The Heel Report – Week 4 (2012-2013 Season)

Howdy folks, guess what, it’s been exactly three years since I started writing this report for the Wrestling Truth! Three whole years of heel-y goodness; I’ve gone through four computers, seven houses, three jobs and went from being unemployed, to a masters student, to a part time moocher, to now a PhD student and through all this the report has kept on rolling on. Thanks to all my loyal readers for sticking with me through thick and thin, and a bunch of late deadlines! I promise to keep this thing up until I am no longer able to do so, and since nothing has stopped me yet I’m not sure what would short of death/children, funny how the two things equate to the same thing, anyway enough of this circumstantial life observations, let’s get on with the report…

Weekly Top Ten:

1st Place: Brock Lesnar (10/10)

A lot of people have been criticising Lesnar for his promo on Raw, but honestly I thought it was pretty decent. He certainly came across as a douche that didn’t care about the company or the fans and just has a massive ego, and I’m pretty sure that was the point of the segment. You have to know that when the heel lackie surpasses the heel authority figure and makes him cater to his demands then he is winning, so Brock comes out on top this week. It will be interesting to see where his demands go and if they are dependent on him winning at Extreme Rules, it’s likely that the WWE will disregard most things that Brock was promised, but hopefully not.

2nd Place: Daniel Bryan (9/10)

In the quest to provoke the Great White before their match at Extreme Rules, Daniel Bryan almost reached the top of the chart. While he didn’t quite make it he ended up coming close. Whether it was trying his hardest to be struck by Sheamus as a referee, or proclaiming his victory in the cockiest of manners, you can’t deny that Bryan is trying his hardest to look like a douche. Some people are criticising Bryan for being a heel with crowd support but a heel cannot help it if a crowd wants to acknowledge their skills, sometimes they will be cheered for being antagonistic so what can you do, be shit on purpose?

3rd Place: Chris Jericho (8/10)

A failed ruse by Jericho after a great match with Kofi Kingston lands Jericho in third place this week going into his match with C.M. Punk at Extreme Rules. I’m glad that even with the entrance of Brock Lensar into the WWE these two are still getting some coverage on their feud, of course it’s not the main focus in the WWE right now, but Cena has always been the main guy no matter who has the champion so what do you expect? I’m just hoping that Punk and Jericho take it to the next level in their match and that it is the second in a trilogy of the ever escalating competition for who truly is the Best in the World.

4th Place: Lord Tensi (7/10)

After beating John Cena relatively clean last week Lord Tensi goes back to his squashing ways by taking out R-Truth, at least he is taking out mid-carders though and not no-name jobbers. The devastating combination that Tensi has put together ending in the STO pin after the claw is something akin to C.M. Punk’s finisher combination when he came to the WWE with his Muay Tai kicks and strikes, leading into the Anaconda Vice, and like this awesome combo this is something that we will probably see diminished since no man is allowed to be so dominant when they finish once they get to the level of wrestling other main event stars that the company wants to protect.

5th Place: Alberto Del Rio (6/10)

While Del Rio didn’t win this week it was done in such a way that he still didn’t look too bad. This is basically the way that the WWE treated Daniel Bryan before his 18 second loss, keeping him strong only to lull the fans into a false sense of security when he was finally crushed. The question is; are the WWE doing this with Del Rio or are they actually trying to build him up for a feud with Sheamus. I personally am guessing the latter and I have to wonder whether or not it is the right thing to do.

6th Place: Nikki & Brie Bella (5/10)

While it might be a completely tokenary victory and something that shouldn’t be praised, I have to at least rank these two somewhere. They might have won a joke title but the fact is that with Open Fight Night being a mess as far as heels were concerned, TNA had nothing to offer this week and no one did any better in the lead up to Extreme Rules, we’ll just have to see how long the reign lasts for, with things the way they are I’m pretty much guessing it won’t be too long.

7th Place: Kane (4/10)

Things get even more personal between the Viper and the Big Red Machine as fathers are further brought into the mix and still no one cares. This feud just smacks of being thrown together to give these guys something to do and yet the WWE persists with it. I hate to say it but maybe the WWE should adhere to the new TNA policy of keeping wrestlers off TV if they have nothing for them. Of course the problem here is that with the current state of writers that might mean that we lose touch with a majority of the talent who aren’t named John Cena so obviously that won’t work. The answer as always is to get some damn better writers and make feuds mean something again

8th Place: Titus & Young (3/10)

For some strange reason the WWE seems really high on this new tag team, and while I’m not exactly sure why I’m glad that they are behind at least one team in the tag team division. Tag team wrestling has gone so far downhill that it is unbelievable. Who would have guessed five years ago that there would be barely any tag teams in either major company? Well at least the WWE aren’t doing what TNA did on Thursday and showcasing their sheer lack of tag teams by deciding contenders out of a limited selection of thrown together and joke teams. I would ask at this point which of these you consider Darren Young and Titus O’Neil to be?

9th Place: The Miz (2/10)

The man who has fallen so far since last year is still in the holding pattern of trying to pull things around. It seems like every time that Miz gets a little bit of momentum back it all gets flushed away. I’m not sure why the WWE are punishing Miz for not being all they thought he could be as his is still a rags to riches story, but whatever is going on it seems to me that the Miz could indeed step back up to that main event level, if only the WWE would let him.

10th Place: Johnny Curtis (1/10)

Now here you might see a man who simply lost a match on NXT, but to me I see a man who puts everything into his freaky character despite being in a losing effort on a barely watched show. If any man deserved to get off NXT and be put onto Smackdown it was Johnny Curtis, but at the moment he is still in limbo, I just hope that the WWE keep him on once the yearly cull is made, in the meantime at least he gets to be handcuffed to Maxine, something that I would very much like to experience for myself.

2012-2013 Season Top Ten: Overall Top Ten:

1st Place: Daniel Bryan (34/40) – 1st Place: The Miz (785/1560)
2nd Place: Chris Jericho (26/40) – 2nd Place: Chris Jericho (676/1560)
3rd Place: Brock Lesnar (19/40) – 3rd Place: C.M. Punk (666/1560)
4th Place: Robert Roode (19/40) – 4th Place: Cody Rhodes (529/1560)
5th Place: Alberto Del Rio (18/40) – 5th Place: Dolph Ziggler (440/1560)
6th Place: Lord Tensi (17/40) – 6th Place: Jack Swagger (421/1560)
7th Place: Mark Henry (16/40) – 7th Place: Alberto Del Rio (413/1560)
8th Place: Kane (14/40) – 8th Place: Wade Barrett (395/1560)
9th Place: Bully Ray (8/40) – 9th Place: Sheamus (294/1560)
10th Place: Gail Kim (8/40) – 10th Place: Mark Henry (254/1560)
(Heel Hall of Fame)
**Heel Report 2010-2011 Winner: The Miz**
**Heel Report 2011-2012 Winner: Cody Rhodes**

Weekly Filler:

The Face-Off: Open Fight Night

I get it, Hulk Hogan wants to revolutionize the business and give the fans something to tune into, but before you can do that you have to have a strong writing staff and a strong roster. A new idea should be dynamic because it takes existing relationships and puts them in a new setting, leading fans to question what will happen next. Whereas when you have a roster that is barely connected anymore and feuds don’t mean anything, handing out title matches to pretty much anyone isn’t going to solve anything, it’s only going to make things worse. Just look at how RVD got his title match, he was wandering around backstage and Hogan was like, ok you’re in the match, RVD didn’t even ask. Then he wins and now he’s in the title hunt, why? It makes no sense at all and is much worse than having a tournament or a Battle Royal to decide the number one contender, where ‘randomness’ could be expected.This whole concept is flawed because of who is doing it, if the WWE did it, then it might work, especially because the idea of the WWE signing on ROH or TNA talent on for one night to have a match would be vastly more interesting than TNA getting on some no-name guy in a losing effort. Frankly I think OFN is going to last about as long as Hogan’s first idea to take Impact to Monday nights, and it will probably be just as successful as well.

Face the Facts: The Return of the King

This is a short one and is probably only going to be true for this one time, but I thought that the King on Raw was firing on nearly all his cylinders. He was going on about sexual things and pointing stuff out, you know, like he actually cared again. I suppose to take all the screaming from behind the scenes you kind of have to tune out, but with Michael Cole getting ever more annoying and Booker T forging ahead as the most incompetent announcer ever I guess it is up to the King to become the respected one, or at least I hope it is.

On the Rise: Ricardo Rodriguez

This guy is amazing, for a non-wrestler he takes some of the biggest bumps and with a frequency that puts him right up there among useful non-wrestling talent. Any time the WWE wants to send the crowd home happy, but doesn’t want to let Del Rio eat a finisher, in steps Ricardo to get his arse handed to him. He has taken a whole bunch of FUs, GTS’s and a whole bunch of other finishers and always gets back up for more. What’s more the guy is a great comedy actor; just think back to his Royal Rumble appearance, the question is why doesn’t the WWE use him in more skits like they use Santino? Also why haven’t the two played off each other more, I’m sure they’d be a great double act. Anyway I just thought the guy deserved a mention this week.

Flat-Footed: Eric Bischoff’s Party

Oh dear, a week after I was praising TNA for keeping up their stipulation of banning any mention of Eric Bischoff they have already gone back on their word and un-bleeped his name, mentioned him in several segments, and ended the bloody show with him! Now sure you could say that this was the last time we will be seeing the big EB on Impact, but I don’t believe it, they just can’t help themselves. Even if somehow this was the last time we see the guy, things ending with his son pinning him in Lethal Lockdown was enough, we didn’t need all this crap to round things off. I’ll just be happy when Hogan and Bischoff give up on TNA for a lost cause and things can get back to the way they were, or at least hopefully they can.

That’s all for this week, Extreme Rules didn’t seem to completely change the landscape of the WWE, but John Cena’s cryptic message at the end of the show certainly was interesting, and it was a pretty decent PPV. Look for how the results of the show shaped the report next week, Of course since it was a very face-heavy PPV I’m not sure how things will turn out, but we will see. For now this is James Wright signing off.