out. Every person has shades of gray. Kaitlin doesn’t like any of the ladies she teamed with, but I’m damn sure she (kayfabe) hates not being on Total Divas. It’s bigger than alignment. Eva Marie is the biggest Diva heel on the roster! It’s about the girls chosen against the girls shunned. Simple as that.

            Another thing you fail to realize is that WWE isn’t a wrestling company anymore, nor should they be. They’re an entertainment company. Don’t be scared of growth. McDonald’s isn’t a burger company anymore. They sell wings, chicken, salads, etc. Yet they’re main item is still burgers. Just like WWE. They do music, movies, reality TV, merchandise…but their main commodity is wrestling. So, why pigeon hole themselves to just getting wrestling guys???