Adzop: Will Morgan Return to WWE?

Apparently, Matt Morgan is on his way back to WWE. Just for a few minutes, let’s assume that this is true. Let’s hope that it’s a done deal, and Morgan will soon be back on WWE TV. When asked about the situation on Twitter, his response has often been ‘Tick Tock Tick Tock’ – as if to tell us that it’s only a matter of time before his return to the Stamford based organisation.

A Connecticut boy himself, Morgan actually wrestled for WWE in the early part of his career – he was sent to hone his skills at the developmental territory, OVW (Ohio Valley Wrestling) a couple of times, but did appear on WWE TV and PPVs between 2003 and 2005. You could be forgiven for thinking it was a different person, though; he had black hair, and was absolutely enormous in those days – more so than he is now, anyway. These days, he has a much leaner physique, and he looks better for it.

He has grown into a leader whilst working for TNA for the past half-decade. He was known by that company and its fans as one of their premier stars. He may have come from WWE (as many of TNA’s stars have), but his TNA run was far more noteworthy. His nickname, ‘The DNA of TNA’, rang about as true as any other wrestling nickname. It seemed inevitable that he would win the TNA World Championship and carry the company to bigger and better things. It never happened. I can’t think of any good reasons for that.

An athletic 7-foot giant, who can wrestle, sitting on top of the mountain whilst the other wrestlers queue up to try to knock him off and take his title? This stuff writes itself. TNA never took the chance. He was always billed as one of their major attractions, in mostly high profile matches, but was never given the chance to really shine as the company’s Champion.

As unjust as it is, the fact that he was never TNA Champion may have contributed to his eventual WWE return. All things happen for a reason. But what if he never wins the WWE or World Championship? Morgan wants success, and he deserves it. He won’t want to accept second best – but look at it this way, he’ll get more fame and fortune in WWE as a mid-card wrestler than in TNA, even as World Champion. Who do you think is more famous: Kofi Kingston or Bobby Roode?

I’m confident that he can fit into the WWE main event scene – and he will be, too. I can see him doing well as a babyface or as a heel. He would certainly be a significant enhancement to the roster. Imagine him against Sheamus, Randy Orton, John Cena, CM Punk, Brock Lesnar, Kane, Big Show, or Daniel Bryan – Matt Morgan would freshen things up in a big way.

WWE doesn’t give us too many big surprises these days – most debuts and returns are advertised in advance to ensure that people are watching the show when they happen. Morgan’s return should be kept as quiet possible – it’d be great to see him enter (and win) the World Championship MitB Ladder Match as a surprise entrant. It would show that they trust him, allowing him to hit the ground running, rather than carefully testing the waters and fans’ reactions before committing to anything. It’s this kind of spontaneity that’s been missing from WWE lately. Let’s face it; having this gigantic, talented, and experienced athlete come in and win the World Championship is not going to do any harm at all.

Tick Tock… Tick Tock…

The Hop