Honky Tonk Man Not On WWE Show, AJ Denies Doing Interview

— The Honky Tonk Man has denied “Rowdy” Roddy Piper’s statement that he will be appearing on WWE Network’s upcoming Legends’ House reality series.

He tweeted Friday, “Regarding Rowdy Roddy Piper saying on Twitter I’m going into the WWE legends house with him. I have NOT talked to anyone from WWE about anything other than my ownership of The Patriot trademark. Where this came from is anyone’s guess. You fans know HTM does not BS on things. We do not know who is spreading the rumors. If the Piper camp is involved, all we can say is there is no truth to the statement. Believe HTM or someone else.”

— A.J. denies taking part in an interview with Brady Hicks, a writer for Pro Wrestling Illustrated—which was recapped here earlier.

She tweeted, “Was just told there is some interview by someone named Brady Hicks out there. I have never done an interview with this person. I have never done any interviews outside of WWE. Whoever would create a fake interview needs a life. Please impersonate someone more important than me.”

She continued, “THIS IS NOT ME. I never did this interview or any interview outside WWE ever. Please spread the word.”

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