The Hardy Boys Confirmed To Wrestle At TNA Destination X, New Videos Of TNA Stars On FOX

– TNA has announced that The Hardy Boys will be competing at the Destination X special that tapes June 26th in New York City, this Thursday. Matt Hardy will also be in Jeff Hardy’s corner for his World Heavyweight Title match against Bobby Lashley that tapes on Wednesday. TNA says Matt will be there to help even the odds against MVP and Kenny King.

– Below are videos of TNA stars on FOX & Friends in New York City this morning:

  • Bryan

    might as well team up again because they dropped the ball with the willow character

    • Mark Charlie-Sheen Coburn

      Not entirely sure what the point was in spending all that money to bring in a “big name” like Jeff Hardy….then not using the name they paid for. Jeff is not young…..changing his gimmick was not something that could be done unless they put him under a mask and covered his tattooes. TNA did this already when they allowed Dustin Rhodes to do that god awful Black Reign crap. It doesn’t work these days. Even as recently as the 80’s wrestlers were transient enough that, regardless of age, they could leave a territory as one guy and turn up in the next as another. Everyone has the internet now, it’s only young people that can get away with it