The Cahoon Run Down – Random WWE Thoughts (Again!)

Well everybody. I tried. I tried to come up with an actual article topic for this week. I always feel like I’m copping out a bit when I do these “Random Thoughts” columns (Though they are fun to write). I try to keep things current, but with the product in such a slump right now, I just can’t write a fleshed out article about any of the stuff currently going on in WWE. So enjoy, once again, Random Thoughts.

The Miz as IC Champ (Losing Constantly): So in the last edition of Random Thoughts, I forgot to talk about Miz as the new IC Champ. Real quick: It was cool when he won it; he reacted how one should react when they win a championship. It made the belt feel important, and also made Miz feel important. Then he just kind of… Lost every match he’s been in since he won the belt. That’s nonsense. If Miz was going to suck so hard as champ, they might as well have kept the belt with Christian. At least he won sometimes. Miz lost a tag match last week, lost to Kane this week, and SPOILER ALERT loses to Rey Mysterio on Friday. That’s pretty fucking ridiculous. Miz’s title reign is shaping up to be one of “Swagger-ian” proportions – He isn’t going to do shit with the belt. I guess we just have to accept that WWE will just shuffle the midcard belts around from guy to guy, not worrying about whether the champ looks good or you know, like a champ.

WWE Burying Their Own Employees (Spoilers for SmackDown herein): Okay, so allegedly on Friday Night SmackDown this week, Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins approach Booker T about being in a match. He tells them that they can’t compete because SmackDown is “Only for the best performers” or something to that fact. That’s just… So goddamn ridiculous. WWE complains that their roster lacks depth, but then they pull crap like this. Yeah, no shit the roster apparently lacks depth; you guys intentionally focus on the faults of jobbers like Reks and Hawkins (Let it be noted that I love both of those guys and their respective positions in the company aren’t necessarily their fault). Whenever Drew McIntyre has a match (Once every three years) the announcers constantly note how terrible his year has been and how often he loses. Same thing with Jack Swagger. Guys aren’t going to go over when you constantly focus on the shitty position you have intentionally placed them in.

A-Ry Beating Dolph Ziggler: I don’t care what you say about it, Dolph Ziggler should not be losing as much as he has been. He’s got the Money in The Bank briefcase. And there’s no way in hell that this is going to be the “Start of a renewed push” for Riley or anything. It’s like WWE builds Ziggler up, and then they just make him look like a retard until he gradually falls back into his midcard position.

Randy Orton’s Return: So Randy Orton returned last week. Whoopee. I kind of hate Randy Orton. He’s boring, overrated, and the amount of love the IWC tends to give him boggles my mind. He got suspended for two months for drug abuse, and now he’s back. Sans a storyline. Basically, WWE has had him beating up jobbers (And facing Big Show) for the past two weeks. What a waste. I mean, my issues with Orton aside, he’s something of a draw. We don’t need to be reintroduced to him by having him shown beating jobbers like Slater and Swagger. Just feud him with someone. Get those SummerSlam buyrates up.


The Damien Sandow/Brodus Clay Feud: I’m really digging this. WWE is reportedly very high on Sandow, and are booking him to look strong here. It’s nice for both of these guys to have a storyline. I’m a massive Sandow fan, and I don’t hate Brodus (He really bugs me sometimes though). At any rate, Sandow needs to ultimately go over here. Brodus can bounce back from losing a feud. He lost the minifeud to Big Show earlier this year. Sandow however, is relatively new to RAW, and already had one failed WWE run as Idol Stevens. I don’t want anything to hurt his current standing in the company (Guys I like have an odd propensity for failing in the WWE), so I hope WWE makes the right call with this.

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