The Hart Grapevine – A Revelation Of Sorts For WWE

Seeing the stagnant product of WWE with regards to RAW, Smackdown and Main Event as of late and having seen the tremendous product that NXT has come out with as of late, I had a revelation of sorts.

Not only is WWE vastly under-estimating its current audience and missing multiple opportunities to truly maximize all of their television minutes, they are continuously devaluing many of their best talents.

WWE’s main roster has close to 80 people on it fighting for even just a few seconds of TV time each week, but generally less than 40 actually get on RAW & Smackdown while the rest are relegated to Main Event and Superstars if not dark matches. And with 50 or more talents signed to developmental deals, I find it difficult to see new opportunities arise without other worthy talents being pushed aside.

Jeremy Borash of TNA made an excellent point in a recent statement. Europe is truly an untapped market. Sure, WWE goes over there once or twice a year and hits the biggest cities. But what if WWE were to move Smackdown and a completely separate roster to the Eastern Hemisphere?

WWE and wrestling in general has a huge following in Europe, Africa, Russia, India and Japan. India is one of the world’s largest untapped markets with a massive population base, a similar language base and a rising economy that a cultural icon to India, could boom success there today much like stars such as El Santo, Rikidozan, Carlos Colon or even my brother Bret were to their own respective homelands.

By separating the rosters, more opportunities could be afforded to many outstanding talents such as Dolph Ziggler, Christian, Damian Sandow, Evan Bourne, Justin Gabriel, Alberto Del Rio and many more that are otherwise being underutilized in favor of upstart call-ups like Adam Rose and Bo Dallas.

The key to this being successful is to not only separate the brands and rosters, but also the production staff. One of the most suggested reasons to the initial success of NXT, is the absence of long-time WWE executive producer Kevin Dunn.

Perhaps by promoting a new production staff from NXT to Smackdown the 2 brands can truly, once and for all be in competition with one another.

Just a thought that ran through my mind, but I’m interested to hear what wrestling fans abroad think about such an idea. After all, wrestling is truly a universal product.

What do you think? Comment below with your thoughts, opinions, feedback and anything else that was raised.


  • StillRealToMe

    Great idea. The more they can (correctly) separate the brands, the better. Which really requires a separation of production staff more than a separation of talent.

  • Mondo

    It was so much better as separate brands. Smackdown is now completely redundant and I dont both watching it. I dont even bother reading what happened because nothing ever does. If it had its own roster and belts again it would be relevant again. Giving each show their own staff and creative team would make it more competitive thus giving the fans a better product rather than recycled, stale storylines. WWE has got lazy due to the fact that there is no serious competition out there.

    • outkast1980

      The Separate brands thing was the worst thing for the business. Honestly that’s what killed that attitude era.

      • Mondo

        The attitude era was already over. It didn’t kill it, it was needed to move the WWE forward. The roster split made them use the whole roster rather than a hand full of wrestlers on both shows. Smackdown has become completely irrelevant now. Nothing happens on it at all. I don’t watch it and i don’t miss a single thing.

  • TheJakeWaller

    great idea, I for one would try and go to as many wrestling events in the UK as possible, but I think it would benefit TNA more than WWE. I’m not sure if WWE could keep attracting 8000+ every Tuesday night for Smackdown taping. Although it would be the best brand, because it is not the top brand, neither is it the live brand, it can be recorded and televised on Friday in the US, I just don’t see WWE being able to keep attracting us UK fans from every city, then you have the talent and their live event schedules and tours etc, the only way I see it working is if WWE did a two show taping, but then you have the internet spoilers who upload results etc.

    I think TNA would benefit more as they wouldn’t mind the lower crowds because they are struggling to get the crowds, TNA would start to draw slightly more numbers in the UK.

    • Mark Charlie-Sheen Coburn

      The crowds would come, that’s not the issue for WWE. It would just be entirely pointless to spend the cash setting it up and achieving very little more than they could in the US. The running costs would also be far higher in most of Europe. Vince doesn’t have to move his product to make it global…’s already global and he has major distribution on premium channels all over the world. TNA are on a quiz show re-run channel in the UK that nobody really cares about. All their PPVs are free to air, that’s the only reason people watch them. WWE are on a major sports channel that you have to pay for…..then pay even more for the PPV’s….and still more people do that rather than watch TNA!

      For TNA it would be the smart move. They have no audience in the US and are losing money hand over fist. Their only chance of survival is a move away. The UK has a solid market for American Wrestling live events, as does India. They could keep the TNA name in the UK, but it would be cheaper to scrap it and move to India as Ring Ka King as they have more chance of selling that to the world rather than the worthless TNA brand. It won’t happen though…..Dixie has no money of her own and her parents would never finance the project.


    Didn’t TNA try tap the Indian market?

    WWE gave Great Khali the Heavyweight title as a nod to its Indian fans

  • scott hornell

    Excuse Me.
    In the words of Vicky Guerrero, she only listens to one person. It was interesting when the SuperStars on RAW, stayed on Mondays but now cross-over is not really identified, its no difference IMO expecially with Cole.
    Cole would be the problem, and why he wants to dominate the ears of the Universe. Its not enjoyable when you watch back-to-back episodes, o some ‘separation’ would be ideal.
    A less Shield=Evolution=breakups … just a little too far gone, unless theres an Invasion or big shoot

  • outkast1980

    Now doing a separate roster in Europe, and possibly a third in Asia? sounds like a good idea to me.