The Cahoon Run Down: One Year Column-Writing-Aversary

Hey everybody, Geddy Cahoon here with another edition of The Cahoon Run Down. In case you hadn’t gleaned it from the title, today marks the one year anniversary of me writing columns on the internet. Instead of writing anything directly wrestling related, I figured I would write a history lesson of sorts, followed by an analysis and summary of what I’ve gained from the past 12 months.

This whole mess started last August, a younger, heavier, version of me with less facial piercings had been back into wrestling for a solid year, and NoDQ, my choice site for backstage news, was holding a writers’ search. I figured, “What the hell, I’ll apply. Might be fun.” I never expected to actually be picked, but I wrote up a quick little column anyway. It was about the WWE tag team division, which at the time seemed to be experiencing a bit of a resurgence.

Honestly, the little article was pretty crappy. It was riddled with factual errors, and basically was just me pulling stuff out of my ass. The tag division was not undergoing any sort of resurgence. There were like three teams. But apparently, the article was good enough for the guys at NoDQ. I was brought on as a weekly columnist. The name of my columns doesn’t really come from anything in particular. It’s not too great and it doesn’t really pop, but I wanted a title, I didn’t want my articles to just be by “Geddy Cahoon.”

In my foolish confidence, I decided initially that I would be writing two columns a week. One was a fantasy booking type thing. I only wrote one of those, and it was cheesy. I put a lot into it, but ultimately the idea of writing two things per week was not an appealing one, and I fell into the format that you love (Or love to hate) today.

For a while, I just wrote on NoDQ. It was fun. I was getting my opinion out there, and though I don’t think I was getting a ton of views or anything, it felt nice to have a real platform from which to preach my ideals and opinions. Then, I got a message from Eric Kanes. I had volunteered to be a news poster on his up and coming site, Quick Wrestling News. Through that, I offered to review action figures on QWN, as I loves me some action figures. For a while there, I did weekly figure reviews as well as weekly columns. And to be quite honest… It fucking killed me.

I enjoyed doing it, don’t get me wrong. But there were times when the workload versus what I actually had to show for it did not match up. I didn’t expect writing on the internet to be all glitz, glamour and recognition, but it didn’t always feel gratifying to do so much. Eventually, my camera broke down and I began writing columns regularly for QWN.

For a while there, I only wrote for those two sites. Even when there was nothing going on with the product, I tried to crap something out. Then come April, the fine folks at sent me an email, saying they were looking for new writers and that I fit the bill. I was elated. It would be awesome to get my name out on another platform, so I readily accepted, writing a column about my fears and expectations regarding the return of Brock Lesnar.

Shortly after that, I hit something of a roadblock in my writing career. I got sick. Really sick. Nothing too serious, no hospital or anything, but we didn’t know what was wrong with me. I went on a one-month sabbatical, not writing anything. During my time off, I was messaged by a man who I consider to be a very good friend (Internet-wise) Adam Behan. He told me that his pals over at were looking for some new blood. Of course I accepted, more out of respect to Adam than any actual desire to write for the site, honestly. Once I familiarized myself with the site, I couldn’t have been happier that I agreed to the gig.

After that tumultuous month, I returned to the glamorous world of internet column writing with a really crappy, half-assed piece about missing Rey Mysterio and The Miz. It was the first thing I ever wrote for WrestlingRegime, and unfortunately, it wasn’t my best effort. It was unfocused and boring. I’ve written better since then. Some of the stuff I’ve written this Summer has been some of my best stuff ever, in my own opinion. My MiTB Analysis was a ton of fun to write, and last week’s piece about AJ and Jerry Lawler turned out great. Going through four websites and a year of writing, brings me right here, typing the period at the end of this sentence.

So what have I learned? What have I gained? Well, firstly I learned how to honor a commitment. Even if I didn’t want to, even if the product was the most stale, boring thing ever, I tried my best to always write SOMETHING. And on the times I couldn’t write, if I was having issues in my personal life, or if I just couldn’t bring myself to write about the horrific product, I felt awful. Whether people were reading or not, I felt personally that I had a commitment to honor.

I also learned that plenty of people out there have the same opinion I do, and plenty of others don’t. Sure, arguments about wrestling have been nasty at times, but I almost always feel a sense of camaraderie with my readers and the guys I “Work for,” whether we agree or not. It’s fun to talk about this stuff. Inherently, wrestling fans love to talk about the sport. That’s all this really is. An outlet to talk.

I’ve learned not to let the fact that people read your stuff go to my head. I know that there are some people who enjoy reading my thoughts every week. That’s insanely gratifying. The idea that people I never met, and likely never will, care about what I have to say is awesome. It’s also extraordinarily humbling. I’m not better than anyone else because I write. Sure some people might care about my opinion, but that doesn’t make my opinion right or “better” than anyone else’s.

All of that stuff is great. But the two greatest things I’ve gained from the past year are as follows: I’ve grown immensely as a writer. I look back at some older stuff I’ve written, and I tend to shudder. Having to come up with new, well-written ideas weekly really forces you to up your game, and since writing is one of my passions, I’m glad the game has been upped. I’ve expanded my repertoire to non-wrestling sites as well, and it never would’ve happened without this gig. The second thing? I’ve gained the ability to talk to some intelligent, interesting people about a topic I love. And that’s all that this is really about.

To close, I just wanna send out some thank yous. Thank you NoDQ, for accepting my piece of crap article in the first place and sending me on this ridiculous, wonderful writing journey. Thank you Eric Kanes, for giving me a chance to expand my horizons, write about toys, and effectively make me second in command on his pet website. I want to thank PWMania for actually coming to me about writing (That’s honestly the one thing I semi-ego trip about). I also want to thank Devon Williams for creating such a great site in WrestlingRegime, and giving me the privilege of writing on it. On top of that, a thank you to Adam Behan for really making me feel like my writing mattered.

Most of all though, I want to thank my readers. You guys, the ones I talk with, argue with, agree with, whatever. You’re the reason I’m still going, through the crappiness, the boring angles, the slumps. Writing is an outlet for personal turmoil, I think. Not to be a downer, but I haven’t exactly had the greatest year. Writing and the response I was given made aspects of it seem worthwhile. I just want to give a heartfelt thanks once again, for this year, and let’s make the next one even better. Thank you.

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